mina's growth

Chapter 1

Mina and I first met in the summer of our junior year. It’s difficult to imagine how a petite 120lbs girl could evolve into what she’s become. Coming from a mixed family of French and Moroccan descent, Mina was blessed with subtle olive-bronze skin and hazel eyes that could cut a man where he stood. Standing at a modest 5'3", she boasted an hourglass figure, with hips that gracefully swayed with every step, as if they were being caressed by a gentle breeze.

What made her more remarkable was her intelligence. While we were in different programs, our university was a polytechnic school, and as such I had seen her innate wisdom on display in a few of our shared classes. Mina studied philosophy, and it showed. While she was shy, her wit and cleverness became apparent soon after she found the courage to speak.

In the weeks leading up to the new academic year, I found myself across from her at the local campus coffee shop by chance. We quickly hit it off, there was an undeniable chemistry between us, a shared understanding of each other's dreams and challenges. Conversation came naturally, with topics shifting between music, life, family, and just about everything in between. Her smile as we talked and laughed won me over in an instant. We continued for hours, until a disgruntled staff member finally urged us to leave the establishment late in the evening. Under the moonlight, we walked around campus sharing each other's lives into the late hours of the night. Eventually, we arrived at her place and shared a parting hug as we exchanged numbers.

We quickly became close friends, neither of us wanted to pursue each other and sacrifice the friendly connection we had made, though looking back we always had a romantic spark between us. As summer shifted to autumn and classes began, I found myself together with Mina most of the time. Our friend groups slowly began to merge as we started to do more and more together. Mina, being an introvert, enjoyed her personal space, and could appreciate a quiet night with a few friends. I on the other hand was more outgoing and often found myself leading the crowd at the local nightclub. Together, we found a balance.

It was in late November when our relationship began to evolve, and that was due to one thing: food. Over the past few months, Mina’s diet had begun to shift. With a particularly challenging semester in front of her, she found herself up late several nights a week, often accompanied with fast food and a few snacks from the local commissary. At first it only began to show as a slight thickness in her already well-accented hips, but as the semester carried on this would eventually change. Mina wasn’t all to blame for this either. Many nights we would walk home from a house party together, and under my guidance, we would always end up crossing the path of a local McDonald's or Domino’s. While I had never told anyone of my preferences, I had always dreamed of having someone like Mina to fatten up. Seeing my college crush plumping up before my eyes was a dream come true. The pounds began to quickly pile on as her appetite expanded.

Soon her meals at the cafeteria would come with seconds and sometimes even thirds on a good day. Fat began to sculpt her figure, accentuating her already pronounced curves. A thickening 15 pounds was terribly kind to Mina, settling in all the right places. Fuller breasts pressed up against her tightening shirts as once loose fabric began to hug each curve. She began to find herself squeezing her new hips and round ass into jeans that we a few sizes too small. When she sat down, a cute muffin top would pop over the denim whenever I stole a glance at her soft tummy.

As she continued to swell, our connection only continued to deepen. It was on one of our late-night walks back home when our spark finally erupted.
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We need new charpters
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Such great writing, this is awesome!
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I need chapter 25
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Great writing! I can't wait for chapter 25. Thanks for sharing!
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When’s chapter 23?
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Just published
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I liked this story from the get go and Still do. Likes can only be given once. I for one like a time jump now and then.
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The direction this story is taking sounds a lot like "their chemistry was dangerous"
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Should I continue where we left off on Chapter 16, or skip ahead a few months?
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I love the slow burn so much. Your prose is v hot
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Love this!
Davis343 3 months
Thank you for all the encouragement! Please leave some feedback or a like if you've enjoyed so far!
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Love where this can be going!
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Amazing!! Keep it up!
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