my golden arrow

Chapter 1 - The Seventh Sister

Hello my victorious seeker. Any of your arrows could have hit me. Any single one. But I want you to know that it was your last arrow that I allowed to come through. It was your last arrow, shot with your last ounce of strength, with all of your desires forever entwined, that I permitted to hit your target. I loved how happy you felt when you saw that you finally did it. I loved how satisfied you had temporarily become. Your last arrow. My golden arrow.

What's that young archer? Surprised are we? You did it. You shot for the moon and you hit me. You went for the moon and you got the moon, all of the moon. You rushed into the unknown, gathering all and sacrificing all. And I have taken your last arrow. My golden arrow.

I hate to shock you big boy, but did you really think you were the first one? I have been watching you. I have been waiting for you to draw your bow for your fatal shot. Even if you could hit me again, you can't now. Your will is exhausted. Your fate is spun. You have shot your last arrow and hit your target. My golden arrow.

Greater men have fallen for my six little sisters, but I choose only the best, the bravest, the most fearless, the tireless. You skillful archer, who has sacrificed all to hit your target will surely gain all. And gain you will. Gain you shall. I have chosen my target and I have struck. There is an arrow plunged deep inside your soul. My golden arrow.

You trained so hard. You traveled so far. You rationed for so long. Your body is tired. Your belly is empty. You were so hungry for me. You were so ravenous. You stopped at nothing to reach your goal, not knowing what it would bring. Your last arrow has struck the goddess of Gluttony. My golden arrow.

I felt it in your soul. The ravenous desire for fulfillment that never ends. You have sought and you have found. Now you know my name. I am Gluttony. It is time to feast my victorious seeker. Your endless desires are mine to satiate. You will feast till the end of your days. Your relentless hunger for the unknown is now a never ending hunger for an endless supply of food to devour. You are going to eat and eat and eat for me my archer. Like the glass sea at night reflecting my full round form, so shall you. Bigger and fuller, fatter and fatter until you reflect my divine corpulence in all of its splendor and glory. You shot your last arrow hoping to win a bountiful prize and you will receive it. My golden arrow.

Now you are mine. I will fill you with the cravings and desires you need. Your hunger will be insurmountable, your ability to satisfy it unforgettable. You will eat for me my dear archer. You will eat, you will devour, you will feast. I will make you bigger and rounder until you are full enough to fill the seat that is the throne of my champion. You will become so fat and so immense that you will undoubtedly gain the renown you have so eagerly sought. You will become a perfect mirror of the goddess of Gluttony whose belly your arrow has struck. My golden arrow.
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Td0057 11 months
Interesting story line, and very well written. Looking forward to seeing the story continue.