near anorexia to who knows

chapter 1 - who am i?

From an early age I have been a caring and giving person. When seeing a couple walking in the streets holding hands I always, I really mean always, wished for their relationship to last. I don’t even know why, I was only 13 or 14 years old. Now when I think about it, it might have had something to do with my parents constantly fighting. It was hard to understand because they weren’t mad at me. Still it was bugging me.

You may think this is a story that will eventually get to depressions. Not at all. I have always been a happy and an optimistic person. Naive probably, but happy. I would be the one to talk to just because there was this cloud of positivity around me, including my smile and my eyes that make be, well, cute. Oh yes, and short and very skinny. This is me, your Cute Boy.

No matter what people around me were saying, no matter how much I looked in the mirror, I did not look like whoever I wanted to look like. This may shock you but I didn’t see fat on my body. I did not feel I should lose weight, not at all. I felt muscular. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw superman with that chest of his and strong thighs, veins visible and everything. Of course my veins were showing because there was no fat on me.

Then it hit me. Once I went to a gym to make those muscles even larger so I walked to this enormous mirror covering a whole wall where the dumbbells were and… saw how huge everybody was. A guy I would normally consider average to skinny looked so big compared to my body in the mirror. “How is that possible?” I thought. After roughly 10 minutes of my workout I could hear people giggling and whispering. So I left and never came back.

If you’ve ever seen an owl on a branch of a tree, that’s what I looked like for the rest of the day. I could hardly sleep. Then in the morning, still not believing the picture in my head re-appearing, I decided to check my BMI and everything that would prove I wasn’t a twig.

The results were even worse than expected. I was underweight. And not just on the border with normal weight. The lady who examined my body, including minerals, water and a bunch of other things told me I really need to start eating otherwise it could be a real risk to my health.

Again, owl face walked out of the consulting room, slowly took those two steps into the path walk where I bumped into a girl. Well, I nearly landed on her as she was trying to walk up the same stairs. One of my arm reflexively twitched forward landing on her soft hip and her massive breasts stuffed in her summer dress wobbled as we crashed. My hand was still on her hip as we smiled and kept staring into one another’s eyes. I couldn’t help it but my hand started squeezing that soft pillow-like hip. She didn’t stop me, just blushed.

We introduced ourselves, still standing on the stairs blocking the entrance. Her name was Mia. She looked at my body and smiled some more, and then asked me if I want to get a dessert with her. “Of course” I replied and headed to a nearby café. She stopped me: “After my consultation. They say I’m overweight.” To which I couldn’t say anything else than: “Well, you’re beautiful. You should cancel it.”

And so she did. Instead we went to the café to have that dessert and get to know each other, but we were both too hungry so we finished our cheesecake within a few minutes and went to a small Chinese restaurant. We both agreed they make large portions for so cheap and that we go there all the time. After a two second pause, Mia laughed because it really showed how much she managed to feed herself fat but she can’t see an ounce of fat on me. I liked how she grabbed my skinny butt and said: “Don’t worry, we can even it out.”

We could call it by its real name but “our feeding restaurant” was much more precise. This place was known for their large portions. Almost nobody ever finished their meal so they took the rest home for dinner, like I used to do. In a couple of months, every time Mia and I came there, we ordered four meals… and finished it right there at the table. But let’s not jump so much into the future.

No wonder we started dating. I loved curves on girls and Mia was a feeder. At that time I had no idea she really meant to start feeding me. In fact, I just wanted her to stay chubby and keep on growing so that her soft body is even more comfortable to fall asleep on and more wobbly during sex.

One day Mia asked me why I was at the nutrition expert. She already knew the answer but she wanted me to say it. “Apparently, I am too skinny.” I replied. “You know, I have a little experience with gaining so I can help you with gaining a bit… if you like, of course.” She said with such a sweet tone in her voice. I thought there shouldn’t be a problem. I will buy some workout tools so I can exercise at home and Mia can watch I eat enough. After all, muscles need nutrition. “Alright then.” I agreed and had no idea Mia had something completely different in her mind.

“First of all, we need to stretch your stomach.” She said and started blending vegetables. In a minute I had half a gallon of vegetable smoothie in front of me. “Drink this as fast as you can.” Mia said and as she smiled, dimples appeared on her cheeks. Before I finished it she cut up a watermelon to eat, then started preparing something in the kitchen. I could already feel my stomach bloating from all the vegetables crawling their way through my intestine. “Lunch is ready!” She shouted right after I finished the last watermelon piece. I was full but the smell of something delicious was too powerful. After all, it’s just vegetables I ate.

Mia prepared risotto so good looking I couldn’t believe we weren’t in Italy. She put this bowl in front of me on the coffee table, told me to start eating, turned on a movie and sat behind me on the couch. Her thick soft thighs and her belly bulging made an armchair for me to comfortably sit in. As we were watching I stopped paying attention to how much I ate. It took me half of the movie to suddenly realize I finished the whole bowl that could be enough for three people. I was embarrassed to tell Mia I finished it so I carefully put it on the table. Such a huge portion made me sleepy so I leaned back onto her massive breasts and fell asleep.

After waking up, a different movie was playing and a whole plate of assorted desserts were on the table. “Here, I made these.” She said and gave me this cute face I need to try every piece. So I did. They were fabulous. Without realizing, she pumped good 6000kcal into my stomach. And almost every day we visited our feeding restaurant.

It’s not a surprise when I say I never bought the workout tools, and that after a month my skinny stomach had stretched out by two inches. The funny thing is that just like I used to not see my underweight body in the mirror, now, I couldn’t see my growing body.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
This just gets better and better. Thanks for sharing your story.
CuteBoy 2 years
Of course, you're welcome.
Kyzarburner 2 years
great start!
CuteBoy 2 years
Thank you.
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
You write well. Nicely done.
I’d love to read more.
CuteBoy 2 years
Thanks a lot. There should be more every week smiley