never mess with witches

Chapter 1 - copyright and author’s note

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Author's Note

My name is Katja, but most know me by Skittles. I have been a part of the Fantasy Feeder community for quite a while now and have enjoyed seeing the community grow. I am loyal to this site and wanted to take a moment to talk about my works. I can sell them on my own and make good money doing it; I can put them on all different kinds of websites to get recognition. To both I do not. This is because this is how I give back to the Fantasy Feeder community and by taking my works and spreading them to other sites or selling them without my permission is beyond offensive, it's hurtful. I love this community and intend these works to be here for the pleasure and enjoyment of Fantasy Feeder members. So please keep my works here and help keep them protected. Also if you see one of my works being circulated either for free on another site or sold elsewhere, please let me know. I do this for you guys, the fans here on Fantasy Feeder. Your loyalty to continue to support the community, this is my gift so please help protect it and keep it here where there's always more to gain inside your heart through acceptance, and outside with a little bit of fun or sin.

I hope you enjoy the work you are about to read and if you have any comments please feel free express them in the comments below about what you liked, what you didn't like, or what you would like to see in the future. If you have any story requests please feel free to message them to me. Take care and remember life is always better with a handful of Skittles ^^
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Love this story. Your writing is quite beautifully erotic. Thanks for sharing your talents here.
Womansbellyl... 7 years
Most excellent story, sensual and tittilating!
Rubarbstreet 7 years
You are one of my favorite writers of this kind of thing, and I've read a lot. Every detail you write is perfect and I never thought you were going on too long and getting sidetracked, which is a problem I've seen a lot (me for example).
Rickeb 7 years
Now she has her revenge,but you mentioned revenge for the others that she had been horrible to,so I believe that she will also gain the fat from the others. Past immobility,and constantly pregnant for years to come.
Skittles 7 years
Yeah it was a short story but while writing it, it was a lot of fun so may have a follow up with Victoria. I'll work on the Easter Eggs then get that one wrapped up.
Biddygal 7 years
really amazing stuff. you have a gift for description and word manipulation. Glad to see something else from you on here, and look forward to seeing more.

That's pretty much my only critique... that i wish there was more. smiley
Skittles 7 years
Thank you so much lr2233 that's so nice! I hope to continue to get better as well smiley
Jdieselifica... 9 years
Wish you'd finish Dark Temptations 2 :/
Skittles 9 years
Wow these last two weeks have been hell for stealing my time. Back to working on it, want to finish this and possibly write a valentines day story. I'll be in the chat if anyone wants to talk about this or any other story. I'll be in Weight Gain chat, message me there first if you want to PM and I'll accept. Thanks for the feedback and yes the logical conclusion will be extremely cellulite filled ^^
Observer 9 years
Great story so far waiting for more,
Skittles 9 years
I have read the feedback and going to continue writing more right now. If you would like to talk to me about more suggestions, things you would like to see, or comments feel free to message me in chat. I'm in the Weight gain chat room just say hello and you would like to PM me and I'll accept smiley Thanks again guys.
Badhansel 9 years
Well written. You might consider making the pregnancy real - in other words have Laura grow through the full 40 weeks and show us the turmoil as her self-image and confidence is shattered. Just some thoughts. smiley
TheDemolitio... 9 years
You have a lot of potential with this story. Keep it up. I look forward to future chapters. X-)
Balloon 9 years
I love this story. I like that you are making her pregnant and gaining at the same time.
FrecherTyp 9 years
oh hehe interesting i guess i know what will come :_) please go on ^^ oh btw I´m from germany i can´t give you hints to write sorry
buut i like this situation where a once mean girl who made others gain gets her own share and she shell struggle hard to keep in shape and loose this battle ^^
Skittles 9 years
I encourage comments and ratings. If you leave a comment feel free to tell me what parts you liked and what you thought could be improved on. Looking to become a better writer and every little bit of feedback always helps. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.