my blubber gut

chapter 1

**Author Note: In my stupidity while adding chapter 3, I accidentally erased chapter one, so I have rewritten it, it makes the story flow better and fits with chapter 3. I hope you enjoy it! I know have the story backed up on google docs ***
I look at myself through the full length mirror. I stand 5 feet tall and approximately 208 lbs. I definitely have at least a 60% body fat percentage. My body can be described as apple shaped, I hold my weight mostly in my belly.

I lift up my gut, and feel the flab in my hands, soft and malleable. I do not yet have a double belly, it is something I yearn for.

My upper arms are starting to fluff out quite nicely, with angry red stretch marks that bleed into my armpits.

I lift my shirt and trace my finger slowly over the faded stretch marks on my belly and struggle to look at the newly forms marks on the underside of my belly.

I am at the point where I am starting to waddle slightly, my thighs rub together more often than not. I feel aroused when my fat is jiggled and poked. I love the sensation of rubbing up against furniture and having to manoeuvre differently around the house in my narrow hallways. It is delightful when strangers move out of the way for me in the street because I really am larger than average, especially at my height.

At this point, after staring for about 10 minutes, my stomach starts to growl. I wonder how much food I will be able to eat today. I love the humiliation aspect of this lifestyle, and my Master has given me an assignment to go out in public tomorrow. Fear overcomes me as I begin to tremble, yet it turns to pleasure as I feel my panties beginning to soak, a sure sign of my pleasure. I get so wet sometimes, Master will not be pleased.

How did I get to this point? After letting myself go in college it just became routine to eat what I wanted, when I wanted and the pounds slowly crept upwards.

I ponder this as I grab a weight gain shake from the fridge in my laziness and some fruit, and stumble into bed to eat and pleasure myself. Today is going to be a good day.
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QuebecFA 6 years
I real love this story! I hope you continue to grow fatter and fatter! :-)
Gemfromabox 6 years
Well this is mostly true.. I hope to write more and new stories as well.