mike humiliating adventures

Chapter 1 - introduction

Mike has been an athlete his whole life. His parents pushed him into sports and the gym. He played basketball and baseball and was a varsity athlete for all four years of his high school experience. He could get any guy or girl he wanted, simply with the snap of his fingers. He enjoyed being superior in every way. He bullied all of the "loser" kids, especially fatties.

At 135 pounds, he was a chiseled jock. He had a trim, slim face with a defined jaw-line. His pecs were toned and tight and puffed out. He had real 6-pack abs that transitioned down into a v-shape into his pelvis. His arms, biceps and triceps were bulging. His ass was a firm, muscular, perky bubble butt. And his legs were thick muscular tree trunks. His skin was always tanned.

Then, he went off to college. He no longer had his parents or his reputation to uphold. He took on a heavy class load, along with interning and working a full-time job. That meant no more time for the gym and no more time for clean eating.

Not only did he not attend the gym anymore, he began to eat out all the time. In the morning on his way to class, he would stop at a coffee shop and get an extra-large coffee with extra cream and extra sugar. To eat, he would have two bagels with cream cheese and two donuts. For lunch, he would stop somewhere on campus, the typical fast-food places. For dinner, he would always grab takeout. Sometimes it was a heaping plate of orange chicken, other times it was a pizza. But by far, his favorite was Chipotle. He would order two burritos stuffed full and two bags of chips just for himself.

This had a huge effect on his physique. His weight went from 135 to 238 in about three years. His prize body was utterly and completely destroyed. His pecs were gone. In their place were two plump man boobs. They puffed out and swayed and bounced and jiggled with every motion. His bulging biceps and triceps were gone, too. In their place were flabby bingo-wings that looked like a middle-aged woman. His stomach area was wrecked. He developed a soft jelly belly. It formed three thick soft rolls when he sat down. It hung over every pair of pants he owned. It jiggled with the slightest touch. It was huge! His ass exploded out. It looked like two pasty white basketballs sagging down onto his thighs. It jiggled and wobbled every which way.

Every morning, Mike wakes up and looks in the mirror at his newly expanded form and longs for his old body. He stands there in his boxer briefs, his pasty white body on full display. The gain has also affected his attitude and how he's perceived. Before, he was a dominant cocky jock. No one messed with him and he had all the confidence in the world. Now, it's another story. He's a weak, submissive, afraid loser. He will submit to anyone of authority and is often a target of bullying.

Join Mike on his many humiliating adventure's. He will be in a variety of different scenarios.
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