mary's "big" day

Chapter 1

I don't know how it happened, nor do I understand why it happened to me, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore. My name is Mary, I'm a 24 year old personal trainer, well at least I used to be, now I'm not sure what im going to do. I woke up to the sound my alarm clock at exactly 5:00AM as I do everyday but unlke every other day something was very different. I felt unusually tired and weak today, my first thought was that I pushed myself a little too hard at the gym yesterday, but I knew something was off the moment I went to get up. As I pulled the blankets off my body I was greeted to a sight that made me scream.

Instead of my fit, toned 6 pack abs and perky C cup breasts I instead was greeted to a massive, stretchmarked, sagging pair of breasts, breasts so large and saggy that they layed flat on the bed to either side of my body. Speaking of my body there were more changes, rather than my tight abs I saw a large round soft belly that covered my pussy and stopped me from being able to see my toes. I recall falling asleep in a pair of panties and yet looking down they were nowhere to be seen, no doubt buried beneath my massive gut and fluffy love handles. For a moment I felt paralyzed, I couldn't even comprehend what I was seeing, after several seconds that felt more like hours of being paralyzed my fear I went to sit up to assess the situation. I should say I attempted to sit up as my first try was pathetic due to my huge gut and tits keeping me glued to the bed. On my second try knowing what to expect I got a little closer to sitting up but found that, my belly was stopping me from getting any further. Feeling frustrated and defeated I opted to try a new strategy. I started by throwing my legs off to the side, which helped me notice how truly fat my legs were after previously being unable to see them. I struggled to get my fat cellulite ridden thighs and chubby cankles off the side of the bed. With a loud grunt and alot of effort I managed to get my fat legs off the side of the bed and using that momentum I sat myself up.

After 2 full minutes of struggling to sit up I was exhausted, I was  sweating and breathing Iike I had just run 3 miles. I sat there for a moment in order to compose myself and catch my breath. This moment allowed me to get a better look at my body I looked down to see my saggy tits resting on my massive apron of a belly. The more I inspect my breasts the more I notice not only how many stretchmarks there were but also that they seemed to have many more veins and additionally my nipples seem to be much larger and generally uglier. Having somewhat caught my breath I decided it was time to get up and go to a mirror, this was much, much easier said than done. I freaked out for a second as I thought that I had gotten shorter as my feet no longer touched the floor as I sat on the bed, but after a moment I reasoned that this was not the case. Instead I realized my ass must be so big and fat that I was sitting several inches higher than used too. Nonetheless I had to get up. This newfound "height" allowed me to get a small bit of momentum before I attempted to stand up which turned out to be a monumental help. I slowly slid myself down toward the floor and at the same time pushed myself forward and upward off the bed as hard as my fat arms could push me. With yet another loud grunt as well as a very loud thud my feet hit the floor and my massive body stood. Something I had not planned for was my massive gut, now free to hang down pulled me forward nearly knocking me off my feet. I was able to keep my balance and I was now standing. As soon as I got my control I was hit with the reality of what it's like just for someone this heavy to stand.

Within seconds my legs began to shake, my knees and back began to ache and I started sweating just from the effort of standing up straight. Despite the pain I was in I knew I needed to push forward toward the mirror on the other side of my room, with that being said I was terrified to try to walk. Now that I was standing I had a much better understanding of how fat I was despite not being able to see anything passed the top roll of my gut and my tits. I took my first step sideways in order to turn my huge body, the effort of just lifting my left leg was enough to force out a slight grunt, but the hardest part was to keep my leg lifted long enough for me to actually move it forward. I manged to move my foot forward setting it down as gently as I could, despite my care to be gentle there was a loud thud and some pain shot up my legs ending in my back, I felt my entire body jiggle for a few seconds after my step, but I did it, I managed to turn myself into the right direction. Now it was just a matter of walking, one foot at a time. I moved my right foot first, although rather than a step it was more of a swing, regardless, I moved my leg forward by about a foot, hitting the floor with yet another thud sending a Shockwave up my fat body causing it to shake. Now the left foot, I swung forward and was able to move it just slightly ahead of my right, I felt my massive cellulite covered thighs rub together making an audible noise. Now if I thought I was sweating before just standing I would be wrong, I felt sweat pouring down my body everywhere, my back, my armpits, my belly, my forehead, my ass, you name it. Not only was I profusely sweating but I was starting to pant and breathe heavily again. I pressed on, one slow tiny step at a time, with each step I felt my thighs rub, felt my body jiggle, heard the thud of my steps. I only had to walk about 8 feet to reach my mirror but given that I was only halfway there I knew I needed a break. I was panting and wheezing, my little fat covered lungs were screaming for air. My back dealing with the weight of holding up not only my massive saggy tits but also my stretchmarked jiggly gut was in excruciating pain. My chunky knees holding up all my weight were in the same boat. I realized I wasn't going to make it.

I frantically looked around my room for something to lean on although I couldn't turn my head very far, likely due to my fat neck and multiple chins stopping me. I was able to turn my head far enough to see my office chair I use at my desk, I used what little strength and energy I had left to turn my heft toward the chair and raise my obese arms. I lifted my left arm as far out as I could, causing my shoulder some real discomfort, I was able to just reach the chair with my chubby sausage fingers. I pulled the chair toward me and turned it to face me, I sat down as fast yet as softly as I could, praying that my chair could hold me up. As my fat ass approached the chair I felt my hips pressing against the arms of my chair, pushing them outwards the further down I sat. When my ass cheeks finally reached my seat I felt it sink downward slighty as it let out a loud creaking sound. Despite the sound, my chair held, I was now sitting, and I've never been happier to sit down in my life. I could feel my heart pounding, I was wheezing, I had sweat dripping off of every inch of body. I was having a hard time trying to catch my breath as my chair forced me to close my thighs thus resting my huge gut on top of them, restricting my ability to breathe, but anything was better than standing. After 5 minutes still drenched in sweat I was able to breathe somewhat normally. I was now able to think again and now realized that there was no way I was going to be able to get out of my chair. I was going to need help.
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Kexickus 10 months
Please, keep going, I love it!
Paultjjv 10 months
When will there be more
Theswordsman 10 months
Just a thought but what if she's still healthy as a horse in spite of her sudden gain that way she can worry less about any dietary restrictions
Paultjjv 10 months
If I read your storyline like that she would already be a beautiful 500 pounds. I hope she eats a lot more fat in the future chapters so that she becomes a real morbid super fat pig. So fat that you c
Paultjjv 10 months
good story, would be nice if you let us know how much she weighs in the next chapter
FeedHer2020 10 months
Thanks, I'm going to be working that into the future chapters, as well as more details about all the changes her body experienced
DamnGood27 10 months
Nice start, it made me want to continue to read it! Can't wait for the next chapters smiley
FeedHer2020 10 months
Thank you