missy shagwell cia agent

chapter 1

Missy Shagwell, CIA agent

One of the scenes I really love in the Austin Powers series of movies is the scene with Missy Shagwell in bed with Fat Bastard (aka Mike Myers) she seem grossed out my him, yet in bed to get information on Dr. Evil’s plans, but what if she wasn’t grossed out. Here is a much different scenario.

Missy was in bed next to Fat Bastard, she was stuffed full. His idea of foreplay was getting totally stuffed with rich, heavy food. He had made her eat more than she ever imagined eating. Her abdomen was bloated with all the heavy food. But for some reason she was actually mildly turned on by the experience. They had a bit of pillow talk, and she actually started to like him. Initially she was grossed out by his morbid obesity, thinking he must weigh well over four hundred pounds. But lying next to him, feeling how soft his body is actually turned her on.

When he rolled on top of her, not without a huge effort, she loved being pressed into the mattress by his massive belly. The love making was surprisingly gentle and satisfying to her. She even climbed on him straddled his thigh and pressing her little bloated belly against his massive orb riding him.

When he had fallen asleep, she got up and started to get dressed. She pulled on her panties, surprised they felt tighter around her thighs and bottom cheeks. Her blouse was tighter too around her bulging abdomen and boobs. She pulled on the now tight mini-skirt, feeling a draft, as it barely covered expanded bottom cheeks. She snuck down the stairs, and through the kitchen, grabbing several pastries left over from the evening’s foreplay and quickly gobbled them down, thinking “Why did I just do that, I’m still full yet hungry.”

She went out to her convertible getting into the low slung car she again felt how tight her clothes were. “I’ve got to be more careful, I might be gaining weight.” She drove to her flat, thinking how quaint the British name for apartment was. She went in bathed and started to get dressed to go over to the local CIA station in London to report.

While she was getting dressed again had issues pulling on tight panties and her bra was tighter too. She actually felt a little roll of softness around the straps. Her panties rode up on her cheeks, giving her a bit of a “wedgie”. Again blouse was tighter, this one actually parting around the buttons. She pulled on another mini-skirt feeling how tight and short it was. She looked in the mirror and noticed that she could see her bottom cheeks just below the hem. She tugged the skirt down, now at least covering her cheeks. She went down to her car to drive to the station’s office.

She got out of her car and tugged down the short skirt. She smoothed out her blouse and went inside. She wrote her report for the station chief and did a bit more work. She got up, again tugging the skirt down so the agents in the office wouldn’t get a shot of her bottom. She went to the break room and got a cup of coffee, she mindlessly added several sugars and heavy cream, then noticing some pastries quickly ate a couple and took three more back to her desk. She was going to “save” them, but ate them before she even realized it.

Her intercom went off, “Missy, could you come see me please.” “Yes, sir, I’ll be right there.” She got up, tugging her skirt, now even tighter and shorter and went to the station chief’s office. She went down the hall to Jim’s office. She got along with him pretty well and unlike other field agents with the “company” he was respectful to her.

She knocked, “Come in, Missy and take a chair.” “Yes, sir.” “Missy, I have read your report on your encounter with Fat Bastard and I’m impressed, you gleaned some good information. I’m not going to ask how you got so close to him, I’ll trust your judgment. I would like you to continue seeing him, I think he has intimate knowledge of Dr. Evil’s plans.” Missy thought to herself, “God I might be getting fat.” “Yes sir, I can continue working on Fat Bastard.” “Thank you, Missy, I knew I could count on you, and be careful.” She got up, pulling down her short mini skirt, hoping Jim wouldn’t notice how bloated she felt and left his office. Jim was thinking, after Missy left his office, “She seemed bloated, maybe she’s gaining weight.”

Missy went back to her desk and wrote up some contact reports and filed them. She was still ravenously hungry, but she was worried about her weight. She decided to skip lunch. She figured out a way to meet Fat Bastard without him being suspicious of her. She knew he really liked a fish and chips place, not far from his flat, she decided to try to “run into him” there.

Missy drove over to the neighborhood near Fat Bastard’s flat, parked and went over to the fish and chips place. The smell of the deep fryer grease made her stomach growl and almost swooned with hunger. She saw him sitting at a table back near the kitchen. She decided to go in, tugging down her skirt (again) she walked up to Fat Bastard’s table, he had a pile of newspaper wrappers in front of him attesting to his huge appetite. He smiled at her, “Well lassie, what brings your skinny body here today, maybe to have a nice meal and fill yourself out a bit, eh, lassie with me.” Missy did like to hear his Scottish brogue. Missy was overwhelmed looking at Fat Bastard’s huge belly and all the empty wrappers, plus the grease smell and her ravenous hunger. She sat down heavily. Fat Bastard waved at a served, “Some fish and chips and a lager for my lassie, eh.”
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OohLaLaLaLa 1 year
Fanedfox 1 year
Hmm, you maybe correct, I could have sworn that character's name was "Missy", but could just be what "Fat Bastard" called her.