chapter 1

Chapter 1
The autumn weather was blowing a cold and rainy wind through the city. A young woman with a hoody over her head, jumps over a puddle. She waits at a traffic light before crossing one of the large boulevards of the cities. She walks along the skyscrapers a bit longer before arriving at her destination. The large square before the national museum of Archeology and History. The last visitors were leaving the building and the woman was making her way against the stream of people. She enters the large museum and looks around. There was no one at the front desk anymore. She shrugs her shoulders and makes her way for the back offices. She wonders around a bit until a voice calls out behind her.
“Ma’am, this is a restricted area. The museum is closing you can come back tomorrow.” A male voice says stern.
“Oh excuse me I was just looking for some art to steal” The woman reacts turning around with a smile “Ready for our diner?”
“Please we don’t have art. This is an archeology museum” The man says smiling now “How are you doing Lydia?”
“Doing well” Lydia says pulling off her hoody, revealing her beautiful red hair and freckled face. “How is the big manager of the museum, mister Adam Koper?”
“I’m the assistant conservator” Adam replies as he embraces his friend “Do we have time for me to show you around the stuff that is not on display”
Lydia checks her watch and nods. Archeology or history might not have been her hobbies, but it was cool to look at some exclusive stuff. So Adam shows her around, old books, pots, swords and even cutlery.

“So have I ever mentioned that my house mate, Sally, is single?” Adam mentions as they move to a next room “And she is into ladies….perhaps even cute redheads.”
“Urghhh only a million times” Lydia groans as she rolls her eyes. “And she is not really my type. I am more of the rock and roll and she is rap. I am canoeing vacation in Scandinavia. She is eating and drinking on Bali. Also she is not really my…..shape…to put it nicely.”
“You are so picky” Adam says as he opens the door “Besides, Sally is barely overweight.”
“Dude” Lydia says in a calm voice “She is like 12 foot and 400 pounds. Compared to me that is huge. I am only 5 foot 3 and 110 pounds”
“You are such a snob. She is like 5’10’’ and only 183 pounds, which is like chubby for how tall she is” Adam reasons as they walk between the scaffolds. “And before you get weird idea’s. I know this because our scale has a memory function and she left it on.”
“Whatever you want creeper” Lydia teases. “Still, I prefer a fit partner. I mean I go running and watch what I eat, seems fair like my future wife will do the same”
“You are a picky eater and you run like twice a week. You probably have a fast metabolism” Adam reasons, receiving an indifferent ‘whatever’ as response “Now come over here this is the last thing I want to show you”
He opens a metallic door and in a cooled room he picks up a box. He takes another case out of the box and then slowly opens the lid revealing what is in there.
“It’s a ….stone” Lydia says confused “On a cord”
“It’s a 2000 year old medallion” Adam says a little insulted “2000 years!”
Lydia looks at the medallion. To her it really looks like a stone, it was round had some things written on it and had hole for the cord. Yet somehow the grey stone seemed to radiate something. She tilts her head and then reaches into the box.
“Hey! Don’t touch ……” Adam starts, but as soon Lydia touches it all sound fades away. Her body is frozen and she can only control her eyes. The room disappears, Adam disappears and only she with the medallion in hand are standing in the room. Then a fire starts, spreading around her in a circle. Still she can’t move, make a sound or do anything except look around. The medallion falls from her hand and bounces on the ink black floor. When it stops it seems to be melting in to a bright white pool. The pool ripples and from it a dark humanoid figure rises. The humanoid figure is tall and opens its eyes revealing them to be completely red. It turns its head to the side and reaches out with its hand. Droplets of the dark mass fall of its fingers as it reaches out towards Lydia. It touches her index finger and Lydia feels a sharp sting, yet she can still not react. A single droplet of blood forms on her finger. Growing bigger before slowly falling of her finger. As the droplet of blood touches the floor the darkness fades. The figure turns into smoke and the real world returns.
“that!” Adam finishes his sentence. He is immediately startled by Lydia’s extreme reaction “Sorry, Didn’t mean to scare you.”
“What the fuck just happened!?” Lydia says looking around the room breathing heavy. “What was that?”
“What?” Adam says startled also looking around “What happened”
“There was….That thing…it” Lydia starts she looks around and calms down a bit “I don’t know….I think…..maybe we should just go?”
“Yeah that is fine….maybe you had a bit of a panic attack” Adam comforts her putting the medallion back in its place “I used to have them as well… or perhaps you haven’t eaten for too long?”
Lydia makes a “I don’t know gesture” And together they leave the room.

“So how is the new job?” Adam asks as they sit in a small restaurant.
“Not too interesting, but it pays well and my colleagues are fine” Lydia answers pushing away her half eaten plate of pasta “Pffff I am stuffed.”
“That is also why you are so skinny” Adam teases “You don’t finish your plate like a big girl”
“You can put it in a doggy bag and feed it to your roommate” Lydia teases back “But seriously I just can’t eat any more than this.”
Afterwards they go see a movie. Adam tries to hit on a barmaid, gets rejected and finally they go home.
Lydia opens the door to her apartment and smiles.
“Home sweet home” She says kicking off her shoes.
The apartment was small. It had a kitchen/living room. One bedroom and a decent bathroom. It did over a nice few over the city, since it was on the twelfth floor. Her living room was decorated with one double seater couch, which could fold out for a sleeping couch. A table with three chairs and a slightly higher bar table near the kitchen. Near this table were two stools and beyond that was her kitchen. Lydia drinks some water and takes some carrots before making her way to her bed.

-later that night-
Lydia turns and moves as she dreams. Or rather she things that she is dreaming. She dreams about standing in her own bedroom, but it felt all too real. She feels like she can interact with things and walk around. Very unlike a real dream, this almost felt conscious.
“Lydia” an echoing disembodied voice calls out. “Lydia”
“W-who is there?!” Lydia calls out looking around her room.
“We are….Soul bound” The voice calls out “Lydia Grey….Soul bound”
“How do you know my name?” Lydia says scared “Show yourself coward!”
At that moment the same dark smoke that the humanoid figure had disappeared in, appears again.
“Lydia” The tall humanoid figure calls out as it steps out of the smoke. This time the figure slowly becomes more defined. The smoky round arms, turn into real arms. The pointy fingers turn into real human hands. Slowly, but surely the humanoid figure turns into an actual human. Lydia’s eyes are glued to the humanoids head as the smoke slowly rises. It reveals the face of a woman, with pitch black hair. Her pale face and closed eyes make it look like she is sleeping. Then she opens her eyes, revealing two red irises. The eyes look around until resting on Lydia, then her well-formed red lips curl into a smile. Even though Lydia was frightened she had to admit the woman was beautiful. Her glance slowly descends along the woman’s slender neck and rests on her chest. The woman had two plump, yet perky breasts. It was only now that Lydia realized the woman was not wearing any clothes. Lydia turns a bit red as she glances further at the woman. A perfect flat stomach, yet nice curvy hips. Firmly defined thighs, forming into smooth calves and slender feet. The woman was an absolute beauty. Tall, pretty and…
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Pandorica Open 9 months
This sounds like a Cold War Operation. The codeword Adult Pig that Lydia comes to represnt rings a bell of a certain party.
Irllylikepiz... 11 months
Pandorica Open 11 months
There never really was a Warrior Path option was there?
Kexickus 2 years
It's a nice story, but that would be so much hotter if Lydia was loosing weight every time Clio used her powers, and then she'd have to regain it all back.
SolidTony77 2 years
As per usual when i hope most for immobility themes its the one thing that DOESN'T happen. Ive been waiting for that to happen idk why i even bother anymore.
JustARat 2 years
Real nice ending! There was a few awkward moments and typos here and there throughout but i could see your writing getting better as it went along! i really loved this story! I'll definitely be reading if you ever decide to start another story :]
Iwaznevahere 2 years
This can be solved with a simple conversation: You need to actually put on weight or I won’t have enough energy to make sure we don’t die when my sisters find us.
JustARat 2 years
A really lovely read! At first i really only cared about the weight gain stuff but as time went on i started to really enjoy the characters and story! Love the dynamic and fantasy elements, I'm
personally more into the sweet and caring side of the stor
Kjdfduhfjdf 2 years
I want more stories similar to this. You are NA excellent writer
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Can't wait to see how the fight goes
Logitechk1 2 years
Thank you all for your support, it is much appreciated!
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I absolutely adore this story and its characters. Glad to see it updating again!
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Will you continue this story? It is one 9f the best that I have read.
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Love the update! Looking forward to more
Collegefeed 3 years
What an awesome story. I normally don’t read ones with fantasy elements, but the real-world combination is great. Love the relationship with Alex and Cora too
Theswordsman 3 years
Sounds like tora is starting to enjoy feeding her
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So the word *** got censored?
Theswordsman 3 years
Im surprised lydia hasn't tried working from home
Theswordsman 3 years
Curiouser and curiouser