my twin is a slime

chapter 1

At a house party is were it all began.

The whole house was filled to the brim, with people in either swimsuits or party causal. This house was miles away from town and is surrounded by a thick forest with a large lake with a dock in the backyard.

The owners of the house are gone on their wedding anniversary for two weeks and left their daughter; Rebecca the house to herself with her 1 year old son, Olivier. But what her parents don't know is that Rebecca Fleck is a lying, manipulative, toxic, gold digging hoe. She only acts like a caring and responsible mother when her parents or other important people are near by. But in reality, Rebecca was a horrible mother and threatened her younger sister to watch the baby as she drank, smoke, drugs, and party all she wants. Even though she is 24 years old.

While this was happening, out in the forest is where a couple that was far away from the rest of the party. The male and female were making out against a tree. The female was a blonde, with hourglass figure in a neon orange bikini, as the male has a athletic build in dark green shorts.

The couple were too busy making out: well close to having sex, actually. As neither one knowtist two blob/slime humanoid figures, appeared. The green one came from the tree as the other came from behind the tree. The couple was oblivious to the dangers around them until it's too late.

The male was ripped away from the female and was pulled upwards in the tree as he is completely out of sight, but before the female could let out a scream, she was grabbed by the other humanoid slime and just like her boyfriend, her body is consumed by the canvassers humanoid slimes before they took the forms of the humans that they ate.

Once the slimes looked exactly like the humans that they ate, they grab the couple's clothes on the ground and with the humans memories, they put the clothes back on and went back to the house party to look for more prey.

When they made it to the house, the slime humanoids had hunger in their eyes as they watch the drunk and/or high as kites humans. The female heard a sound from the house that was different from the other humans and so she or "it" heads towards the house with the other slime behind her.
Once inside, and pass the past out humans, the pair head for a single door where the sound is the loudest and after opening the door they discovered a knocked over baby crib and a small crying, hungry baby Olivier Fleck on the floor in a tiger onesie, crying his little lungs out.

The female humanoid slime walks to the baby and picks him up. But little Olivier didn't stop, so she lifts up her index finger which turned back to a neon orange slime color, and sticked it in the baby's mouth, to which calmed him down.

The female turns to the male and they both understand that they will take the baby alive. And eat a few of the passed out humans along the way, back to the forest to return to their ship.
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