mirror mirror

chapter 1

Mirror Mirror

If you had a mirror that could show you the future what would you use it for?
Well Mary had just this type of object in her possession but didn't realize it until one evening. The sun was setting and Mary and her family were eating a huge Thanksgiving meal. The spread was amazing and it looked as if everyone had there pants unbuttoned or there belts loosened. In Mary's family a good appetite was always appreciated and her mother and grandmother kept the brood full year-round with there great cooking. Mary at this time was only in junior high and had not yet been brainwashed by the media to accept that "thin was in".

Her body was that of any girl her age except her belly was fat, round and protruded out like a little beach ball. After the family was done gorging Mary's mother and grandmother led her into her room to sleep off the meal. Mary's mom kissed her daughter then tucked her into bed and rubbed her belly till she fell asleep. Mary dream't of cakes and pies and delicious fattening treats and woke up to the smell of cookies in the air. She slowly got out of bed and waddled to the kitchen where her mother was pulling fresh cookies out of the oven.

Her mother smiled and slid the whole sheet of treats onto a platter and handed it to Mary with a big glass of milk. Mary didn't want to share so she quickly waddled into her room and shut the door behind her. She plopped onto her pink bed and started gorging. The chocolate was melting in her mouth and the sweet taste was orgasmic. After the scoffed them all down she slowly looked up at the full length mirror she had across from her bed. The slowly got up and jiggled towards it. In her reflection shes saw a round belly and the chocolate stains on her face. She felt very strange seeing how big her belly was and how her greed forced her not to share. At that moment she heard a voice.
"Hello Mary!" , the voice said.
"Who is that ?", replied Mary.
"I'm in the mirror", answered the voice.
"Who are you?" Mary questioned
"I am the magical mirror and I'm here to show you your future Mary", said the mirror.
Then as Mary stared at the mirror it started to change. A woman was visible sitting on a brown leather couch her feet kicked up and wiggling her plump toes. Mary stood and stared as the image moved like a movie in the mirror. The woman was in her late twenties and very fat. She couldn't hear anything but it looked as if the woman was being waited on by someone out of the view. There were dishes everywhere and empty pints of ice cream on the floor next to empty pizza boxes. She had an enormous belly that lay in on her thighs and her massive breasts lay on her belly. He face was covered in chocolate and gravy dribbles and that was when Mary realized who the person in the reflection was.
"That can't be me", stutters Mary.
"Oh yes my dear you become quite the glutton later on in life." replied the mirror.
"Why just look at how greedily you ate the cookies a minute ago!" laughed the mirror.

Mary was in shock and tuned her pudgy little body away from the mirror and waddled out of the room as fast as possible. She turned the corner to see her family still eating desert, laughing and talking to each other. Out of nowhere her uncle, a very fat rich man picked her up and sat her on his lap.
"My, my , Mary you are growing up so quickly", he said and gently patted her belly. Mary hopped of his lap and ran to her mother. All Mary knew was that she would never let herself turn into the fat glutton she saw on the couch.

Ten years later.......

It had been a long time since Mary saw the mirror and she was heading home for Thanksgiving a successful powerful and very fit young business woman. Her shocking experience all those years ago had made her fat-phobic and she denied herself anything not 100% "healthy". As a result she was a trim woman and at 5'7 with long brunette hair and a glowing complexion she was a typical "hottie". Her family had accepted that the peer pressure from society was to much for any girl and let her eat her salads in peace as she grew up. When she went to college she met many men who loved her slim figure and her "friends" also had the "slim is in" mentality. Nothing was more repulsive than being fat. Mary rang the doorbell and her extremely fat mother opened it and the smell of home cooking rushed out to her as she walked in nervously.
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Theswordsman 4 years
I want to see what happens next
Lispoiledpri... 7 years
I want to use that mirror smiley
Eponymous 7 years
Very nice! Been thinking about doing a story very much like this myself. Looks like you got there first. Very much looking forward to more of this.