chapter 1

"Babe, honestly I'm not all that bothered what size you are, as long as you are happy" stated Mike.
"So, even if I was 800lbs and immobile you would still love me?" questioned Emily.
"Yeah, I love you for you"

These words had been running through Emily's mind for the past 4 weeks. She had been going over and over them again, wondering what it meant and what she would be allowed to do.

Did this mean Mike liked fat girls?

Did this mean she could eat whatever she wanted?

Did she mean she SHOULD eat everything she wanted?

Did Mike WANT her to be fat?

"I think he does" stated Tasha "Infact, I think you should start eating and getting fat right now and because I am such a good friend, I am going to join you!"

"i'm not sure.." said Emily "on the one hand, it would be great to eat everything in sight, I mean I love food, but what will people think?"

"Screw what people think, you love Mike right? Just do it to make him happy"

"...Ok you're right...from this point onwards, I am going to eat everything, live life large and have a boyfriend who will still love me whatever size I am!"

The two girls cheers over the cup of coffee they were currently drinking and began working out what they would do next to help expand their horizons/waist lines.

Emily had always enjoyed food however she had always kept herself fit and toned as her mother had always warned her that she would never find a man to love her if she didn't, now with Mike in the picture, Emily was free to start eating to her hearts content.

At 5'2 and 130lbs with wide hips and a full chest, Emily had no problem attracting guys, her curly blonde hair came down to shoulder length and whilst she was toned, she still hand a femine softness to her.

Also standing at 5'2 but 140lbs was Tasha, the buxom redhead was slightly curvier than Emily and always had a sneaking suspision that her best friend was a secret fatty just waiting to happen. Tasha was just waiting for the day when she could unlock this hidden desire and have a partner in fattening herself up to gigantic proportions. Tasha was secretly loving the fact that Emily was finally ready to let go.
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Supercode 7 years
Nice story so far! It looks like Mike is starting to accept his girlfriend becoming a sexy fatty!
Jazzman 7 years
I like it. Kinda wish the quantities were believable but that's your call as the author. Keep going please
Spaniard93 7 years
great story¬° , continue please smiley
Jazzman 7 years
This is Really Good. Realistic enough. Good Sexy Stuff. Why is no one else commenting?
25 lbs for Tasha is completely possible. I like that number.
Jazzman 7 years
I Like the Concept. Keep it realistic and you have a winner. 7 to 10 lbs a month is super realistic. If they're intent on getting huge?15 plus pounds a month is done here in real life quite often. smiley