more than a summer job

Chapter 1 - new 'straunt

"Mmm!" Jennifer exclaimed as she bit into the warm, juicy burger. "This is one of the best burgers I've ever had!" Who was she talking to? No one, really. Just herself. She enjoyed doing that. Mostly because she didn't have a whole lot of friends to talk to. She had a few close ones, and the rest of them were consider acquaintances. Her closest and decidedly best friend, Orbea, was nowhere to be found on this given day.

Normally, the two would meet up by the department store once a week to hang out and go around the town shopping and eating and whatnot. Since it was summer, they sometimes go out twice a week. But today she wasn't at their usual meeting place when Jennifer arrived. Not something to be too worried about, since things happen all the time. Work things, traffic, whatever.

Her whole life, Jennifer had loved food. As a child, lunch was her favorite meal of the day, since it was usually the fattiest, and inherently most delicious, meal. She hadn't maintained a very low weight, being 22 and 149 pounds, she had round thighs that spread a little into each other when she sat in a chair. There was a small muffin top of a belly protruding from her midsection, which slightly rested on her lap only when she sat down.

Jennifer never really stressed about it, because no one else did. She lived in a small town, with only about five or six buildings that rose above 5 stories. But she loved it here. She grew up here, and goes to college only a twenty minute drive from the city limits. She lives in her own small apartment, not with her parents, who had different views of the town, so they moved to California.

Just as she was thinking of her parents, her phone buzzed and she saw that is was Orbea. "Hey girl! What's up! Where are you?" The high pitch of Orbea's voice filled Jennifer's ears.

"Oh hey Bea, I'm over at the burger place, Moe's," Jennifer said in between bites of burger. "Where are you?"

Orbea's voice sounded very excited, even by her standards, so this had to be big. "You HAVE to come check out this new fast food place over by the gas station on Tenth Street!"

"Oh, so that's what that construction was for... Why? Is it really good?"

"It's more than good! It's... I can't explain it. Just come and taste for yourself!"

Jenni was a little reluctant to do so, since there was something odd about Bea's enthusiasm about this simple fast food restaurant. Whatever, she thought to herself. I'll just go and it'll be fine.

She grabbed her keys and walked to her car, drove across town, and into the parking lot of the fast food place. It had an interesting name, "The Big 'Straunt". The logo was something that looked like a big blob... What could that be? She mumbled to herself.

Jenni walked across the parking lot and opened the front door of the 'Straunt. And her eyes fell immediately on the very attractive guy behind the counter.
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