my boyfriend (true story)

Chapter 1 - doctors appointment and diet

About a year ago my boyfriend went to his yearly physical. His doctor told him that he was putting on a little weight and should try to lose some. He is 5’7” and weighed 186, a BMI of 29 and he is not a muscular man. I knew he was putting on weight. He used to be very skinny a few years ago but had been getting thicker gradually over time. This past year however he had been starting to develop a noticeable belly. I loved looking at that round gut pushing out his shirts. When he told me about how is appointment went I was so turned on to find out that his BMI was almost in the obese range, only 4 pounds away.

Unfortunately he was very committed to losing some weight and getting into better shape. He didn’t really know how though, because he had never tried to lose weight before. I’m a supportive partner so I helped him figure out how many calories he should eat a day and went to the gym with him to help him get more active. We had a weigh in at the end of every week. He did really well with my help but as the months went by cheat days became cheat weekends and cheat weeks. He had lost about 20 pounds and his sexy belly was all gone. He had to buy new jeans because his old ones were too big. The plan was to go to a weight maintenance diet once he reached his his goal weight. He was getting really tired of the dieting though and I told him he could stop whenever he wanted. If he was comfortable where he was that was fine. He was just over the line into overweight but barely. He decided he was done.

He never went on the weight maintenance diet I planned out for him because he just wanted to let loose and eat all the things he had been denying himself. I wasn’t going to push it obviously. He really let go on all kinds of junk food. I loved watching him. He ate pizza, fried chicken, Macdonald’s, chips, soda, cookies, and pints and pints of ice cream. I knew he was going to put it all back on the moment he started gorging himself after coming off his diet. He was eating 100 percent junk food without a break. I loved watching the pounds sliding back one and his eating never slowing down. His belly started to come back but he didn’t seem to notice.

After a few months I think he must have noticed because it was sticking way out there. After a big meal, which happened every day, his belly pushed out even farther. He started making little “pfff” sounds and rubbing his swollen gut and unbuttoning his pants. After about a six months it looked to me like he was actually heaver then before the diet. At Christmas we went to visit his family and his Mom noticed the change immediately and like parents do she mentioned it. She put a hand on his belly and said “looks like your putting on a few.” He laughed and seemed a little embarrassed. I was worried that it would prompt him to step on the scale again and maybe get back on the diet. He didn’t however, he just kept indulging. A month later he tried on the jeans that he bought at the end of his diet and he couldn’t even fit them over his thighs. I almost came right there. Then a couple weeks later he was wearing his fat pants from before the diet and he took a deep belly breath and the button of his pants popped right of and flew across the room like a fetish video.

Then it was time for his annual check up again. When he got home I asked how it went. He told me that it went well but the doctor asked him a lot of questions about his weight. She said that he had put on quite a few pounds and wanted to make sure everything was okay. He seemed kind of embarrassed but it didn’t seem to hit him quite the same as the last time. He didn’t tell me what the weight was this time though I desperately wished he would. All I can hope is that it’s because it was higher than last year and he was embarrassed or in denial. He said he wasn’t sure that the scale was accurate because he had his clothes on and if he wanted to lose weight he could do the calorie counting thing again because it worked last time.

Well it’s been a while since that appointment and he has not started counting calories or exercising or mentioning wanting to at all and he is still eating the same junk food in large amounts.
I’m looking forward to this year and a bigger belly.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Welcome to ff!

I like your story. I hope you write a lot more — and that he gains a lot more.
Littleextra 4 years
An enjoyable read, thanks! Who knows what this year will bring ... smiley
Built4com4t 4 years
Excellent little vignette, well done