make her watch

chapter 1

She wasn’t immobile. Not yet, anyway. Sure, she was a little over 500 pounds, and on her 5’4 frame, that was fat as hell, but she still had a good 200 pounds to go before that happened. Maybe 100, since her leg muscles have atrophied so much that she can barely lift them now. All those muscle relaxers and not leaving this room in over a year have made her pretty useless as far as movement goes. Still, the Man who kidnapped her likes to keep her limbs restrained 24/7, probably as a way to remind her that she’s never leaving, no matter what.
There’s only one way out of here, and it normally goes the way of a massive heart attack or having your lungs crushed by your own body.

Oh yeah, she’d seen the others.

When she first got here at a paltry 250 pounds, there were three other women in the same room as her, and in the same predicament, albeit at different levels of obesity.

The first to go was a woman who had apparently been a former power lifter, a tall 5’11 with a strong body. She only knew what she was previously due to the Man flashing images of her old body in front of her every day, a stark contrast to the 850 pound blob that she had turned in to. She wasn’t around long, as the Man enjoyed toying with her, constantly making her walk with the use of hand rails, violently smacking her ass and ramming food into her mouth while she struggled to walk. One day, he gave her an obscene amount of pre workout before forcing her to walk, enough to give a normal, healthy body builder heart problems for weeks. She was sweating buckets by the time she got out of the bed, the attached EKG beeping loudly. The current woman was around 350 pounds at this time, and could only look on in horror as she watched this former fitness guru literally walk to her death. The Man was sparing no expense, violently smacking the blobs ass while yelling at her to continue walking, the pain of the paddle and hauling 850 pounds visible on her face. She grimaced hard, and attempted to clutch her chest, but couldn’t due to the buildup of arm fat. She started swaying, and fell forward with a loud smack. She was still alive, but very much in pain. She started wheezing louder, the EKG losing its mind. She appeared to be having a heart attack. She was extremely helpless and immobile in her state, and the Man did something that solidified his cruelty and lack of sympathy for his prisoners. He went up to her massive ass cheeks, unzipped his pants, pulled out his rock hard penis, and began fucking the shit out of her. She was still in the throes of a heart failure, her beat all over the place. The shock of being fucked sent her over the edge, the Man building her to an orgasm despite all her protests. Her eyes went wide, and a sudden jolt in her ass cheeks left her eyes glazed over. The Man had given her a heart attack and then fucked her to finish her off.
It was from that day, that our current victim knew she had no chance or hope of escape.
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