luxe academy

chapter 1


"Oh my god!!" Morgan exclaimed as she read the acceptance letter from Luxe Academy. "Why is it, sweetie?" Her mother asked from across the room sitting at the dining room table. "I got in!!" Morgan yelled running over to hug her mother. They embraced in a warm hug that lasted for about 15 seconds. "I knew you would." Said her mother. "I'm not surprised, you're a smart kid." Morgan smiled. "Yeah I guess so!" She said holding back happy tears. Then her mother's face went blank. You could tell she was thinking about Morgan's father who died in a car accident 5 years ago. Then she looked up at Morgan and said, "Your father would've been so proud of you." Morgan nodded her head and embraced her mother yet again in silence.

For dinner that night, Morgan and her mother went to a fancy restaurant after telling all her family members the good news. Everyone was ecstatic for her and knew she would do excellent at the Luxe Academy. There was only one problem however, her mother could not pay for the college education since she didn't make enough money. Morgan was not offered any scholarships and the academy cost 55,000 a year. After extensive research, Morgan couldn't find even a single program that would reduce the cost of her education.

"This totally blows." Morgan said to her mother, who was reading a book on the couch. Her mother looked up and said to her, "Honey, I would pay for you to go if I had enough money and you know that." Frustrated, Morgan closed the laptop and ran upstairs to her room. "I can't believe this!!!" She thought to herself. "I should've known that my mother wouldn't be able to pay for my education." She picked up her pillow and screams as loud as she could into it wishing that her father was still alive.

The next morning, Morgan had to go to her friend, Jessica's, soccer game. Morgan had known Jessica for about 7 years and has been her best friend ever since then. Jessica is extremely fit and athletic and practically works out at the gym every day for 3 hours. She has long straight blonde hair and large green eyes. She is seen as the prettiest girl in school and no boy wouldn't want her. Morgan is always used to boys coming up to her and asking for Jessica's number and is used to having all her crushes fall for Jessica and not her. Deep down, Morgan resents Jessica for this but knows that it's not her fault all the boys love her.

As Morgan is watching Jessica warm up a cute boy with a football player's build and reddish brownish hair walks up to her. "If you're asking me for Jessica's number I'm not going to give it to you." She says not even making eye contact. "Who's Jessica?" He replies sitting down next to her. She finally takes a good look at him and asks what he wants then. "I wanted to get to know such a pretty girl like you." He says in a flirtatious manor. Morgan blushed and looked away then says, "Oh really? There are pretty girls everywhere I bet you could go get one of them." The boy sighs and says, "Yeah well I already found the most beautiful one here." Morgan turns and looks at him with a smile on her face. "What's your name?" She asks. "I'm Dylan, yours?" He replied sheepishly. "I'm Morgan... Nice to meet you." She replied blushing yet again. Dylan looks at her and finally asks her out for coffee on Saturday at 9. Without even hesitating Morgan says yes. "Alright well I gotta run, Morgan." He says. "See ya on Saturday at 9" Before Morgan has a chance to say goodbye he leaves. Jessica runs over to Morgan and says, "Holy shit, Morgs! That's Dylan Fredrickson!" Morgan scoffs and says, "So what Jess?" She replies. "Well he's only the hottest, richest guy in town." Jessica says. "I've heard his father owns billions." Morgan laughs and tells Jessica to go back to her team. "I'm not kidding!" Jessica yells as she begins running to the field. "Yeah right." Morgan says to herself and continues to watch Jessica.
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