chapter 1

“260.4 lbs,” the medical assistant mumbled out loud as she scribbled on her clip board. Marta rolled her eyes up to the ceiling and pursed her lips in embarrassment. The medical assistant led her back around the doctor’s office and ushered her into an examination room.

“The doctor will be with you shortly.”

The door closed behind the medical assistant, and with that, Marta was alone. She hopped up on the examination table, her wide bottom tearing up the tissue paper. Her belly, long past the initial “cute belly pooch” stage, now spread over her thighs in a big mound of adipose tissue. This mound was large and round, causing her to look pregnant if it weren’t for its massive overhang. When Marta walked, her belly hang swayed from side to side from the force of her thighs pushing against it, as well as the awkward shuffling she now did in place of a once totally normal gait. Her thighs had also fattened up marvelously, to the amusement of her live in roommate/feeder.

Marta looked around the small exam room- there was a long photograph of a local landscape on one wall, and the doctor’s computer wedged in the corner. Marta tried to hold her hands in front of her belly, but the combination of her significant arm fat and large belly prevented her.

Suddenly, a knock on the door.

“Hello, Marta, right?” The athletic male doctor slipped inside, his white doctor’s coat hanging off his slim, fit form. His nametag read “Dr. Francisco”.

“Yes, that’s me,” she responded shyly.

“Let’s see... Your weight has increased again, Marta,” He said while flipping through a printed-out chart of her last blood test results. “And all test results came back negative. I think I see the problem now.”

He set down his paperwork and stepped up to Marta, adjusting his glasses. “You like to eat, don’t you?” He said, catching her completely off-guard; A disappointed smile on his lips.

“Um, well, yes, I suppose-”

The doctor took a measuring tape out of his coat pocket. “Stand up, please,” he ordered.

Marta scooted off the exam table, taking a strip of tissue paper with her. Her belly bounced as her chubby feet hit the floor.

“I’m going to measure you, and then you’re going to tell me what you think.”

He brought the measuring tape around her body at the widest part of her belly, where her waist should have been. The two ends would not meet. The Dr snorted and emphasized that they would not come together by pretending to force it. Marta stayed absolutely silent in complete embarrassment.

“What do you think of this, Marta? I can’t even get a measuring tape around you. Do you know how long a measuring tape is? It’s 60 inches, Marta. Your fat gut is wider than 60 inches; I’d say about 62,” He said coldly. “Know what that means? You are fatter around than you are tall.”

Marta immediately shrank back at his words, despite feeling a growing tingling sensation between her legs.

“So, what do you think about that?” Dr. Francisco asked, crossing his arms.

“Um...” was all she could get out.

“Well, it makes me think that you need to lose a lot of weight. Your BMI is currently 50.8- you’re very clearly in the morbidly obese category. Look at you!” He said, poking her belly. The thick, bouncy fat was palpable beneath her soft skin. He removed his finger and undid her tight jeans, allowing her belly to expand even further. He reached inside and grabbed an overflowing handful of Marta’s over hang. He tightened his grip around her fat and shook her for effect.

“Your belly alone most likely weighs over 60 lbs, judging by the sheer size!” He said, letting go of her and watching her middle continue to jiggle. “Not to mention the rolls of fat I can see through your shirt,” Dr. Francisco lifted the back of her shirt to reveal four large, bakery-sized rolls enveloping her back on either side. “The curve of your spine is completely gone... where are your shoulder blades? Under here?” He teased cruelly, palpating deep into her fat to emphasize his search for her skeletal structure.

Marta’s eyes stung as she tried to clamp her chunky inner thighs together.

Dr. Francisco pulled her shirt back down and sighed, sitting at the computer.

“I’m referring you to a dietician. They’ll work up a diet and exercise regimen for you; hopefully that’ll help melt a few pounds of that fat hanging off you,” he said gruffly. “You have about 132 pounds of it to lose, so you’d better get on that.” He clicked around on his computer before standing up to leave. “Actually, you know what? I think I’ll cancel that referral. You haven’t listened to any advice or eating plans so far, you’ll probably just go home and stuff yourself full of greasy fried chicken after this.” He picked up his clipboard and held the door open for her.

“Have a nice day,” he said grimly.


“Open wide...!”

Celeste held a small cheeseburger to Marta’s waiting mouth. This was her third. “You know, that doctor was right, after all! You did go home and stuff yourself with fast food! What a fucking pig,” she said with a mean smile.

Marta rubbed her belly with her right hand and lifted a large soda to her lips between bites. She said nothing, but reveled in the situation- Celeste, her roommate/feeder, was a sleek, muscular personal trainer. Having such a woman feed her and scold her for getting fatter and fatter turned her on to no end.

Celeste slowly pushed the small cheeseburger into Marta’s mouth until she felt a soft nibbling at her finger tips.

“Don’t eat my hand, piggy! There’s plenty more food where that came from.” She stuck her hand in one of the takeout bags and grabbed a handful of fries to shove in Marta’s mouth. Marta opened her mouth wide and took the majority of them while shoving the rest in with either hand.

Halfway through the fries, Marta couldn’t stand being fed any longer. She greedily thrust her chubby hand into the three orders of large fries sitting at the bottom of the bag. She eagerly fed herself all the while Celeste was teasing her for her greed and hunger.

Marta shoved a cheeseburger in her mouth, then a chicken sandwich, another chicken sandwich, a biscuit, and chased it all down with an overly-sweetened ice tea. Her massive stomach expanded further into her lap with each bite of fattening, greasy take out.

“You are the greediest porker I have ever met!” Celeste exclaimed and brought her hand down to slap Marta’s gut. Marta burped in response and kept eating.

“Do you have any idea how hard I am going to push you in the gym later? I am literally standing right here and my morbidly obese client is stuffing herself silly. She doesn’t even care about the consequences of eating this much fast-food!” Celeste stood up and shifted her weight from side to side as she looked down disapprovingly at her obese roommate stuffing herself on their shared couch. She spied Marta’s size-too-tight shirt riding up her belly, which was cut in half by her size-too-tight sweatpants. Her apron belly hung between her thighs; it would have touched the couch between them if her inner thighs weren’t so fat.

Marta’s gut surged forward as she made her way through the second take out bag. With no signs of slowing down, she munched ravenously, as if her stomach had no limit. She burped loudly, not caring if anyone heard her; her only goal was to finish everything Celeste had bought for her, even if it meant making a complete pig of herself.

“Hey, Porky!” Celeste called from the kitchen as she fixed herself a healthy green power smoothie. “I can’t believe you’re still eating that greasy crap! Isn’t your fat gut full yet?!” She turned the blender on without waiting for Marta to say anything. She knew the answer, of course, which was always a pathetic, “But I’m still hungry, coach!”

Eventually, Marta’s sweatpants became uncomfortably tight. She held a chicken sandwich in one hand while trying to pull down the waistband, to no avail. It would seem she was stuck.

“Celeste...” Marta whined, mumbling around her crunchy chicken sandwich. “I’m stuck!”

Celeste burst into a cruel laughter. “Serves you right, you pot-bellied hog!

Marta tried desperately to free herself from the painful digging; she groaned and twisted and grunted until she finally heard a tiny stretching sound coming from the fabric. Her clit began to throb.

Celeste stood over her and took a long sip of her power smoothie. “Looks like you’ll have to eat your way out of this one, piggy!” She passed Marta the third bag of takeout.

Marta began eating two sandwiches at a time to satisfy her urges. The more she ate, the wetter she became. Marta carried on devouring her greasy meal. Celeste knelt down and jabbed her with her finger.

“You feel like you’re getting full, piggy. Need me to help?”

Face stuffed with burger, Marta chased it with long gulps of sugary soda. Celeste sat next to Marta on the couch and began rubbing her belly.

“Oh yes. Let’s stuff this hog with even more delicious grease!” She announced as she massaged Marta. Curious, she let one hand drift down to Marta’s nethers.

“Oh my!” She faked surprise with a sly smile. “Should I get your toy, piggy? I’m not sure it can even fit in there between your fleshy thighs and chubby fupa!”

Marta nodded and grunted as she finished up her final bag of food. She felt the fabric of her sweatpants ripping slowly as her heavy gut sat expanded on all sides. The waistband cut into her fat deeply like a string tied around a ball of dough. Just as Celeste returned with Marta’s toy, Marta took one final gulp of soda, causing the waistband to burst off her completely.

Marta sighed in deep pleasure, now completely free of all restraints. She held onto her massive belly with her hands on either side and moaned, burping as Celeste spread the fat on her inner thighs to get to her privates.

“You’re so disgusting, you know that?” Celeste said lovingly as she turned on Marta’s vibe, kissing her on the belly.
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