my body is yours

chapter 1

Matthew drive is dark black cammarro down a city street late at night. He has been planning this for 5 years now. He would finally let his inner fetish consume his time,money,and resources. His mansion is fully stock to handle this new life and he was so wealthy he has retired from work at 27. He is now going fully into the idea of having a fat woman at home who will get fatter and fatter under his will wether she likes it or not. He smiled at that thought of a 500lb woman tied up on his bed begging to be fed and loved. Matthew pulled around a corner to start is search for the "one" as he called her. The slut he would take and make to be his fat house wife. Matthew has only had a few sexual encounters in his life despite his devilish looks. He only had a few one night stands with a couple fat girls. If you were to walk by his mansion on a Saturday or Sunday morning and see a extremely fat girl in a dress with make up on holding high heels in one hand you would know exactly what had happened. Matthew has spent countless nights in front of the computer screen jerking himself to Plump Princess,Mary Boberry,Destiney and others. But today he will become completely loyal to whatever girl catches his eye. He was so horny at night clubs that the fat girl he spelt with could have been extremly ugly and he wouldn't have cared just long as he could rub her belly. But not now. Now she must be beautiful. He looked from one girl to the next examining them. They were all skinny and somewhat pretty. But then he looked at a girl underneath a lamppost. She had pretty blue eyes with brunette wavy hair. She had big bobs and a round ass with a skinny belly. She had a black top on with black tights with jean shorts over neath them. She puffed on a cigarette and looked seductively at him in his car.

"She's the one." Matthew thought.
He brought the car to a stop. He pushed the door open and she got in.

She stared at him before putting out the cigarette on the dashboard without giving a shit. She put her feet up and crossed them.

"$100 for make out,$200 for oral,$500 for anal." She told him in a seductive voice. Matthew knew when girls tried to sound seductive but she didn't have to have to try. It was her natural voice. Matthew pulled out 8 hundred dollar bills and gave them to her. He pulled into an alley behind a store.

"I want to do anal first." He told her. She gave him a strange look and then shrugged. She turned around and pulled down her pants and jeans shorts. But then Matthew pulled out and cloth and put it over her face. She passed out and Matthew drove out. He looked at her contently know she'll become his plump wife wether she likes it or not.
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Jazzman 7 years
So the third chapter was 90 percent better in spelling and grammar. Did you get help or just more careful?
Fatlilboy 7 years
I do love your bold attempts but you do need someone to proof read for you. The spelling and grammatical errors get in the way of what you want to convey. Your content is great - just need a little help is all.