mega plus size

Chapter 1 - assignment �

Lara was you're normal hollywood model 5,4 120 lbs brown hair and green eyes. Thats all the intro she needs.
Lara went into her new apartment in L.A and could barely contain her excitement. She was about to become a model. Her agent had called this morning and asked her to come immediately.
"I'm here" she said
"Took you long enough, anyway a yogurt conpany id offering you $4000 to do a shoot and commercial you in?"
"I told you not to tell me about it unless I get over $50,000"
"Fine Lara, it's you're career not mine"
Lara stormed out. She waited for days and finally got a call.
"Hey Lara, I have a interesting offer you may want to check out"
"Is it over 50 grand"
"Yup, I knew better"
Lara raced over to his office.
"Hey Lara got and offer"
"Lay it on me"
"A lingere company is offering you 50 grand if you are willing to put on about 40-60 lbs."
"What, but... wouldn't that put my career in jeapordy."
"It's 50 grand, want it or not"
"Wait, why would they do this is this a prank"
"No, the company wants to show off a limited edition plus size selection. I got you in as there 6th choice and here we are"
"You sure you're not pranking me"
"100% always."
"You know what, it's 50 grand. I can lose 40-60 lbs. Where do I sign"
"Thats the spirit"
He then pulled out a 50 page stack
"Just sign here, and here, and..."
1 hour later, Laras rights officially belonged to the lingere company. Lara didn't know if this was the best idea but she always wanted to see what it was like to be chubby. And being a 120 lb model, this was a RARE opportunity, one she couldn't pass up. She was barely getting off the ground making $1,000 to $5,000 per shoot. This could be her big break. Lara decided to call her mom to tell her the news
"Hey mom wanted to tell you something, I got a offer for 50 grand. But theres a catch..."
"You what"
"Lara you know that means you're going to be chubby...In L.A. everyones skinny in L.A"
"Mom, this could be my big break, I don't even have a car yet. I need this 50 grand."
"Well honey, I don't approve of this but... even if you were 600 lbs I'd still love you. And I love whatever makes you happy.
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