never hire a pig to be your waitress

Chapter 1 - a new diet! just not in the way you think

“John, I'm serious, I really need to start cutting down on my portions” Jayden said as she examined herself in the mirror, she was only in her underwear, and it was pretty clear that those were quite the tight fit.

Jayden was a normal girl most of her life, she lived with her mother and father until she met John at 16 and three years together, they decided to start living together. Jay (as most of her friends called her) was never a skinny girl, her father was always spoiling her and her mother with treats, fast food, new clothes, there wasn't a single day where he didn't bring home something for them to munch on, as a result, Jayden had developed quite the layer of tub all her life, but never to this point.

Standing at a short 5'4", her long dyed blue hair flowed to the middle of her back, her green eyes shined with the sunlight that entered through the window, her face was soft and porcelain, her cheeks puffy yet nothing too extreme, just enough to give her an adorable look, a woman any man would die for.

But down from there, the story was different; her ample chest threatening to burst right open her bra, as her mammaries were spilling out of every side, her gut was now hanging low enough to cover most of her panties, slight hints of cellulite and stretch marks were present as well as some decent love-handles; her thickening thighs were always rubbing together, getting squished and constricted against the fabric of her favorite leggings, a few holes and overstretched parts were a clear sign that they were no longer the correct size, and John's pride and glory, Jayden's ass and hips:

John had always been an ass man, and when he started dating Jayden she more boobs than anything else, not that he minded, but he definitely was missing something, so when he saw her start gaining and saw how most of the weight began to pile on her lower half, he couldn't control himself; now her bulbous rear wobbled and shook at every step, large enough to fill an entire chair, that thing was becoming a hazard, so many times she had bumped or dropped something thanks to her gelatinous buns, going from apple to pear shape, it was like one of Johns fantasies had come to life.

“Come on, darling, you're overexaggerating. Yeah, you've gained a few pounds, and what? It only means that there's more of you to love and play with” he said as he approached her from behind, wrapping his arms around her waits, kissing her neck and sinking his fingers in her doughy gut, he pinched her rear, causing the overfed woman to jump and squeal.

“S-Stop it, Honey! I'm serious, a couple of pounds wouldn't be a problem, but I weigh 230 pounds, I'm all doughy and wobbly, look at this" she said as she lifted her arm and started to make her bingo wings jiggle”

“Darling, you've said it yourself, you hate exercise, you've never been a bodybuilder, and I know you, you can't stop snacking”

It was true, because of her father's spoils, Jay had never learned to ride a bike or used skates as they were "too dangerous", she spent most of her days on her room painting, even as a teenager she preferred going to the cinema or a restaurant than to go camping or anything remotely physical.

“I know, and that's why I want you to help me get in shape, I won't be able to do this alone... And that's why I'm also searching for a job, I can't stay here at home all day anymore, there are way too many temptations”.

John let out a defeated sigh, he didn't want his beautiful girl to become a twig, besides, he knew how much she would probably hate the adult life, she was practically a NEET, she barely passed university by some miracle, so it wasn't like she was the brightest girl in the world, still, she had one of the kindest hearts ever, perhaps that's everyone who met her started gifting her things.

“Alright babe, I'll help you with this, but you have to do what I say, ok? I'm going to turn you into the most beautiful woman in the world, well, more so than you already are” he said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek and a spank on the ass “Now put some clothes Mrs. Fitness, we're going to buy you some work and workout clothes” Jayden beamed with joy as she rushed to her closet, her entire body moved like the waves of the ocean.

In the meantime, John contacted one of his old friends, she owned a dinner with an awful reputation, every girl that worked there gained an absurd amount of weight, even she, a fitness freak and instructor, became a 500-pound wheezing butterball, he knew that Jayden would be putty right there, unable to resist any treat they offered her, and with his "special diet" also coming her way, well, that new wardrobe would be lucky to survive two months.

(Hi guys! I decided to start a new story, this time focused on just one girl, though there might be some recurring characters and a few cameos.

As always I really appreciate feedback and suggestions are completely appreciated, I hope we can all enjoy this silly story hahaha)
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Fattenssbbws 3 years
I vote for unwilling one!
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love it!! please continue!! smiley
Theswordsman 4 years
If a fitness freak became 500 pounds how big will jayden become