meeting mary

chapter 1

Ryan is a healthy 25 year old man. He sits in a McDonalds eating a Big Mac and fries while sipping on Sprite. He finishes his meal and begins to throw away his trash when he sees Mary. A 23 year old beautiful woman who's overweight. If you had to make an estimate guess on how much she weighs, she looks to weight a bit over 210 lbs. Ryan stares at her lovely red hair, his eyes scan her double chin. Her belly sticking out. Her huge fat ass jiggling is giving him a huge boner. He tries to catch his breath as if the sight of seeing Mary was like a gap of fresh air. He can feel his palms beginning to sweat. He watches Mary carrying a tray of 4 Big Macs, 3 Double Quarter Pounder, and 20 piece chicken nuggets. She sits down at a table and from a far, watch her fat chubby hands grab one of the Big Macs and digs into it. Ryan just keep looking at her until he made the first move.
He makes a beeline walking straight towards her. Once he arrives at Mary's table, he freezes. Mary looks up while she eats, "Hello?" Mary grabs a napkin and wipes her mouth off. Ryan doesn't say anything, he just stands there, looking at her. For the first time in Ryan's life, he is truly speechless. A moment passes until, "Can I help you?"
Ryan comes to and replies, "Oh. Uh... I'm sorry. I know this might sound really random -- and it will -- but, uh... I couldn't help but see you and just can't help but see how damn beautiful you look."
Mary looks at Ryan. She looks in his eyes. Unsure if whether or not Ryan's pulling a practical joke on her or not. You can tell by Mary's facial expression that she's not used to guys coming up to her and complimenting her. In between bites, Mary says, "That's... awful... sweet of you. But, I have to ask: are you joking?" Ryan replies, "I'm sorry?" "Y'see, the main reason I'm asking is because I'm --" "Oh, no, no, no. I'm not --" "Because I'm not some gorgeous, good-looking model you see in a Victoria's Secret magazine --" "No, no. I'm not joking with you. I'm being dead serious." Mary's taken aback by this. "So, let me get this straight: no one dared you to come up to me and to say this?" "No, ma'am. I'm serious as a heart attack. Mind if I sit with you?" She gestures with her hand and eats. "By all means. I'm sorry if I'm being rude by eating and slobbing out like some big fat pig." Ryan sits down in a chair sitting across from Mary. "No, don't apologize. You don't have to worry. I think it's adorable." "What is?" "How you eat and look." Mary blushes as she finishes her 2 Big Macs. She offers her food to Ryan but he tells her, "No thank you. I've already ate earlier." Mary dives into her 3rd Big Mac. Ryan can't help but smile as he watches her eat. "What's your name?" In between bites, "Mary. You?" "Ryan. It's a pleasure to meet you." A few minutes later, Ryan didn't want to keep interrupting her while she eats because he could tell she was getting irritated not by him but she hated being interrupted while she eats. "I'm sorry. I cherish and value every moment when it comes to eating." "You love food, huh?" "You oughta know the answer to that question, Ryan." She chuckles as she rubs her fat tummy. "Well, yeah. But like I said, I truly think you are a beautiful woman." She smiles. "I want to ask you something. Do you have a boyfriend?" She waited to answer while she devoured her fries. "No. Not at this very moment." "Really? If you don't mind me asking, when's the last time you had a boyfriend?" Ryan could tell by Mary's expression that this was a rough subject to discuss. But, she replied, "Um. To be quite honest, it's been a few years." Ryan wasn't expecting an answer like that. "You're kidding me, right?" Mary shakes her head, yes. "What happened?" "Well, the last time I was in a committed relationship with a guy, I didn't look like this." "Oh, yeah?" "Mmhmm. I was more of a -- what do you call it? -- a exercise geek. I would hit the gym non-stop. Damien would take me to the gym." "Damien as in, your ex-boyfriend?" "Yes. Anyhow, we would hit the gym, hit the weights and eat healthy. But, eventually, it just got boring. Staying in shape, eating all these health foods that just didn't grab my taste buds. So, you know what I did? I sneaked and got a pizza. And, Ryan, this pizza was the best fucking thing I've ever tasted. Not eating pizza in a long damn time makes you forget how it tasted. But, once I took a nice and juicy bite of cheese pizza. I swear, it tasted like I had died and gone to heaven. So, later on, Damien noticed I started packing pounds on me and it became a fight. He started giving me shit, saying, "Oh, how dare you do this to me! We were suppose to be staying healthy together!" And he had the nerve to say what I did was basically me cheating on him. So, I ended up saying fuck it and breaking up with him. Now here I am. And, am really happy with how I am. I'm sorry I told you my whole life story." "No, it's A-okay. What does your parents say about this?" "Well, Ryan if you want me to be honest with you, they hope I get back in shape and start taking care of myself but they still love me and that's all that matters. Can I ask you something, Ryan?" "Yeah. Of course. Shoot!" "Are you into big girls?" Ryan couldn't help but let a big ol' alligator grin form on his face and says, "Oh you bet your sweet ass I am." Mary laughs. "Do you have a girlfriend?" "No. But, I know we just met but I'd love to be your boyfriend." She laughs. "But, Ryan, we just met." They got up from the table and walked out. Mary doesn't have a car, so Ryan offered her a ride and that's where he asks, "Hey, are you hungry for some Pizza? I know this great Pizza place." "Oh, are you kidding? I'm starting to get hungry already." Saying that as she rubs her belly.
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Chrysophase2003 5 years
Well done with chapter 12. Mary is emotionally manipulated into giving in to her gluttonous urges, feeling loved now. I expected the use of force, drugs, and feeding pumps, but this is more insidious.
Chrysophase2003 5 years
I like the latest chapter, in which Mary is flat-out forces to eat. She's been manipulated all along, but now it's obvious. Hope to see more.