lust in the stars

Chapter 1 - First Contact

Hovering over the stillness of the Earth, a vessel of unknown origin scanned the population of humanity to find what it was searching for. There were billions, each in different stages of life and teeming with the resource found only in sexually active beings. With its level of sophistication it was impossible for anyone to detect the craft thus their operation could be done without notice. The scanner located a young couple in the middle of the act and determined that they were prime subjects for the extraction.

Luke and Lily were in their twenties, he was her type and she was his. Luke was mostly fit and a total nerd while Lily was a rather heavy-set gal with a passion for erotic art. They complimented each other and were very happy together, they had a picturesque relationship and were in love. They both felt lucky to have each other, Luke was grateful to have a woman who’d indulge in his fat fetish and she loved having a man who was so sweet and passionate.

However, this night proved to be somewhat difficult for the both of them. Like for most long-term couples, sex started to get somewhat stale. He never felt comfortable taking the dominant position and although she enjoyed pleasing him she was always hesitant to try his more extreme kinks. Intimacy was starting to become more difficult as they both failed to address the issue, they still fucked but it was less intense than what they wanted.

Once they both came, they quickly laid side by without afterglow care. The two could both sense a sort of unease between each other but neither knew what to say. They knew if nothing was done about it their relationship would be in trouble, one of them had to bring it up. Luke wrapped his arm around her midsection and placed his hand under her breasts.

“Hey sweetie? I think we need to talk.” He had always been gentle, especially with her. He could feel her nod her head.

“I love you and I don’t want to put this the wrong way but I think we’re losing our spark, y’know?” He held her close.

“Maybe, I’ve never been with anyone this long before so I didn’t know what to expect.” She squeezed his hand affectionately.

“I’ve never been this close to anyone, you’re the only one who’s accepted who I am.” He nuzzled the nape of her neck.

“You’re the only one who’s cared about me this deeply, I love your quirks and caring for your needs.” She moved his hand to her soft belly, the part he loves the most physically.

“I’m sorry I haven’t catered to your needs, I want to be more assertive for you.” He lovingly caressed the flesh above her navel.

“I want to indulge in your kinks, I’m just worried about my weight and that I’ll get too fat.”

He smirked. “Too fat? No such thing.” He playfully jiggled her gut to show his rejection of the idea.

“You know what I mean, perv.” She smiled.

“Yeah. Look, we could try to have special nights. We’ll have regular sex and reserve certain times for when we need to have our needs met.”

She turned towards him, her weight displacing the bed noticeably. “I think I’d like that, but only on one condition.” She got on top of him and held his wrists down, definitely catching his attention.


“No holding back, no pulling punches and no half-measures. I want your full commitment and I’ll give it back in full.”
Luke smiled. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He was undeniably turned on again.

“Good, now fuck my brains and pound me to sleep.” She showed off her form in its corpulent glory.

“With pleasure.” He flipped her onto her back and started ravaging her. This time the sex was fulfilling and as passionate as ever. He grabbed her right thigh and thrust into her zealously, her moans filled the room with praise.

“Oh fuck baby that’s more like it.” She gripped the pillows in ecstasy and reveled in the experience. “I missed you.” Her tits were bouncing from the force before she grabbed her nipples to add to the satisfaction. “Grab my belly and show me how much you love it.” Luke took a handful of fat and went to town. He had her gasping in pleasure, making sure not to climax too soon. He pulled up her legs and bent them back so he could drive himself deeper into her. She moaned, lost in the bliss of the moment. “Yes! Faster! Harder! Don’t stop! I’m about to cum!” He went as fast and deep as he could with his heart racing, the last thing he wanted was to finish. Lily couldn’t take it anymore, she was already on the edge and he was taking her over it. “I’m cumming!” She writhed in euphoria as he continued, flipping her on her stomach and fucked her from behind. He grabbed two handfuls of ass and let her have it, she whined and groaned wordless as he was about to reach his limit. With one least plunge he could feel his loins send waves of joy through his whole body and at the last second he pulled out and came all over her back. Luke collapsed next to her, they both cuddled and embraced each other. Both of them passed out content and happy.

In the dead of night, an unearthly teal glow wrapped the sleeping lovers and lifted them from their bed. Unaware of what was happening, the two would be taken to the sky and would enter a new world unlike any they knew before.
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