never mess with witches ii

Chapter 1 - copyright and author's note

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Author's Note

My name is Katja, but most know me by Skittles. I have been a part of the Fantasy Feeder community for quite a while now and have enjoyed seeing the community grow. I am loyal to this site and wanted to take a moment to talk about my works. I can sell them on my own and make good money doing it; I can put them on all different kinds of websites to get recognition. To both I do not. This is because this is how I give back to the Fantasy Feeder community and by taking my works and spreading them to other sites or selling them without my permission is beyond offensive, it's hurtful. I love this community and intend these works to be here for the pleasure and enjoyment of Fantasy Feeder members. So please keep my works here and help keep them protected. Also if you see one of my works being circulated either for free on another site or sold elsewhere, please let me know. I do this for you guys, the fans here on Fantasy Feeder. Your loyalty to continue to support the community, this is my gift so please help protect it and keep it here where there's always more to gain inside your heart through acceptance, and outside with a little bit of fun.

I hope you enjoy the work you are about to read and if you have any comments please feel free express them in the comments below about what you liked, what you didn't like, or what you would like to see in the future. If you have any story requests please feel free to message them to me. Take care and remember life is always better with a handful of Skittles ^^
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Kai512 1 month
This is great, though I’m sad there isn’t more! I hope you’ll continue this!
Skittles 2 years
Comments and feedback are appreciated thanks! Some chapters are broken into multiple because they are too large for one entry.
Semajdnil 1 year
I hope you continue this story! I love your writing and love the magician weight gain stories you create. Please continue this, it will be great.
Skittles 1 year
Thanks I’ll get on writing more for this over the next week then. I appreciate the support smiley