lucy and diane

Chapter 1 - month 1

The heavy book slammed on the table. "I love it Diane!" said Richard. The boss and future publisher of "You are Enough for Greatness". The book was a motivational piece of work, by Diane Simons, that targeted overweight women. It was full of advices on how females could feel better about themselves and improve their career regardless of being overweight, a future New York Times best seller.
"There's only one problem. You have no credibility, you are not overweight. Women won't want to buy a book that gives advice on how to improve their career while being overweight, from an author who is not overweight." said Richard. "The only way I would even consider publishing this is if you became overweight yourself"

Diane looked at Richard with a skeptical look. She was a tall, beautiful, blonde, middle aged women. She was slim but had some womanly curves around her body. Diane resembled the actress Cate Blanchett, she was smart and knew Richard was right. She had no credibility and people would not buy this book from an author that was not overweight, it was a key element on their marketing campaign. "How much are we talking about?" said Diane. Richard looked at her up and down, "Well I don't know, about 30Lb for me to even consider publishing this, we'll see when and if you get there."

Diane had worked all her life for someone to even consider publishing her book. She wanted to get published desperately. There was a big silence, Diane looked at the floor an considered this for a second, she really did not want to gain weight. She looked up and said "Fine, I'll do it for the book, but I want the company to pay for all the expenses, like food". Richard put a big smile on his face, "You won't regret this Diane".


Richard walked around his office sorting out his ideas, touching the grey hairs on his mustache. "So in order to do this right, you'll have to sign a confidentiality agreement. You can't tell anyone you're gaining weight for the book, not even your partner, parents, anything like that. Disclosing this information will end up in me completely not investing in the book, got it?" Diane nodded. "You'll have to gain all of the weight in less than 2 months, we don't want to delay the launch too much"
She gasped, "2 months is too fast Richard, I don't know if i'll be able to do that."
"Do you want the book published or not?" said Richard, "2 months that's all I'm giving you, if you take longer I wont invest. Also each month you have to come into my office have a quick body measurement check. I want to see if you are actually gaining, and I'm not just wasting my money on you" Diane looked at him firmly "Fine, I'm ok with all of it. Just send me the contract I'll have it signed by the end of the week". "I love making business with you. Come into my office this Sunday. We'll measure you then, that'll be your starting point" said Richard. "See you Sunday" said Diane


Diane was walking back to her office on her high heels and head up high, when she spotted her girlfriend in her office. Lucy was a beautiful thin girl with black straight hair and blue eyes. They had been recently going out, and had been on a steady relationship for about a month. "So how did it go, are they publishing it?" said Lucy. "It's hard to say" Diane considered telling her new girlfriend about the deal she just made. However, she thought about the confidentiality agreement and the fact they were just recently going out. She was afraid that if she openly stated she was going to gain weight, Lucy will find the weight gain unattractive and leave her. Diane made up her mind, "I think it went well, Richard is considering it and he probably will publish it but not until next year". Lucy smiled with excitement "Oh my god, Diane! I'm so happy for you, we need have to celebrate!" Diane hugged her girlfriend pretending the deal she just made didn't happened. She could hide 30Lb from Lucy, right?


Diane walked towards Richard's office, making a clear sound each step she took against the carpet, it was Sunday, nobody was at the company's floor. She walked inside, the blinds were closed. Richard met her there with a simile, "Hello Diane! today is the starting point. Take off your clothes and step on the scale." Richard pointed at the other man there in a suite and tie. "This is Alex, he's the doctor who's going to measure you, track your progress, and make sure you hit your weight goals". Diane was tired, it was early Sunday and she sneaked off without Lucy noticing. She started to remove her clothes, "Let's just get this over with". Diane stepped on the scale she was 158 Lb, at 5'9 feet tall. "That's a good start, you're a beautiful woman." said Alex "I'll email you your meal plans, which contains all the calories and foods you must eat everyday". Diane started to get dressed. "You need to charge all your future meals on the company's credit card, that way we know you are actually following the plan. We'll see you in a month Diane, hoping to see you more cubby then" Richard tapped Diane's stomach while he said this. She just faked smiled and headed out.


Diane planned on how to gain weight without Lucy noticing. She would buy a drawer full of candy bars and locked them in her bottom drawer. She would close the blinds and when nobody saw her, she would finish the drawer on a daily basis. She would put the wrappers in the top drawer, and at the end of the day she would throw them away when nobody saw her. She ate every meal with Lucy, so it was hard. Diane started to eat more than before in front of her, however, what she ate wasn't significantly unhealthy. Before both of them would order salads and now, Lucy would get a salad and Diane will get a full burger with a classic coke.

Three weeks passed and the weight gain was somewhat noticeable now. Lucy and Diane were getting ready in their apartment. Even if Diane would try to hide it by wearing black formal clothes, Lucy could see how tight her girlfriend's skirt was under her nylon blouse. When Diane dressed up Lucy put both of her hands around her girlfriend middle, squeezing her waist, trying to make her finger touch. She later on tried to pull on Diane's waist band and so there was no space. She pinched a layer of fat on her stomach, "This is new" Lucy said. "You think so? I haven't been paying attention to what I eat, but I don't think it's new", said Diane. Lucy kept on touching Diane's stomach, Diane was so uncomfortable, she was trying to suck it in. "Oh, it's definitely new, you know I'm such a health freak, I notice" said Lucy.
Diane pushed Lucy's hands off her body. Without saying a word she stated walking downstairs, Lucy followed. Diane got to the kitchen and stated to make breakfast. she grabbed two pieces of toast and started to put butter on them. Lucy saw what she was doing and took the pieces of bread off Diane's hands. "No, no, no, no more of that" Lucy threw the toast into the trash. "What's going on babe? Is something stressing you out? What's all this stressful overeating you've been doing?" Diane stared at her, "Can you just let me eat?". Diane started to put more bread on the toaster and took out eggs to make omelets. Lucy grabbed Diane's arms to prevent her on making more food and then started to kiss her. In time, she slowly move her hands down her back, stopped in Diane's new love handles and squeezed them. "You can't tell me this was here before" said Lucy. "Shut up" said Diane playfully, she grabbed Lucy's hands and removed them from her back. "So I've gained a little weight, ok I accept it". Lucy stared at her with a worrisome look "don't you want to do anything about it?". "Like what?" said Diane. Lucy responded, "Maybe you can go on a diet? I'll help you out, I'll do it with you." Diane was reluctant but didn't want her girlfriend to obsess over her weight. She hopped Lucy could forget about the whole thing. She accepted, in a hope she'll drop the subject if she did. Lucy kissed Diane on the cheek. "You won't regret it babe, I don't want you to get as big as a cow, better address this now piggy." Lucy slapped her on the bum and the squeezed her love handles.


After Lucy made it almost impossible for her to have the bigger breakfast she was having for the last couple of weeks, Diane was freaking out. How can she keep on gaining without Lucy noticing? Diane wrote an email to her boss.

I need a way to get the meals I need to gain weight without Lucy noticing. Can you arrange to deliver the meals while she's on meetings to my office?


Richard responded almost immediately.

Done. Starting tomorrow, I'll deliver three plates with 1,500 calories each. The only question will be, how fast can you eat?



The next day came, and Lucy didn't forget, she made Diane stick to her diet all the day before. When they went out for lunch and Diane tried to get the usual burger with fries and a coke, Lucy interrupted her order and asked for two salads. When the salads came and Diane asked for dressing, Lucy told the waitress, "Don't bring her the dressing, the fat girl can't control herself, she's on a diet" while she pinched Diane's cheek. When the waitress went away she told Diane "That's all you are getting for lunch, don't be such a greedy cow" Grabbing her double chin.

This morning Diane was starving after a whole day of dieting. She woke up at 5 am to sneak of and have some none diet foods.
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Jazzman 7 years
That's great Alice. Once again. Your Concept is Amazing! smiley Flawless as a matter of fact as far as the Book publishing. Brilliant! smiley Come on and make it great. Have Diane tell Lucy to order her Own damn food. LOL
AliceN 7 years
lol Jazzman, I wrote Lucy in because I get off by someone being humiliated for weight gain they can't prevent. That's Lucy's only purpose, highlight the weight gain and humiliate Diane. Diane is going to gain weight regardless of Lucy, because she wants t
Jazzman 7 years
I say Diane should take charge. Either leave me be or I'll Kick you to the curb. Now make my pancakes skinny! LOL
Jazzman 7 years
You have managed a completely unique plot.I saw something similar with a Last Will from a long last aunt once and that too was a fabulous story. But this is New and Fresh nonetheless. I say you have a great story and don't need the conflict Lucy causes. I
Jazzman 7 years
You know after reading again? I Love the plot even More. And Really can't see what purpose Lucy fills. She is a controlling bitch. How dare she change her friends order? I think she is unnecessary to this otherwise Amazing concept. You have managed a comp
Bradypig 7 years
Love it so far, please write more!
FrecherTyp 7 years
hehe hmmm interesting start ^^ -
Piggjen 7 years
I just love this and will follow the story eagerly to see if Diane can manage to gain in spite of Lucy trying to spoil her gaining.
Jazzman 7 years
It would be so much easier if the girlfriend started to like the weight. At 5'8" and 158 she wasn't super skinny to start with anyway. Just saying. The book concept is fantastic but this Lucy is just in the way.