maria and tabitha

  By Edxl

Chapter 1 - taking flight

Maria's weekend had been miserable. She had flown from San Jose to Atlanta for a cousin's wedding, getting bruises on her hips from wedging herself into a too small airline seat. Some of the relatives at the wedding hadn't seen her for several years, since she had been a college basketball star. They must have heard that she'd fattened up, but they still seemed openly shocked to see her at over twice her old weight. It didn't help that Eve, her fatter, oldest, sister, hadn't been able to make it, leaving Maria as the fattest woman at the wedding. On top of it, the food had been bland and limited in quantity and the groom had gotten drunk and leered at most of the young women there, but not at Maria.

The flight home started just as badly--when Maria got to the gate she inquired if there were any empty seats, and if there were if she could be beside one. The lady at the gate just snapped "the flight is overbooked, you want an extra seat you should have bought one. You can fit in one seat, right?" Maria muttered that of course she could, and went to find a seat in the waiting area.

When she sat down she glared at the bitchy counter lady, and noticed that the lady was now all smiles for the next passenger talking to her, a pretty young woman who probably didn't come up to maria's chin and who might weight as much as one of Maria's legs. Of course she'd get the good treatment!

When the flight boarded, Maria was slightly horrified to find that the petite woman was seated next to her. Once they were seated the other woman turned a warm smile Maria's way. "Hi, my name is Tabitha, you can call me Tabby if you prefer." She stuck out a tiny hand to shake. Perfectly manicured with bright pink polish on long nails, a pinky ring and a pearl bracelet proclaimed girly-girl status. Once Maria shook her hand, Tabby said "Why don't we put up the arm-rest, has to be more comfortable for you." Maria protested that this was not necessary, but Tabby said "Nonsense, I don't fill up a seat, if you spill over a bit it will just keep me warmer, I always freeze on the plane."

Maria thought that Tabby might have been warmer in slacks instead of a knee length skirt with shear stockings--tipped with inevitably cute pumps--or with a warm sweater instead of a satin blouse with a tiny jacket over it. But she had to admit that Tabby presented a well polished package.

Once they were in the air, Tabby's eyes soon shut, and she slumped against Maria's plump arm. Sitting still so as not to disturb the tiny woman, Maria noticed the scent of a pleasant perfume lightly floating up to her, and noticed the careful highlights in Tabby's hair. It made the flight very pleasant for a while.

Once they hit the turbulence it got less pleasant again. They did manage to land in Chicago, in the middle of a downpour. But before they even reached the gate, the pilot announced that they were one of the last planes in or out, the airport was shutting down as a major set of thunderstorms were arriving.

As they disembarked Tabby walked with Maria, quick steps making up for shorter legs. Together they checked the boards, and discovered that Maria's flight to the Bay was cancelled, as was Tabby's flight to Seattle. They'd both be staying in Chicago overnight. Tabby commented that there would be a run on hotel rooms, so they should go find something soon--and oh, it would be cheaper to share a room, after all they have two beds and all.

An hour later they had arranged a room together, and were sitting down for dinner at an all you can eat chinese buffet. Tabby just had one modest plate. Maria had two modest plates, and although she was not full said that she was, not wanting to look like a pig. But when the waiter came to ask if they were done, Tabby said 'no.' Then she explained to Maria "would you rather go sit in the hotel room? It is only 5pm, at least here we can people watch. But to hold the table we need to eat occasionally. I'll do what I can, but I think you'll have to take on the majority of the burden."

Maria waddled into their hotel room at close to 8pm, completely stuffed. Tabby had coaxed her into going up again and again, until Maria had not been able to eat a single additional bite. Tabby quickly suggested "before you collapse, why don't you change for bed--once down you may not want to get back up again." Maria did so, coming out a bit ashamed of the old tank top and sleep shorts that were somewhat tight and revealed a band of her soft belly. Maria slid between the sheets of one of the beds, remote control in hand, while Tabby went to get changed.

Tabby came out a few minute later in a lacey nightgown, and to Maria's surprise slid in bed with her. Tabby quickly explained "I figured that while we watched some TV, I should rub your poor tummy, after getting you to eat all of that!" Maria went along with this idea, and was soon sighing contentedly as her swollen stomach was rubbed gently. She fell into a sleepy trance, and by the time she realized that Tabby had gone from rubbing her upper tummy to stroking the flabby lower part of her belly and playing with belly button, it had already been going on for a bit, and Maria felt saying anything now would be silly. She could tell where this might be going, but to her surprise it didn't bother her.

When Tabby shivered, Maria asked coyly "Cold again? Would you like to snuggle up with me more?" Tabby gave her a smug smile and said that she would. Soon she was plastered against Maria's side, one arm across Maria's broad stomach. That arm started stroking up and down Maria's side, venturing onto her plump hips, and eventually up to the out curve of Maria's breast. When Maria didn't object, Tabby's hands ventured further and further onto Maria's breast, first stroking, then kneading.

Looking down, Maria had to smile, and say "Your hand looks so small!" Tabby smiled back, and said "that is because your breasts are so big!" "So fat, you mean" replied maria. "I didn't say you were fat." "No, I did!" laughed Maria, "I know I'm fat, I like it like that. I used to be an athlete, but I like this better."

Tabby's eyes grew wide "You used to be thin, and got fat--this fat--on purpose?"

Maria nodded deeply, knowing how much that would flaunt her double chin, and explained "My oldest sister is average height but really fat. Our middle sister is taller than average, and fat. I always looked up to them, but I shot up to be really tall, and not fat. I got into basketball, and was good at it, so I started training a lot and that kept me thin, even as I was envying the fat girls in high school--there was a group that always ate at one picnic table in the school yard that I thought were so cool. Once I finished college and didn't need the scholarship anymore, well I kind of reversed everything I'd done to stay trim and fit. I know that is"

Before she could finish saying "weird" her lips were suddenly busy intensely kissed. When Tabitha pulled back she finished Maria's sentence "Hot, that is so freaking hot. You are pretty much my fantasy."
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Juicy 11 years
Wonderful story! While you wrote it for someone in particular, I hope you'll decide to continue it for the rest of us smiley