neils meals

chapter 1

-She kissed his lips as she stood up off of the massive bed. His mammoth frame breathing heavily. She placed a mask over his mouth and nose to help him breathe better she shook his massive belly as she left the room watching it shift back and forth until she closed the door. Sitting down on the couch she brushed her jet black hair back over her ear and opened her laptop.

She clicked on a program that popped up showing a calendar going back several years, clicked on todays date. Punching in all the food her man had eaten that
day. It took awhile he was hungry today. Last thing to enter was his weight, she
clicked a button on the program that was connected to an electrical scale on his
bed. It started to calculate his weight and flashed back one thousand and
fourteen pounds. She jotted it in smiling he had weighed under a thousand not to
long ago.

She finished up on that program and opened microsoft word. Opening a file
titled FULLfilling fantasy. She wanted to write about how she had met Neil how
everything had spun together into there lives in her perspective. They had met
when they where young him and his mother had just moved in across the street so
her mom took her over to meet them.-

She was twelve years old, a shy little girl as her mom took her over. She wore
a yellow sun dress with white flowers etched into the fabric. Her thick black
hair pulled back into a pony tail. She had white sandals on with small hearts
going along the straps.

"Mommy what if they don't like me?"

Her mother stopped and knelt down looking into her daughters eyes giving her a

"There's no way they wouldn't like you, you are beautiful."

Smiling she felt better as they walked over saying hello to the mother.

"Hello! Welcome to the neighborhood, need any help?"

She shook her head pointing one mover to move a piece of furniture to move in.

"Hi, I'm Lisa your neighbor right across from you. This is my daughter Kathy,
say hello Kathy."

Kathy looked down at the ground shyly.


&qu ot;Hi sweetie my names Megan. My little boys inside why don't you go say hi to
him, he's thirteen how old are you?"

Still looking down Kathy muttered out twelve.

"That's wonderful, make yourself at home sweety.".
Her mom and Megan started talking while she walked into the garage and went into
there house she looked around it looked cozy. She started looking for the boy
wanting to meet him. She saw him sitting on the couch playing a video game.
Snack bags littered all around the couch. He was chubby he looked about two
hundred pounds. He was cute she thought she mustered enough strength and spoke.


He turned around pausing his game.

"Um hi, who are you?"

"I'm good, oh um I mean my names Kathy, I'm your neighbor.."

"Oh okay. My names Neil, wanna play?"

He lifted his hand up holding a controller. She'd never played many games before
but decided to.

"Sure will you teach me?"

She walked around the couch and she sat down taking the one control out of his
chubby hands. He showed her how to play and they started playing. About twenty
minutes later there moms walked in.

"Are you two hungry how about some lunch at McDonald's."

They both smiled getting excited. Neil turned off the tv and game and they all
went in Neils mothers car. She kept trying to sneak glances at him. She didn't
know why she liked the chubbier boys it started not to long ago. Maybe because
her dad was fat? She thought it was cute that they ate a lot.

When they got there she wondered if he would want to eat in front of her? Neils
mother handed him a twenty and smiled at him.

"Go treat your little friend Neil us parents are gonna talk."

Neil and Kathy got out and walked inside as there parents pulled around the
drive thru and got something from there eating in there car. They waited in line
for there turn, moment of truth. Neil ordered.

"I'll have a big mac value meal super sized with a coke please."

The young kid behind the counter scoffed a little obviously hurting Neils
feelings he turned away face flushed. She came to his aid.

"And for you?"

"I'd like the same thing please."

Smiling the whole time she stared at the young teen as he stared off

"Problem? What's our total?" She mocked.

He gave the total finally and they paid going to sit down the food smelled good.
She didn't want much of it just wanted to make a point, maybe he would finish
hers? Her dad could easily. She felt butterflies in her belly it felt good
thinking about that.

"Thanks back there Kathy...I usually freeze when that happens.."

She smiled touching his hand.

"Don't sweat it I can't stand when people are ***es."

They both laughed as they started to eat, he ate his burger farely quickly and
started chewing down bunches of fries dipped in ketchup. She ate a few bites of
the burger and about a quarter of her fries.

"I'm pretty was more of a point ordering it. I don't wanna waste it,
would you eat it?"

She gave him a puppy dog look and said okay. It worked he's going to finish it.
She watched him as she saw his hungry mouth take bite after bite taking it down.
When he finished she smiled.

"Hey you want to go?"

He agreed it was time to go. So they left and went back to his house it was
getting late so it was time for her to go home.

"I had fun Neil I'll see you around."

She gave him a hug feeling his warmth against hers. Her mom and her went back
home and her dad was home on the couch. A burly rugged man, tipping the scales
at four hundred pounds.

"Hey hunny can I have a hug?"
Kathy ran up to her dad and wrapped her arms around him smiling.

"Hi daddy how was your day?"

"It was good, where did u guys go?"

She looked away getting up and going to the kitchen.

"We went to the new neighbors house across the street."

"Oh yeah any cute boys?" He asked jokingly.

Her mom yelled at him. "Now be nice Ben!"

She blushed luckily she was turned away.

"Well if you mean was he hideous then no he wasn't."

She smiled turning around.

"I'm going to my room see you later daddy, good night."

She walked upstairs laying down on her bed. She fantasized what it would be like
if Neil got fatter if she helped him. The thought excited her not knowing why...
She stopped writing for a bit and stood up to stretch. She didn't think she
would ever publish it, it was more for fun to keep it for herself. She got a
snack from the kitchen and plopped back down on the couch ready to start
reminiscing again.-

Three years had passed and she was fifteen and he was sixteen. They had become
friends and hung out a lot never really showing there closeness in school. She
was embarrassed sometimes about it, but that made her like it even more. Each
year that had passed he had packed on about thirty pounds each. He was about two
hundred eighty now, she loved watching him get to big for his clothes and had to
buy new ones. His shirt was tight today, and when turning the wrong way hid
belly would pop out. Embarrassing for him but she loved it.

She just got home from school and walked into the living room seeing her dad. He
had gained weight to, her mother never nagging about what he ate or tried to put
him on any diets. Maybe she felt like she did..? He weighed five hundred thirty
now, gaining a lot every year.

"Hey sweety how are you?"

"Good...hey dad do you have any of your old shirts? Like a 3X tall?"

He thought for a moment.

"I think your mother put a box in the attic. Why?"

"Well...Neil's shirts have been riding up on him and I was wondering if I could
give him some."

Her dad smiled.

"Sure hunny give him the whole box if you want. Why don't you invite him over
for dinner? I hadn't seen him for awhile. Besides Moms made up a lot of food
for dinner that we can throw in before she gets home."

She blushed.

"Okay I will dad."

Her dad looked at her seriously.

"Do you like this boy Kathy?"

She got nervous not knowing what to say. Should she lie? Was he going to grill
him if he came over? She thought well she might as well confess.

"Well..a little, he's really nice and we've been friends for years.."

He smiled.

"Don't worry I won't torture him much, just be careful hun, your growing into a
beautiful smart girl. I love you."

She was amazed by his response and touched by his sentimental statement.

"Thanks daddy I love you to!"

She hugged him and went upstairs to get a box of the clothing. Rummaging thru
the boxes she finally found it she picked it up taking it downstairs.

"Do you want any shirts out of here before I give them to him?"

Her shook his head.

"No sweety, I won't be fitting back in them."

He laughed while she left her house. She knocked on Neil's door and she heard
him coming to it his loud foot steps echoing in the large house. He opened the

"Oh hey Kathy come on in, I have to get you a key, you would use it more then I

She giggled coming in with the box setting it on his couch.

"What's that?"

She opened it.

"Its my dads old shirts, I saw some of yours where getting a little snug..."

She trailed off, crap why was she so insensitive. But he broke the silence.

"Oh cool thanks."

He walked over looking at the shirts holding them up to his belly to check for
size. She wanted him to try them on right there in front of her so she asked.

"Why don't you try some on?"

She didn't know why she asked she felt like an outcast for what she felt as it
was. Always trying to suppress these feelings, but she was lapsing and giving in
to them.

"Alright I will"

He started to walk away, good she thought now she didn't have to see hi-

"Just do it here we've known each other forever."

He stopped and turned around blushing.

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Chub41ub 8 years
Nicely done- personal taste wishes for spelling & grammar corrections, but that's just me. Great job!
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