navy gal gets fat

chapter 1

I have just retired from the United States Navy. I had enjoyed working, but as I got older, my career became constraining on me. The problem was weight. Naval officers are subject to weight standards; we were weighed twice a year and had to perform a physical training test twice a year also. When I first joined up, this was no problem; if I gained some weight, I lost it quickly with little or no effort. As I got older though, I wanted to enjoy food more and I was less inclined to exercise. As soon as I reached fifty I decided I was through. I got on the scale on the last ship I served on and it said I was 195 pounds (for my height 200 is the limit). I filled out my papers and then it was home to my husband Jethro.

I was a bit jealous of my husband, who over our thirty years of marriage had gained over fifty pounds. When we first got married in 1989 he was a small yet firm 140 pounds. He was now near 200. I loved his appearance, especially his round tummy and butt. Several years before I retired he bought me bikini style bottoms. I had always worn normal cotton, I like the way bottoms feel, plus they make look fatter. The bikini style looked even better!
What I did not know was that my husband, Jethro, wanted me to gain weight. He was tired of changing recipes for smaller portions, because I denied myself seconds. He didn't care for leftovers either. He wanted me to just let go and enjoy myself. To tell the truth, so did I. I wasn't sure about gaining weight but I knew for sure I wanted to enjoy food once and for all.

The first week I was home, there was little change. The first weekend though, a far more fulfilling lifestyle began for me. I slept in on Saturday morning. Jethro woke me up with breakfast in bed - and what a breakfast it was. Pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, real butter, a huge bottle of syrup, donuts and sweet roles covered the tray, Jethro sat by the bed and encouraged me to eat. I couldn't eat fast enough for him; he cut up pancakes and waffles so I could eat them faster. Smothered everything in syrup and butter for me to shovel it into my mouth. I cleaned off the tray in two hours. I lay in bed bloated and full, but feeling wonderful. Jethro was beaming with delight at my appetite. She playfully patted my bloated belly and made me lie down and sleep for a while longer. I woke up two hours later. Still feeling bloated a used the bathroom and took a shower, I still remember the feeling of rubbing my belly with soap, it felt so good. I toweled off, admiring my bloated form in mirror. Jethro surprised me, when I was sticking out my belly for the “full effect.” He giggled and said, “Glenda, I have a present for you.” He handed me a new white bikini bathing suit, “Here, try this on for me.” I struggled into it. I noticed that it was one waist size smaller than I currently wore. He loved how it fit and so did I. I tried to keep my belly in, but Jethro poked me in the stomach and giggled, “Let it stick out, Glenda, it looks so good.” I was a bit self conscious, having had to watch my weight and appearance so long, but it did feel good. The suit hugged my butt, creating little rolls below the leg openings, much to Jethro's delight. He led me out to the patio, where a table was covered with a huge lunch. My stomach growled when I saw it, sending Jethro into a fit of giggling. He sat me down and practically fed me an enormous lunch. He was not shy about eating himself; by mid afternoon there were two very full, round tummies at that table. I could not keep my eyes off his tummy. He was wearing a black speedo, which showed off his fantastic tummy. Hee was rubbing it, to ease the pressure. I looked at my own belly, now bulging with my second enormous meal of the day. We lay around all afternoon, doing nothing, and it felt great. We decided to go out to dinner. Jethro chose a buffet place and of course we ate ourselves into a sweet oblivion. Arriving home too stuffed to do much more than go to bed.

The next morning I woke up before Jethro. I got up, used the bathroom, admiring my expanding middle in the mirror. Absent-mindedly I started to get into my jogging stuff. I had just pulled on the shorts, when Jethro woke up. Hee reached over and snapped the waistband. “Ouch,” I shouted. “What was that for?” He patted my still bloated belly and then pinched my expanding butt cheeks, “I have been waiting for these way too long for you to go out and ruin them exercising,” he said. “You come with me, Ma'am!” He got up out of bed and both of us, me with the skimpy jogging shorts and Jethro with nothing more than tighty whities, headed for the kitchen.

He pushed me into a chair and poured a huge glass of whole milk. “Drink this, while I fix you a nice breakfast, Glenda,” he stated. I dutifully drank the glass down and then another. He laid a huge stack of pancakes in front of me, “Eat these Glenda.” I, of course, obeyed. She laid down another plate and I finished it off too. Then came bacon and sausage, more milk and a couple of donuts. I felt that I would explode any minute, but it felt sooo good to just eat with abandon and no guilt at all. When I was done, Jethro helped me up and back to bed to digest the massive meal. I looked like I had swallowed a watermelon; I was so bloated. The skimpy jogging shorts only accentuated my condition. Jethro rubbed my belly until I feel asleep. I awoke to the smells of grilling brats and hamburgers. I got up, showered and pulled on my bikini and walked out to the patio. Jethro was wearing a blue speedo, which his tummy bulged out of, to my delight. He looked over my expanded paunch and smiled, “Well, looks like sleepy head is up!” He poked my belly and sat me down for another massive feast. I didn't need any encouragement; I stuffed myself silly with brats and cheeseburgers. I had several dark, rich beers. When I finally finished, I was in a stupor; I was so stuffed, but it felt so good.
I got to my feet and staggered over to a lounge chair to “rest.” Jethro came over. “Glenda, I can't believe how fantastic you look, I have been waiting for years for us to really enjoy ourselves and now we finally can,” he said. “Honey,” I said, clutching my belly with both hands, “This feels so good, all I want to do is gorge myself.” Jethro giggled, “ I hope you want to do at least one other thing,” he replied as she ran her hand down the curve of my belly toward my vagina. I needed no further encouragement, I struggled off the chair and chased Jethro into our bedroom for the best love making in years.

Thus began our new routine. Huge meals, little or no exercise, except of course love making. I could not believe how much I enjoyed just eating. I loved to snack and walk around the house with nothing on but a bikini or a thong. Jethro loved my expanding as much as I did. The beginning of the second month, Jethro gave most of my clothes to the Goodwill. She still fit into some of his “husky clothes.” from his days as a line cook. My uniforms were packed away, never to be worn again, by me anyway. I still could fit into a pair of XL sweats that I had and a few of my larger t-shirts. I wondered the next few months would be like.
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