more then she can chew

chapter 1

Diana was a model that got famous for the fact that she was super thin but was seen constantly eating. She had even entered in several eating competitions and still managed to lose every pound. Her trick was that she took laxatives after every meal before her body could choose to store it.
She got offered a job modelling for Lemi Critiana and was told to come to the restaurant called Mato
dressed in jeans with a belt and a button up shirt. So she came and Lemi herself challenged her in an eat off, if Lemi won Diana would have to quit the modelling business, but if Diana won she would be given a contract to become a model. Diana took up this challenge, knowing she would win.
So the began Lemi eating at a normal pas and Diana going as fast as she could. Diana had finished two meals before Lemi gave up and gave her the contract. Diana thought she had won and told her "Thats it? Well that wasn't very fun, I mean I didn't even get a fifth fuller then what i can normally get." she said signing the contract. Lemi smiled and told her "This wasn't to see how big you would grow but to show you how stupid you really are. I added two thing to your food, the first was a constipator that only allows gas to pass, you ate enough of it to effect you for a month and it can't be canceled out with a laxative. The second was a hypnosis drug but its more like a brain washer, this will allow me to control you for the next 5 minutes. So lets begin for the next month you will eat any junk food put in front of you, you will chose a type of junk food a day and have as many servings as you can before the day is up don't even stop when your full, you won't take off or touch your clothes in that time, you won't eat anything that hasn't been processed, and you will only drink milk drinks, tonight you will use the money i give buy and eat the greasiest foods and drink beer until you stomach can't take it anymore, then Mr Esto will take you to your hotel room where you will stay until the month is up."
Lemi gave her a roll of hundreds and left, Diana got started straight away even though she new what was happening she couldn't stop herself from shoving the food in her mouth and kept going till she ready to burst. She had used up all the money and was drunk, full and fat.
She woke up the. ext morning with a hang over she remembered everything though so she new what was going on except for one thing, for some reason she couldn't control her farts, so there she was in a food store, she dropped some thing and went to pick it up when all of a sudden she let one out, it was dead silent so everybody could her. She completely embarrassed. She walked home as fast as possible which was hard because every time she moved another one would come out and she was caring her chosen food. When she got home she was panting even though she was only walking, and decided to cook up some pancake, 5000 in fact. She sat down and began to eat.
After an hour she had only eaten 50 because everything she had eaten since last night was still in her but she pushed on. By the end of the day she was so bloated that her shirt buttons had started coming off, Diana wanted to stop them but she was stuck stuffing her face because she still had 200 to go. When she finally finished several buttons had popped off, she felt like vomiting and her pants were so tight that she felt like she was wearing kids jean.
In the morning she had gotten chubbier, her stomach was spilling over her jeans, her ass and thy's were a little bit bigger making her pants that much more uncomfortable, and her shirt had been replaced with practically the same shirt just not broken so she was still uncomfortable. That day was 50 boxes of pizza, the next day was 300 donuts, after that 150 bowls of spaghetti, then 100 buckets of ice cream, then 400 blocks of chocolate and the day after that she drank 200 litres of coca cola.
When the month was up was up, Lemi came to pick her up she was very obese, her stomach so full that she would puke if any more food was eaten, her pants were ripped and her shirt was unbuttoned and her stomach covered her crotch.
Lemi got her men to carry her onto the SUV were she just sat, she was to full to even speak. Lemi explained to her why she was getting torchere she told her that multiple women had gotten dangerously fat from choosing her "eat anything diet" and had been administered to hospital so she got Diana as fat as they could before...
The fashion show we're they were showing off Diana for the last time because her body was starting fail after the stress of not eating anything healthy for years, Diana was shown over weight, and almost bursting out of her clothes. Lemi had won, her plan was to show the world what happens when you don't have a solid diet, by showing a person morbidly obese who calmed she stayed thin without a healthy diet. Half way through her pants ripped exposing her legs and her belt broke under the strain, Diana had never been more embarrassed.
After the show her intestines started working again so she went to the bath room to relive herself.
A couple hours later she came out looking like she had only lost a couple inches. Lemi said "This was in your contract, and your still stuck with us for 2 more years but you didn't tick what you would be working as. You could be my assistant and..." "Hell no, give me that." Diana took the contract from her hands and ticked the other box. Then Lemi explained "...or you could be a business partner, where you will stay chubby, where clothes that would only fit your previous size and walk around to different stores checking stock and for every store you don't check on time or don't do well, you'll be forced to gain 5kg." Diana was mortified at was she add just ticked.
So thats what she did for the rest of her life, her "uniform" was a pair of jean which barley made it half way up her ass and a cotton shirt that was no more than a crop top, her huge gut spilled out, jigging with every step. She slowly walked around the city barley making it to a single job knowing it will be even harder tomorrow.
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