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Chapter 1 - the beginning


Weight: 157

This is the beginning of my weight gain journal. For my 2011 New Years resolution, I've decided to give in to my desires, and make myself as fat as possible. Allow me to give you a background about myself. I've always been skinny and have exercised fairly regularly throughout my life. I am 24 years old, and a young professional who works in an office. I have had a fetish for all things fat related (weight gain, health issues from gaining, immobility) since puberty. I am 5'9 inches tall. I am a fairly fit guy, slightly muscled. I have a bit of pudge around my midsection, but nobody would consider me chubby. I have a fairly typical male build (v shaped.)

I am not the best at following through on my resolutions, but I plan to update this journal periodically to share my experiences as I (hopefully) become a fatty.


Weight: 163

I am 2 months into my resolution, and I have finally started noticing some effects. Since deciding to gain weight in January, I have stopped taking into account healthy choices in my eating habits. Instead, I eat with reckless abandon. At first, this took some getting used to. For the first two or three weeks, I'd feel a pang of guilt when I went for that fourth slice of pizza or had Mcdonald's for breakfast for the fourth time in a row. I was unsure if I wanted to truly follow through on my resolution, but I kept on eating.

By the time February rolled around, I was finally used to not caring about what I ate, or how much of it I consumed. I also really hadn't gained any weight, which was strange considering that I had been pigging out for nearly a month. I've always had a fast metabolism. Finally, this last month, I've started to notice some changes. I've only gained around 6 pounds or so, but it's sufficient enough on my relatively thin frame where it's noticeable. My pants are getting tighter, and I actually think I may have to go out and buy some new pants for work. The small roll of pudge around my midsection has gotten slightly larger.

Mostly, however, the changes have been mental, not physical. By mental, I mean that my attitude towards food has totally changed. I now eat with reckless abandon. I order soda for all of my meals. I routinely go for the most unhealthy thing on the menu. My appetite has increased too, and I can nearly finish a large pizza by myself. I stopped drinking soda as a 20 year old for health reasons, and it was a difficult habit to break. I am now totally addicted to it, and I always have 2 liters of sprite or root beer around the house. The guilt of overeating and eating unhealthily has gone out the window. What happens to my waistline in the coming months remains to be seen.
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FA Fox 6 years
This both turns me on and scares me : p.
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
I should add that this matches so well my experiences and feelings years ago when I gained 90 pounds in 18 months... Nicely done.
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
14 likes and no comments?! In my experience, this kind of thing usually means a story which is hitting the mark but perhaps a bit of a "secret pleasure" for many. Nothing wrong with this diary at all. I love it! May you continue to grow and write!