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Chapter 1 - airport

Finally his holidays were starting. After that busy time over Christmas he really needed some time for himself. So he was looking forward to 10 days in the US with his longtime lover. 10 days full of cuddling and feeding his big man.

Unfortunately a lot of people thought it was the best time for a trip and the airport was like a bee have. There were long queues in front of every check-up. But he didn't want to loose his good mood, so he started to check out the people around him. There were two slightly chubby girls giggling the whole time - not interesting for him... But then there was a family in the row beside him. The father was sporting a big beer belly. It was bursting out over his belt. Not exactly his type and married too, but good enough to let his mind be occupied over the waiting time. The man was clearly stressed out by the waiting time. He had a red face and when he moved he could see a glimpse of his belly. Hm, they were heading to Mallorca. Now he was imaging this big fat guy in swim shorts on the beach. Oh no, he thought probably he wouldn't get further then the pool bar.

So the time went by with him playing different scenarios in his mind until it was his turn to check in. When he turned around to leave his eyes were immediatedly glued to a guy slowly making his way through the airport. He was around 30 with a nice trimmed beard and a very nicely built figure. That meant he was really fat. Rudi's experienced eye estimated him at 250 kg on 175 cm. He had a big soft belly hanging deep over his belt. Everything on him looked very soft.

The walking clearly had taken his toll on him. He looked very exhausted and was leaning heavily on his suitcase cart. His belly jostled mightily with each heavy laboured step he took. He appeared to be heading to the airport's mobility center and it was a wise idea thought Rudi. He would never be able to make his way through the long corridors of the airport. He enjoyed the view for some more moments, but he had to move along too as he still had to go through customs.

The next queue was waiting for him. This time his mind was occupied with that sexy guy. He would have liked to help him. That would have been nice. He imagined the guy going through customs. He surely would get a thorough inspection by hand. He knew that they did that with every fat person to make sure that they weren't hiding something between their fat rolls or overhanging flesh, and this man's rolls appeared big enough to hide a whole arsenal! The security search could really be a humiliating experience for the fat man, but Rudi envied the customs agent who was allowed to do this the whole day. He suddenly noticed that he had to think about something else as it would be really embarrassing for the customs agent to catch him with a hard on!

Finally he was through customs, had bought some nice whiskey as a gift at the Duty Free Shop and found a seat in his waiting area. His mind was still full of enticing pictures. Suddenly he heard an announcement.

"Mr. Winter, please come to the desk."

When he reached the desk, the gate agent apologized "thank you for answering so fast Mr. Winter. Unfortunatedly this flight was overbooked. So we are allowed to offer you, as a member of our frequent flying programme, an upgrade into first class. If that's ok with you, you can board immediatedly."

Of course he was ok with that. That was a wonderful start for his vacation.

Just when he gathered his backpack and shopping bag he noticed the sexy fat man from before. He was wheeled to the gate by an airport staff member. The wheelchair was clearly not made for such a big guy. He loooked quite uncomfortable squeezed into the wheelchair with his belly overspilling the armrest and filling his lap, his backpack resting precariously on top.

For one second Rudi thought about staying in economy just to be able to watch that guy, but first class on a long flight was just too tempting. So he boarded.
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Tommmy 8 years
Wonderful wonderful please continue it very soon !
Chub41ub 8 years
nicely done- looking forward to the next installment ^_^