making the time pass

chapter 1

Melissa knew that her mastiff was going to cause problems at the dog park but he was still young and she had to keep trying to socialize him she thought, even if for him socializing meant greeting every dog by shoving his face in their asshole until they snapped at him. Having already gotten three hours of cardio in this morning in addition to some scratch baking she was bound to end up giving away or feed to her pet, she figured she owed it to Wally to give him some new faces and scents away from their new home. It was only one month into her husband's six month deployment but the boredom of being stationed in a new navy town on a new coast was killing her. As corny as it was her husband of almost four years really was her best friend when they were together and she really missed all the outdoor activities and day trips they would take together and their conversations be it deep late night stuff or gossiping and people watching and his wicked sense of humor that was rubbing off on her.

Eager as ever and slobbering a little bit her dog Wally did his best to try and pull the toned slim but small Melissa to the pen full of other dogs, untethered and running wild. After letting him off to play she undid her ponytail letting her shoulder length curly black hair fall down and settled on an unoccupied park bench. Seeing all 120lbs and 5'6 of her in grey yoga pants and a grey sports bra with her toned middle on display for everyone as she unzipped her hoody, more than one of the dog owners there gawked and a certain overfed one even let his eyes linger long enough to consider it and ogle.

She noticed the large chubby guy on the bench over, he was listening to music and drinking from a thermos, she tried to make eye contact and strike up something but he seemed in his own world after she caught him looking at her. Observing after a bit his protruding belly actually seemed to jiggle as he tapped his foot to the music, she smiled to herself, knowing it'd be decades before her pilot husband ever had one of those. There was something very familiar about him but she couldn't place it.

He noticed her eyes on him, and now large scruffy man was doing his best to observe her more slyly. He quickly figured out she was his old classmate and lab partner from chemistry, Melissa Blank. He wondered whether she'd even believe it was him, back in school he'd had long dark brown hair and dressed like a grunge hippie, no one had the heart to tell him it was the mid 2000s apparently. He was a very lanky 160lbs at 6'2 then... but now he kept his hair a lot shorter, even if he did let it get shaggy at times, and he had packed on over 80lbs since high school, at 244lbs the only 'cool' clothes from his high school days he still owned fit him like a second skin now, even his XL t-shirt he had on currently wasn't doing a great job and his 36 stretch waist relax fit Levi's were definitely fitting like skinny jeans. He was thankful for his big belt buckle to hide the semi-permanently undone button. Still firmly in the denial and minimizing stage, believing he was fifteen pounds maybe twenty pounds at the most overweight, math was obviously a selective skill for him. The sounds of his old girl snarling brought him out of his self reflecting and ogling.

"Oh fuck!" he muttered and got up and hustled over to his dog, panting slightly from the 30 yard dash he'd just done, he didn't even notice in his concern for Chloe that the other owner of the other dog was Melissa until he had helped separate the two of them and said the obligatory, 'sorry and hey it's no problem they didn't hurt each other.'

"Hey I know I know you but where from?" Melissa asked the big boy curiously, eyeing him up and down as he put his adorable pit mix on her leash and petted her soothingly.

"It's Matt, from Mrs. Blackbell's Chem Lab class and a few others" he said sheepishly, trying to suck in and stand sideways even, "I cut my hair, it's a big change I guess" he said laughing and grinning at her.

"Oh shit yeah! Come here gimme a hug dude!" she said giggling and excited to see an old friend, she hugs the large man who is twice her weight already, exploring his girth she squeezes his slab-like love handles as she pulls away and teases "that's not the only big change!" and giggles at him while his whole chubby face goes red.

They continue catching up, she tells him about going to Columbia on a Lacrosse scholarship, her marriage and husband and all their adventures while he tells her about college and working at a pizzeria and helping to start a few podcasts for friends early on and parlaying that into a steady job as a sound engineer for a sports-talk radio station. He does his best to seem unaffected and moved on when mentioning his break-up two months ago with his girlfriend of two and a half years. Both of them more than glad to have run into a familiar face, they decide to keep hanging out and walk a bit to find some coffee.

After venturing half a mile on foot, routine for her but a bit of a workout for him they stop at a Krispy Kreme donut shop with the hot and fresh neon sign lit, at Melissa's insistence saying she has to try the warm gooey goodness and he obliges sitting at an outside table with both of their dogs while she goes in to get them "A coffee and donut each", she comes back out a few minutes later and presents him with his large extra extra creamer coffee while she holds her small black cup and sets down a box of half a dozen hot and fresh donuts in front of him grinning and raising an eyebrow at him.

She breaks one donut in half and starts to nibble on the tasty half in her hand and slides the rest of the box so it sits right in front of Matt.

"Don't pretend like you don't want to have them big boy, they smell sooo good don't they?" she says smirking at him and taking another seductive nibbling bite of hers. His ears grow red and without thinking he wordlessly grabs a donut and gazes at it with the longing desire most men would reserve for their betrothed after returning from the front. He quickly takes a piggish greedy bite that is nearly half of the warm sugary fatty delicious treat, he closes his eyes and does his best to not moan like the hopeless glutton he's turned into. He demolishes his first donut before even looking up to see Melissa smirking at him, he notices her wicked smile as he reaches for his second donut and he blushes but still continues eating this second one with the same greedy gusto.

Melissa's eyes go big seeing him shovel in one whole, "Somebody's HUNGRY!" she says and puffs her cheeks up to mock the way Matt is eating so fast his chubby cheeks look inflated with food.

Matt tries to stop himself after the second donut but somehow he finds himself feeling that unashamed gluttonous hunger he feels by himself exclusively usually with Melissa now. As embarrassed as he is getting he can't or more accurately doesn't want to stop himself from grabbing a 3rd and 4th donut in each hand now.

Melissa giggling more and more at him is just making him feel better somehow he realizes as he grunts out a burp and she says "excuse you!" he blushes but still eagerly shovels in the remaining donuts.

"I thought we'd have some leftovers to take back with us each when I got half a dozen, I guess not!" she says patting the top of his belly while taking the empty box from him and saunters over to the trash can to throw it out.

"Do you want anything else from in there Matt?" She asks smirking, raising an eyebrow still looking at the semi bloated overfed man as he stifles another belch and his ass and thighs overflow the metal bench at the outdoor one-piece metal picnic table.

"No urrrp thanks" he says blushing and looking down as she keeps her penetrating gaze locked on him before going inside to use the bathroom.

She comes back out and gives him a couple minutes to digest as they keep making chit chat before heading back to their cars at the dog park. They exchange numbers with each other and she insists they have to get lunch within the week and have another doggie playdate whenever too.

He nods along and agrees but doubts all of this very much, it all feels like such a dream almost fantasy for him, that coupled with his sugar high and actual high, he couldn't believe it when Melissa went in for a hug on him again after he put Chloe in the passenger seat.

"I mean it Matt, I really do wanna be seeing more of you." he just stands there dumbfounded soaking in her scent and beauty as she walks back to her Jeep with her big mastiff Wally in tow. She looks back to see him still standing there with his jaw hanging and couldn't help but roll down her window, stick her tongue out and say as she drove away, "Take a picture next time tubbs!"
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