naughty or nice

Chapter 1 - naughty or nice

Alicia laid, scantily clad, in her bed. It was Christmas eve, but this time, a creature was stirring. He crept along the hallway with not a sound, walking slowly, not unlike an animal stalking its prey. His shadow cast long on the walls by the gently flashing fairly lights revealed two curved horns protruding from his skull. Her door creaked open quietly and the creature slunk into her room, drooling at the sight of her. The beast’s eyes so yellow, some would even say they glowed. The low light made it so much easier to whisk the girl away.
Dawn broke on Christmas day and, as poor Alicia awoke, she knew something to have gone terribly awry. The walls surrounding her were of dark stone and the only light in the room came from two tarnished brass chandeliers, laden with hundreds of candles. However, this was neither the most worrying, nor the most curious occurrence, no, those honours went to what she found next. She found that she was tied to a chair, normally this would be marginally less worrying, except for the fact that she appeared to be held down by naught but some wide red ribbon. As she screamed out for help, she realized too, that she couldn’t open her mouth. In this state of intense confusion and panic, a man appeared, as if by magic, right in front of her. He wore a sharp suit and a brilliant red tie, polished shoes finished the look of a wealthy businessman and it would have stayed that way had he not had long protruding horns and sulfuric yellow eyes.
“Hello little Alicia, I see you’ve been very naughty this year” the man said playfully, a look in his eyes like a cat playing with a mouse. As the woman struggled, he continued, “Wondering how you got here are you, or who I am?”. With a chilling giggle and a cruel smirk, he answered his own question, “Well my dear, my name is Krampus and this”, he swung his arms out, “Is my castle!”. Stepping forward and creepily stroking his hand down her face he went on, “You see Alicia, you been exceptionally naughty this year, and that means that I get to punish you, and I’ve got a perfectly fitting punishment”. He then stood upright and waved his hand over the long wooden table that sat before her and, with a cinematic flourish, the table filled with so much food, that it almost flowed off the edges.
“Well, go on, dig in” he said mockingly. Alicia, realizing the gravity of her situation, struggled even more against her bonds, to no avail. “Uh, uh” Krampus said indignantly, waggling his finger, “You keep doing that and I’ll make this whole ordeal much worse than it needs to be”. She flushed with fear and sat deathly still, becoming fully aware that this was going to happen. Whatever this is, she thought to herself. As the realization of her situation sunk in, the food began to float, as if held by invisible hands. “You see Alicia, you’ve been awfully vain this year, as well as alarmingly rude and judgmental. You’re here now to serve your punishment, and what a punishment it will be…” Krampus announced gleefully. With a wave of his hand, Alicia’s mouth opened, and the food began moving towards it, plate by plate.
As the food floated towards her gaping mouth, she began to understand the gravity of her situation, and as the first perfectly cooked slice of Christmas ham, drenched in gravy, passed her lips, she felt an insatiable hunger rise up from within her. Had she any control of her body she would have held her mouth open wider and sped up the food, which lazily slid from the floating plates as they tipped over her. More and more and more food kept coming, already a full four-course meal had been devoured by her, and yet the table showed barely a dent in the comically heaped mounds of food which rested upon it.
On and on the cascade of carbs went, Krampus smiling with gleeful cruelty as the floating plates sped up. Faster and faster they fed, in any other situation her stomach might have simply burst at the sheer amount of food that she was being filled with, but not now, no, in this strange realm, reminiscent of a castle banquet room and governed by an evil yuletide spirit, no, here she did not burst, nor did she bloat, instead she simply grew. It started small, almost unnoticeable, her thighs thickening, her hips pressing on her underwear a little more and perhaps a thin layer of fat. However, as time passed in this place, filled only with consuming the decadent treats that fell into her mouth, she grew steadily fatter and fatter. Her belly plumped and expanded, spilling like a soft and supple pillow resting on her increasingly round thighs. Upon her wobbly belly rest two soft orbs of flesh, indeed her chest had grown too, filling the bra she was wearing to the brim and spilling over the top and out the sides of them as well.
Though just hours had passed, Alicia had ballooned up as if she had been living like this for years. Her huge thighs pressed apart from each other and the enormous mass of her gut weight down between them, pressing them apart even further. Her stomach was so big now that it covered her legs all the way down to her knees and would likely make movement impossible. Her breasts had gotten so big and were being pushed up by her growing belly in such a way that, had her head not been permanently cocked back to receive food, her chin would probably rest comfortably upon them.
Though now the plates began to slow and stopped collecting more food, instead, after the plate had emptied its contents into her mouth, it stacked itself neatly in the centre of the freshly cleared table. And, once the long line of crockery finished upending their feasts into her waiting maw, Krampus, in his smart suit stepped forward again and snapped his fingers. All at once Alicia felt her neck relax, her jaw become free and, deep beneath her fat she felt the bonds release her. She tried in vain to lift her massive form up and out of the seat, only succeeding in falling out of it and onto the stone floor as the realization hit her, she was humongous. Her elephantine figure simply did not even vaguely resemble her former self. With all her wobbling and jostling, her tiny bra finally burst, freeing her gigantic breasts and letting a wave of relief briefly flow over, quickly replaced by panic as she found that her tiny panties had torn off some time ago. Yet more fear filled her generous frame as she fully understood just how big she had gotten.
Alicia began to sob at her ruined figure, now far beyond any help or hope of normality. Krampus still stood by her, smiling with such diabolical delight. “Now look at you silly girl, you’ve become worse than the people you judged, and your vanity is utterly destroyed...”, before he could finish, she spoke:
“Please, please kill me here, don’t let them see me like this…” she begged pitifully
“Tsk, tsk Alicia, the punishment wouldn’t be complete if I let you get off so easily”, with a casual peek at his watch he continued, “In fact, they should be waking up about now, say hey to the family for me will ya? Toodles!”, and with a wave and a snap of his fingers, Alicia found herself back home and just as big as she had been.
With fresh tears down her eyes she heard a creaking and groaning coming from beneath her, before she could register it, her bed broke beneath her. The splintering and heavy thud awoke her roommates who quickly came to investigate, much to her dismay, not that there was anything that she could do about it, in fact there wasn’t much she could do at all anymore, except eat.
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I like this one. short sweet