lunch with a fat friend

chapter 1

The Third Month

Sure I’ve put on a bit of weight since we met but he says he likes it. I was always big, well ok, fat. I never really tried to be slim, it’s just not in my genes. He just likes me to eat what I want, not deny myself anything. He enjoys watching me eat. To tell you the truth I think it turns him on. If I get too full he gives wonderful belly rubs. He says he loves how soft I am. And we almost always have fantastic sex after I’ve over eaten, having a full tummy has really started to make me so aroused.

How much have I put on since I met him? Well I’m 320 pounds now, I was about 295 when we met. To tell the truth I never weighed myself much before we met but he likes to know how much I weigh. I think that’s a turn on for him too.

The Sixth Month

Honestly? I’m only 365 pounds. You think I look 400? I wish! Yes I’m actually trying to gain weight. Our goal weight for me is 400 before the end of the year. Food plays such a big part in our relationship. Particularly our sexual relationship. I can honestly only achieve orgasm with a full belly now. And what orgasms!

If I’d known how much more pleasure I’d get with a stuffed belly I’d have been doing it years ago! No my size doesn’t get in the way, there are plenty of positions and he’s very strong and flexible.

The Twelfth Month

Well we did it! 403 pounds! I love being so fat! And so does he. He’s started to call me his baby hippo, so cute! All our time together either involves me eating or him making love to me and often both at the same time.

He says he’s never been with anyone as fat as me, or who loves to eat as much as me. I feel so special! He loves everything about my new weight. My huge flabby upper arms, my lardy belly apron, yes belly apron! No it’s not uncomfortable, it’s fantastic I love how it feels when it slaps against my thighs!

If I knew the way to a man’s heart was piling on the pounds I’d be huge! No you might think I’m huge but I’m just very big. I’d say huge was 500 pounds, our next goal, by the way.

And yes my health’s fine. Just because I’m obese doesn’t mean I’m unwell. And anyway a little manageable high blood pressure is worth it to have a bum this big!

The Sixteenth Month

I think it’s called a ‘plateau’. I’m stuck at 420 pounds, I’m eating as much as I have been but not added a pound since we got married. It might be because I’m only 5 foot 4 inches.

This? He says he thinks I look good in leggings and crop tops, shows off my curves. Comfortable too, nice and stretchy. It’s getting harder to get them over my massive arse though. You can see the dimples? He says they’re sexy!

Yes I know people are staring. ‘Look at that fat girl!’ ‘Look at the size of that!’ I’ve heard it all. So what! I like being fat and my handsome new husband does too, suck it up!

The Eighteenth Month

Yes I wish I could find some leggings to fit but I’m happy in a sundress or a mumu. I was in a bikini for most of our honeymoon, I’d live in a bikini if I could! I only got the beached whale joke 2 or 3 times!

To be honest I don’t usually wear anything at home. Maybe panties and a bra. It might be disgusting to you but all my quivering blubber is sexy to him.

No, only 480 pounds. If I’m meant to get to 500 I will. I’m just going to carry on eating what I want when I want but I’m happy at this size. He’s happy with my size too. We do both want me to get to 500 but if not no big deal.

Do I want the dessert menu? Do I look like I go without desserts? If you can’t eat all of yours I’m sure I’ll be able to help. That’s what I always do with my husband. He never seems to be able to eat his but he always orders one, knows I can never resist.


The Twenty First Month

I know it doesn’t look like it wearing this but I’ve done it! 500 pounds! I’m actually a quarter of a ton!

We celebrated with a take out from my 4 favourite places. Pizza, kebab, chip shop and fried chicken! After the pizza and kebab he had to feed me the fish, chips and fried chicken.

Of course he still fancies me! He says even more than when I was a skinny 300 pounds. And he doesn’t need to tell me anyway. Girls just know don’t we? The way he looks at me, kisses me, touches me.

He can’t actually keep his hands off me. He’s always stroking or squeezing my fat. I love it too! Especially when he kisses my, I was going to say neck but my neck vanished under this lard a while ago!

When we met I thought he was a bum man but he pays more attention to my belly, now it’s a double, and my back rolls! Who knew guys like back fat? Sure not all guys, ok not many but my guy does!

The Twenty Fourth Month

I know! Two years! And I’ve nearly doubled my weight! I’m 10 times as happy though! Actually I’m 511 pounds now. Even saying that makes me excited!

I do so love being this big. He loves everything about my obesity. I admit I do overplay the helpless, breathless thing. It’s just that it turns him on so much and when he’s turned on he likes me to eat more and when I eat more I get turned on more.

He says we can get a mobility scooter soon so I won’t have to struggle walking. To be honest I don’t need one but I’m not sure whether having a wife so enormous she needs a scooter or watching his massive wife waddle and jiggle is a bigger turn on for him. Or me!

Well if I get too fat to get out of the house you can still meet me for these lunches at home. You’d have to bring the food though, I stopped being able to fit in the kitchen a while ago.
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