my fat mage girlfriend

chapter 1-1 you really like to eat, amber!

(Disclaimer: the art on the thumbnail is made by a guy named genpis chong on deviantart called “still my gut is blazing. I liked the art and it fits with the story. Also this is a female only witch weight gain.)

Mike: mc/ knight
Amber: love interest/ mage (the one getting fat)
Aaron: best friend/ ravager
Izzy: huntress/ best friend’s partner

Story starts here \/

Me and 2 of my friends recently graduated from adventurer’s school. We started our own party of adventurers in hopes of making it big. Thing is right now we’re having some issues…

Aaron: “what do you mean we need 4 people? The sign clearly says 3 is suffice for a guild party!?!?”

Guild secretary: “I know what the sign says but recently there’s been several incidents of smaller parties found dead near dungeons”

Aaron: “ya we know the danger of the craft and we’ve gotten our guild licenses the academic way so we’re fit”

Me: “hey Aaron, I’m sure we can find a-”

My side was elbowed by Izzy.

Izzy: “you know he’s doing this for us. Just go along with it”

Seeing as the 2 of them were content with their strategy, I decided I’d see if we could find someone fill that 4rth slot.

I saw a couple folks with no groups around but then I saw a girl in a mage uniform. She looked fairly skinny, she had black hair and wore a red hat along with a red dress and cape. Her skin was very pale, almost what as snow. A mage could actually be useful so I went up and asked her.

Me: “hey uhhh we only have 3 people and we kinda need a 4rth member so-”

Amber: “sure. By the way, my names amber”

That was easier then expected…

Me: “aye Aaron, I got us a 4rth member. We can go now”

Aaron: “cool, let’s go”

We signed ourselves up for a goblin raid. We finished the raid in flying colours, returning the stolen goods and accepting payment. Afterwards we decided to feast after our first mission. And that’s where I saw it, Amber’s total lack of self control for food. She ate almost as much as the rest of us combined. By the time we left the restaurant, she had a massive pot belly.

We found ourselves an inn. We didn’t have enough for more then 2 rooms.

Aaron: “ah looks like we’ll split this men and women then? Maybe tomorrow we’ll do it, Izzy?”

Izzy: “damn I was really hoping for something…”

Amber: “hey uhh you 2 probably wanna enjoy your first night as adventurers so I’m okay sleeping in the same room as mike”

Izzy: “thank the gods your a good one. Don’t worry, mike couldn’t hurt a fly, I've known him for 5 years.”

Aaron: “ya he’s great”

Aaron came over to me afterwards. He whispered something in my ear.

Aaron: “good luck”

As we entered our rooms for the night, I took off my armour. As our frontline defence, I’m well plated and use a shield in my off hand. I heard Amber grunting a lot on the other side of the room…

Amber: “why… is this… so… damn… tight now?”

I looked over at her to see she was trying to get off her dress while her food baby made it a lot snugger. I noticed my pants were getting a lot snugger too suddenly and then turned away before she saw my bulge.

Amber: “hey mike? This thing won’t come off. You mind helping me?”

Mike: “uhhh sure.”

Eventually after a lot of work, we got her dress off. And before me was Amber with her pot belly sticking out in her underwear.

Me: “I’ll look away while you change into some night clothes”

I don’t think she saw how erect I was in that entire interaction… good. She looks so good with that over filled stomach…
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Theswordsman 1 year
Good thing Amber didn't see that girl lol
Theswordsman 1 year
Good story so far
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Thanks dude