morning shower

  By Esme

Chapter 1 - morning shower

The key turns in the lock with a sharp click, you pause a moment to fish the earbuds out of your ears and enter. Closing and locking the door behind you the smoky scent of cooked bacon along with the sweetness of syrup reaches your nose. Smiling to yourself you kneel and unlace the muddy running shoes. As your feet meet the cool stone tiles you glance up at the mirror hanging in the hall. You are sweaty and dirty from your run, hair plastered to your face and legs streaked with mud but none the less stunning. Tall, toned and with well-defined curves you could not be more different from your partner.

You stride confidently to the kitchen, feet lightly padding across the stone, hearing the faint sounds of television coming from the living room confirms your suspicions, she was up early. Ignoring the mess from breakfast you open a tin you pulled out a large cookie, the white chocolate chips contrasting sharply against the rich dark chocolate colour of the cookie itself. Returning to the hall you knock lightly on the door to the lounge not to startle her. Your manicured hand pushes lightly against the wood and she looks up as the door swings open, seeing you framed in the doorway. “I didn’t think you ever woke up before ten.” You teased, approaching her cookie in hand. She let out an embarrassed yawn and fumbled with the remote trying to turn the tv off, distracted by the treat in your hands. Succeeding after a moment she replied, a tinge of battiness in her voice, “I was hungry, and you were off on a run, so I didn’t really have much choice but to get up.”

You nod understandingly and close the distance. Curling a finger under her chin it presses lightly against the soft second one and tilts her head back a fraction. Your thumb comes up hooking gently onto her chin and teasing her mouth open. She does not resist at all as you break off a large chunk of the cookie and place it into her open mouth causing her to moan slightly from the taste. Her jaw works for a few seconds and she swallows before obediently opening her mouth again. Smiling down at her you feed her another and another bite until the cookie is gone save for the traces of melted chocolate on your fingers. You hold your hand out to her. “Clean it”. There was no force behind the order, there did not need to be, you knew that she would obey. She could not resist when it came to food, even just for a couple of chocolate stains on your fingertips. Looking you directly in the eye she took your hand and guided it towards her mouth, sucking each finger clean and then releasing your hand. You pat her chubby cheek, fingertips still slightly damp and murmured “good girl”. Her face instantly broke out into a proud smile as she heard your praise and she sat up straight, her fat belly oozing forwards across her lap as she moved.

You glance briefly at the staircase and back at her. “I’m going for a shower, would you like to join me babe?” you ask, suddenly conscious of the sweat and mud caking your legs. She replies quickly “Is that even a question?”, a confident smile on her face. She moves to stand, and you help her up, the muscles in your arm tensing as you help pull her heavy body up out of her cocoon of blankets and cushions on the sofa. Once upright she continues “Why would anyone say no to getting up close and personal with this?” her plump fingers pinching your bicep.

You lace your fingers with hers and squeeze gently and you lead her to the stairs. Moving more slowly than usual to accommodate for her short strides and bulk. Her belly jostles and shakes slightly, looking heavy from the breakfast she had eaten before you returned. Her thighs chafe against each other too, the material of her pyjama bottoms rustling. It was clear it would not be long now until her steps turned into a waddle. You let her go up first, pausing a little to admire the jiggle each heavy step caused in her rear, though simple admiration would not satisfy for long and you goosed her on the way up. “Faster faster” you chided playfully though truth be told the sedate pace she was taking the stairs at suited you fine, your muscles were still sore from the run. As she gets to the top step she stops suddenly, causing you to walk into her plush rear. Grinning back at you she dodges the swat you aimed at her rear with surprising nimbleness and dashes, giggling, as best someone of her size could to the bathroom with you in pursuit.

Inside she turns on you, using her bulk to push you back against the door as it closes. Pinning you between her plump belly and the wood she raises herself onto her toes and playfully bites an exposed section of your collar. Her bites slowly work across your collar and up your neck, moaning slightly you tilt your head back exposing your throat to her. She continues nibbling and kissing, never leaving your neck. You feel her body pulls away slightly and her hands slip under the running vest you wore, tracing your six-pack with her fingers before pulling it up only breaking contact so she could pass it over your head and let it fall to the floor. Her chubby hands cup your breasts through the sports bra, squeezing them gently. She blushes and her arms wrap around your waist pulling herself to you. “I really should have asked before-” You cut her off pressing a finger to her lips shushing her, before discarding your bra.

You kiss her hungrily. Tongues dancing for a few seconds before you push her gently back, freeing yourself from behind the door. You press your body against hers moving her back and pinning her against the sink. Finally breaking the kiss, you slide your panties and shorts off your hips and let them drop down your toned thighs to the floor. Now fully naked you step back and turn slowly on your heel, letting her take in your beautifully sculpted body. The generous hourglass physique complimenting the well-defined muscles that made up the rest of your body leaves her starstruck.

Closing the distance your hands slip up under her top and find her love handles, gripping them firmly. She peels the top from her belly, the tight fabric catching beneath her breasts for a moment before being pulled free, revealing the soft mass of fat that dominated her figure. As she was dropping the top beside her you shook her belly sending a ripple rushing across the heavy orb of fat. Even though it was starting to droop down over her groin her belly was still decidedly round, and extremely pliant. Your hands slid from their place on her sides and began roughly kneading her belly, resulting in a couple of yelps. Ignoring them your hands worked down and hooked under the slight muffin top caused by her pyjamas and yank them down, guiding the fabric down her fat rear and chunky thighs. Returning your focus to her belly you play with the soft flesh, marvelling at the dough like texture.
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LitMistress 2 years
Fantastic piece. It's rare to find a POV from the feeder that is so enjoyable and let's them focus on their pleasure this much. Keep writing! This was a delight to read!
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
Woah!! What a beautifully written scene! The ending is sublime, so full of promise and wonder.

I hope you write more stories. Thank you for sharing your talents.