chapter 1

"Excuse me, excuse me, Miss? Could you come here and assist me with something, please?"

You stop, and glance over at the source of the voice, a classily dressed woman standing by the meat department, her hand beckoning you over. Confused, you let go of your cart filled with basic essentials and a ton of junk food, and make your waddling way over to the woman, wondering what she could possibly need your help with.

The second your within reach the woman suddenly reaches out and tugs you the rest of the way over. You notice there's an attendant wearing a blood stained apron standing nearby.

The woman turns to the attendant and says, "However fat this woman is, is how fat a pig I want for my roast."

Your mouth falls open in shock.

You're unable to say anything, not even a peep, as the attendant nods and the woman begins pulling up your shirt and pulling down your pants to expose your obese body to the chilly supermarket air. You are still silent as she begins prodding your big belly, your fat arms and shivering thighs.

"Hmmm...I'm thinking she's around three hundred and twenty, maybe three hundred and forty pounds?"

The attendant looks you over with critical eyes. "Hard to tell with a human, Ma'am. Does she know exactly how much she weighs?"

The woman looks at you expectantly. "Do you?"

Turning redder by the minute you shake your head, and the woman purses her lips in disappointment.

"We have a scale in the back, meant for large livestock, would you like to weigh her and find out?"

The woman's face became bright. "That is an excellent idea. Come, come," she says to you, taking hold of your overly plump upper arm and almost dragging you into the back of the meat department.

Given that the back was basically a freezer, you start shivering even more, your whole fat body jiggling like it was made of jelly. The shivering gets worse when all three of you stop in front of the scale, and without warning the woman pulls your shirt completely off and forces you to remove your pants and shoes, leaving you a shivering mass of flesh clad only in a flesh colored bra and matching underwear, plus white socks.

Every inch of you is exposed not only to the cold air, but also to the cold appraising eyes of the woman and the attendant.

"Do you think she should get on all fours on the scale, like a pig would?" the woman asks the attendant, and you silently plead for them to say no, to reserve you some of your dignity.

Unfortunately they nod, and the woman prods you in the back to get down on your hands and knees and crawl into the scale.

Your multiple chins press into your doughy neck as you hang your head in shame while the scale calculates how fat you've allowed yourself to become.

By the happy sound in the woman's gasp, it's a bad number (for you).

"Three hundred and fifty pounds! Wow, you're a big one, aren't you? I was close!"

Despite the chill in the air your face burns redder than the apple placed inside a roasted pig's mouth. 350?! How could you do this to yourself? Your parents were right, left unchecked you really would allow yourself to become nothing but a hog.

Your head remains bowed in shame until a sudden sharp slap to your rear startles you enough to let out what you're horribly embarrassed to realize sounds like a pig's squeal.

The woman seems to realize this too as she smirks and orders, "Up, piggy."

Trembling as much from shame as from the frigid temperature you haul your hefty mass to your feet; the exertion leaves you panting.

The woman smiles proudly at you and grasps a part of your huge pale belly, her fingers near digging in to your flesh. "This is excellent news—thank you so much for pigging out as much as you clearly have!"

Your face still blazing, all you can do is give a shy smile and hope this mortifying ordeal will be over soon.

The woman leans in close to you, and in a pleasant voice announces, "You know, if that Human Livestock bill had gone through, I'd be taking you home with me to be our main course! You look so succulently delicious!"

"," you shakily respond.

The woman beams, pats your burning round cheeks, then turns to the assistant to begin discussing costs.

Spotting your chance to flee, you hurriedly and clumsily redress yourself then waddle as swiftly as possible out of the freezer and back to your cart, which luckily remained where you left it. Once your sweaty palms grip the handle you're off to the registers as quick as you can, before the woman notices you're gone and makes good on her interest in roasting you up!

You're panting and dripping with sweat when you do reach the fortunately empty registers. The cashier side-eyes you but in no time you pay and hurry out to your car; thank goodness you parked close by the entrance today.

You toss the bags into your trunk then throw open the driver side door and squeeze yourself inside. It's a tight fit, which leaves a lot of your belly to bunch up around you, nearly preventing you from reaching the steering wheel properly. Due to this buckling your seatbelt is incredibly difficult, and if not for the law you wouldn't even use it.
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Just found your work, and just wow! Your best is really when you go 2nd-person POV, but I love all your work.
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Please update this story it’s really good
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Hello, I just wanted to catch you before you leave and thank you again for your contribution to my roast. It will be a fantastic evening for sure! "

"Well, uh ... you're welcome," you reply, your f
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Hubbert2995 3 years
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Hubbert2995 3 years
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Hubbert2995 3 years
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You are the best one
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This is turning out to be your best story. And that's a feat in itself ! Wow
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