new beginnings

chapter 1

Ian was in his mid twenties when his temping agency sent him to work at a psychologist clinic as a receptionist. He'd done medical secretarial work before, but only for a few months. He'd done receptionist job before in a standard office building. He was slightly nervous about starting there, but he was sure that he would soon find his feet. He had confidence in his own abilities. He would not just do the job, he would do it well.
The pay was not startling, the location was good for public transport, but it was not the most trendy. Nevertheless, it was a job and he'd rather be working than sitting at home doing nothing all day.
Ian was slim and handsome, he was aware of his good looks, but he was no fan of exersise and the gym. One hour exersise a week was enough for him.
He was careful with what he ate, but he was not fanatical. He had an occasional treat on special occasions, but he did not eat sweet or fatty foods on a regular basis.
He liked to look good for the ladies. He wore the most expensive suits he could afford. He liked the way they showed his trim figure off. He was, indeed quite vain, spending more money on himself than he spent on football or nights out.
Of course a man like Ian had plenty of girlfriends. He had learned early on in the dating game that there were plenty of girls wanting to go out with him. He'd learned that he did not matter if he was the best behaved boyfriend in the world. If this girl didn't work out, there was always another around the corner. Girls tolerated many of his indiscretions. There was a lot of competition to be by his side. There were grateful to be with him and they would show him off to all of her friends. They would stay with him longer than they ought to because Ian was such a prize.
Ian was currently taking a break from relationships after his last girlfriend had found him in bed with her best mate. He needed to focus more on what he wanted to do with his life. This job was exactly what he needed to make a new start. He looked forward to his first day
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