mrs. butterball

  By Abol

Chapter 1 - the caves

It was October 28th, the class and Mrs. Butterball were on their way to a cave system of 4 by the name “46-inch Caves”. The reason for the “46-inch” part of the name is the fact that each cavern was connected by a narrow hole that was big enough for a person with a 46-inch waist. Now, since the class was made of your typical 3rd graders and obviously all of them would fit perfectly, with a lot of excess room, through the hole. However, this wasn’t the case for Mrs. Butterball, she was a rounder woman, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 280 Lbs. These numbers meant that she was around 42 inches around, just short of the size limit of the caverns. Now, she had been working out during the weeks before in order to go onto this trip, she used to be 295 Lbs, but she wanted to go on the trip with her kids that bad. However, she had passed the size limit, which made her happy, but what would be to her own disadvantage, it also made her a bit overconfident. This confidence told her that she could bring a dozen of donuts as a snack for the trip. She brought the box of donuts onto the bus and, when she found a seat, she sat and started to eat. Often offering a few donuts to the students next to her, she ended heard the voice she had been dreading to hear on the bus ride. She heard the voice of the trouble student of the class, Johnny Baker. “Aren’t you gonna get too fat for the caves if you keep eating those, Aunt Hailey?”, in response to this remark, Butterball said “Oh, I’ll be fine honey! It’s only a few donuts, I’ll save the rest for the way back!” All she could here after she spoke was Johnny muttering to himself, “I don’t think you’re gonna stop until they’re gone…” Butterball thought to herself, “Maybe he’s right for once. Maybe I should stop.” she then reassured herself with a firm, “NAH, I’ll be fine!” Eventually, an hour and the rest of the donuts had passed, leading the class to the entrance to the caverns. As a result of the indulgence, Butterball’s shorts and sweater felt explicitly tighter than before, but she brushed it off as nerves. After getting off the bus, Butterball met with an old friend, Ella, who was also Johnny’s mom. Ella looked her up and down, seeing that Butterball was really living up to the family name. “Hello, Hailey! I’ll be your guide for this evening, do you have the necessary paperwork?” Butterball greeted Ella and handed her the paperwork, which entailed the names of the students, liability arrangements, and other important details. After a quick scan over the recently handed over paperwork, Ella showed the group to what would be the walk path they would take through the caverns. Before they entered the 45-inch Caves, Ella pulled Butterball aside and asked, with a sort of embarrassed tone, “Umm… How… Big, are you? Like, how many inches is your waist?” Butterball had told Ella that she was 42 inches around and said with a joking manner while slightly jiggling her belly in an attempt to make Ella feel less embarrassed, “I’m fat, but I’m not fat enough… to get stuck in those holes of the caves that is! HAHA!!” “heheh, that’s great to hear!” Ella said with a hint of uncertainty in her voice, but sure that Butterball would get stuck in one of the holes. Within the next 20 minutes, Ella started to guide the class and Mrs. Butterball through the 45-inch caves. Starting with cave 1, Ella pointed out the oddly shaped rock formations made by water and bacteria on the sides of the cave. With noting else to show in the 1st cave, they moved onto the 2nd one. The hole that connected the caves was big enough for all of Mrs. Butterball to fit through. Cave 2 was a bit more interesting, with luminescent moss and glowing water, the class could hear the water dripping from the roof of cave 2. One of the children named Lucas asked Ella what made the lights, and she swiftly answered him by saying that “Light-up” worms were living in the water and on the moss, this answer was more than sufficient for Lucas. After some more questions and some pictures, the group eventually moved on the cave 3. The hole that connected the two caves seemed a bit smaller than the last to Butterball, she thought this because when she crawled through it, she felt her hips brush against the edge of it. After that, cave 3 was where things got even more interesting. Now, cave 3 looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, since there was a huge object in the middle of a room located within the third cave. Said object resemble that of an egg. This interested something within Mrs. Butterball, causing her to ask Ella what it was. Ella stated that she did not know, as management doesn’t tell the employees about it, “Safety of everyone they said” stated Ella. After some pictures, the group started their way towards the next hole when Ella stopped Butterball. Ella told Butterball that she may want to just view the next cave from cave 3. Butterball asked why and got an answer that she didn’t want to hear. “You’re too big for this hole…” Ella had taken notice of Butterball’s situation when she went through the last hole. She then explained that each hole was 1½ inches smaller in their circumference than the last. Butterball told Ella that she’d be fine and even rejected a safety waist measurement. After the brief discussion, and having been in this situation many times before, Ella had no choice but to continue the tour. As suspected, when Butterball tried to get through the hole, she turned into a legitimate cork, completely plugging up the hole, but still allowing air flow. This caused the group to be split in two. On the side with her bottom half, there were around 13 kids, and on the side with her upper body, were the rest of the kids and Ella. With a clever smirk, Ella said, “I told you that you were too fat for this hole, but you disagreed and now look where that got us.” Butterball said that she thought she could squeeze herself through, but she only ended up getting even more stuck. Reluctantly, Ella instructed the kids to push and pull their fat teacher to help free her but to no avail, Mrs. Butterball was just too wedged. While trying to push their teachers' ass through the hole, the students just sank into Mrs. Butterball. Those who attempted to push from the front-side failed. Ella told the students, “Hey, everyone! Here’s another life lesson, Mrs. Butterball is a good example of what eating way more than one should does to you.” Mrs. Butterball told Ella to call help, and she did, but did so in the current sarcastic tone. “Hey, Jake, we’ve got another fatty stuck in H-4, if you could send some people, that would be great.” After a 5-minute wait, two unknown men appeared at the scene. The way that they got Butterball out was something that she liked in an odd way. The two men had instructed Ella to grasp her by the stomach and push up while pulling. Ella did just that, and when she did, she sunk a decent amount into her round friend. While Ella pushed, the two men each took a leg and pulled. Feeling all of these hands grasping and kneading her soft fat, Butterball kind of felt a bit comforted. After a few rounds of trial and error, the three adults managed to free Mrs. Butterball. Fast forwarding to the entrance of the cave system, Ella asked Hailey how she ended up gaining so much weight. Hailey said that it was the stress of Johnny and teaching. Ella said that she was sorry for what she said, but Hailey was fine with it, she even agreed. “Yeah, I guess I should have listened to you, you were right, I was too fat.” Following some apologizing and catching up between Butterball and Ella, the class left for the school. They got back to the school, and there was a line of parents who were waiting to pick up their kids. After the last student left, Butterball did the same.
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