making you fatter

chapter 1

“Hi Handsome!” I kiss your cheek and give you a big ol’ hug. You wrap me in your strong arms and almost lift me up. We haven’t seen each other in a couple months. Months where I couldn’t feed you half my plate as an extra serving after you engulfed your own plate. I immediately take you by the hand and lead you to the restaurant down the street. We have no time to waste. “C’mon Handsome! It’s just over here! I want to hear all about your family vacation!”
To my surprise you didn’t gain a lot, which is why I need to work my magic. As soon as the plates arrive, (because you know I always order two plates for myself- even though you end up eating the second plate and half of mine) I start to feed you slowly. I scooch my chair in closer to the table so my breasts are pressed ontop of it. I rest my head on my palm and continuously load the fork with the creamy pasta you love so much. I lift it up to your handsome face and you talk in between bites about how your brother and you swam in a lake or something.

You make me so turned on when you let me feed you in public. You don’t know I get turned on but I do. My favorite time was when I went to use the restroom in the Italian restaurant you love so much, and I saw you had undone your belt. I saw it splayed open on your lap as I walked back to our table. Your tummy wasn’t big enough then to spread on your lap but it is getting there. I swear it will get there.

At this point, I noticed my breasts are covered in marinara sauce. I didn’t know I had been so lost in thought about your stomach that I was leaning more and more foreword as I fed you. And for some reason my boobs felt jigglier. Like they had been filled with liquid. I looked at my drink and noticed it was empty.
“Did you drink my lemonade?”
“No, but I guess you liked it so much you didn’t even notice you finished it so fast!” You explain. I don’t believe you. You’re the one who eats and drinks loads without noticing. Not me. I lean back and look down at my plate which is completely empty except for some sauce which also covered half my boobs.
“Seems like they liked the pasta as much as you did” you say as you hand me a napkin. Did I really eat my entire plate too? That was for you. How long was I zoned out for? I was starting to get angry from being so confused when you diffused it immediately. You tucked your chin in and laughed a bit and I saw a little double chin appear. I instantly felt desire grow in between my legs. How does your belly look if you already have a little double chin? I looked at the table and all the plates were nearly empty. Good. You ate them all you growing sexy man. I want to see your buttons pop off. You must be so bloated after eating so much.

I “accidentally” dropped my fork on the floor and as I took my time to grab it, I admired seeing your shirt buttons straining to stay on. A beautiful job done by yours truly paying off. Oh we are definitely having fun tonight… after dessert.
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