new world, new lifestyle

chapter 1: a new start


Sara checked the notification on her phone, it was him.

"be there in 10, can't wait to see you"

She smiled and nervously checked herself in the mirror for the millionth time, making sure she was fully satisfied with the outfit she had picked out and that her makeup was to her satisfaction, fully realizing that she would be looking at a much different reflection soon. She could hardly believe that she was actually going through with this, but the excitement overpowered the apprehension. As she made sure the living room was perfectly set for his arrival she couldn't help but contemplate how this was finally coming to fruition.

As the world reeled from the effects of the virus and millions were told to stay home and collect a substantial unemployment for the foreseeable future, a unique opportunity presented itself. The chance to embrace a new life, one that she'd been on the outside looking in at for as long as she could remember. For as long as she could remember she'd been athletic, constantly dieting and exercising, keeping a slim toned figure. Society had drilled it into her that if she wanted to be happy, if she wanted to be loved, she needed a perfect body. So that's what she did, and for years though she was what was supposedly the perfect size, she found herself exhausted, and never happy.

Then one day she came across something, images of women, big women, showing themselves for the world to see. She was shocked, even more so by the fact that there were men who actually thought they looked good. After some digging she came across the concept of feederism, and a site where people would show off the results of the lazy, gluttonous lifestyles that they enjoyed. She was hooked, and began to explore this new world. She learned that there were actually people who did this on purpose, not just women, but men too. She thought back on all the guys she had dated, all of them athletes themselves who were always hypercritical of not just her body, but their own as well. Demanding they both eat strictly and spend countless hours at the gym, only for it to never be enough.

She looked through the before and after photos of the people on there, admiring the confidence they had after giving in to their indulgent desires. She made friends with others on there and listened enviously as they went on about the massive feasts they consumed, and feeling themselves grow fat and happt. Sbe tried to imagine what it would be like to do the same, and it seemed amazing, but she always found it too intimidating to actually give into. Atleast by herself. But with someone else, someone who would be going through the same transformation alongside her, that would be different, if only...

Then the virus came, and people were suddenly out of work, and the gyms were all closed. People were spending all day stuck in their homes, but with an income most had never had. Most of the people on the site rejoiced, a chance to sit at home all day everyday and have an inflated food budget seemed like a dream come true. For some who'd been reluctant before, it seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up.

That's when she saw a new post. "Been athletic all my life, but now that the world's ending it might be nice to give being lazy a try?" She looked through his page and saw he lived nearby, and couldn't resist sending a message. He replied immediately, and after a week of talking the decision was made, they would spend the quarantine together, and say goodbye to the fit life for good
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Bigboyproject 7 months
Must be time for a few more chapters I think... 🤔
Eptingj 3 years
Great so far! Please keep adding. I love mutual weight gain stories!
Karenjenk 3 years
Cute. i hope you keep this going