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chapter 1

¬I met Nikki in the spring of 2011. I was finishing up my third year of undergrad at a small private college in upstate NY. She was a 2nd year student attending a large state school close to Niagara Falls.

At 5'-0" tall, a slim 120 pounds, and rocking a very impressive C cup set, she was extremely attractive, although slightly on the slender side. I introduced myself by shouting over the loud music in the bar downtown. "Does the hair mean your single?"

Her bangs were a vibrant rose red and the rest of her hair jet black matching the Cleopatra mascara surrounding her deep hazel eyes. She was a Latina dream. Her mother migrated from the small republic in 1992 leaving her father behind, right before she had Nikki in a rural town upstate.

"For you- yea that sounds right," She said with a crooked smile. She sipped her vodka tonic as she looked back into my eyes and rotated her hips nervously.

"I, uh, didn't think I would get this far," I replied. I smiled back at her while she laughed at my lame attempt at being socially awkward - her chest bouncing as she leaned in and out to expose her breasts stuffed into a low cut shirt.

As the night and drinks continued, we really connected- she made me laugh and we had similar interests in foods and music. On top of having a perfect hourglass figure, she was selfless - and showed it off my grabbing us the up-tinth round of drinks.

"Let me get another round," She said- quickly standing from our booth, almost falling from the step at the edge of the table she forgot about during her last vodka cran. "Woap" were the words that came out of her mouth as she grabbed the table. "I'm good!" She smiled, adjusted her outfit, which had been getting consistently more restrictive as the night progressed, and moved her belt to the next loop down.

I stared at her tight ass in her favorite 'short short' jeans while she walked away. The ripped light wash that barely covered her full round Latin ass. She caught me staring when she looked back at me, but smiled back to assure she was into it.

The rest of the night was a blur, only remembering buying her nachos and pizza after the bars closed. Her personality made me crave her body, but I still had to use my imagination as I've done countless times before to see myself with her. I was a secret feeder and loved fantasizing about women gaining tons of weight.

Damsels struggling to button jeans that had only fit a few days ago- continuously buying new underwear and bras because of the sudden expansion in waist and bust size- Complaining flirtatiously about their clothing malfunctions while eating seconds and thirds of ice cream- it was a daily dream that I had only played out in my head.

Now sober and back at my place the next day, I remember how much of the pizza and nachos Nikki ate last night - she inhaled the double cheese nachos like she had never had the warm cheesy goodness before, then forced most of the large pizza down her throat like she would never eat food ever again. Her once slim stomach arched from under her large breasts and folded over her now extremely tight short shorts she loved. She didn't try to hide her new temporarily larger shape, mostly because she couldn't really see below her growing bust line.

"Ugh I'm sooo full," She moaned as she held her bulging gut. "But it feels so good," She confessed. "Is that weird?" She laughed. "If you enjoy it, then does it matter if it's weird?" I replied slurring my words- being a little more forward then I usually would be. "I guess not Dr. Freud," She said as he swung her hips into my legs to flirt. Her short shorts and tight form-fitting shirt were being forced apart without her knowledge - with every step her full belly would jiggle slightly and grow the gap exposing her taught full stomach. "She can't eat like that forever without gaining a lot of weight," I thought as I watched her tan Latin hips sway back and forth in her favorite short shorts.

She was stunning. Way too skinny for my usual fantasy, but she ate like a feedee and, again, we really clicked.

In the first 4 years of dating, I was extremely quiet about my fetish and feeder kink. Of course I tried to influence her eating habits as much as I could; I became a decent baker creating delicious treats to always have around for her to snack on while distracted by her favorite shows. I had extra portions myself and purposely added extra food to her plate to encourage her to eat more. I dreamed about added weight gain powder to her diet, but I was certain she wouldn't go for it.

I learned a lot of things about Nikki after we moved in together. I learned that she did not eat vegetables. Which, as someone I love, is hard to accept. But as a gaining feeder kink, is extremely sexy. She also did not like working out. I've worked out on and off for years and have tried a couple times tot get her to just walk on the treadmill with me, but she only goes once or twice and never again. I really enjoyed the time she did come with me.

I was able to see how her sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle affected her in the gym. Her added girth with each half-hearted visit reinforced her hate for the gym- her expanding body constantly struggling to get out of her tightening track clothes. We always ended up going out to eat after she went to the gym. She never made the connection, but I wanted to make sure she never lost one pound from working out.

We ate our way through countless lunch and dinner dates for the first four years. I sat across from her while she steadily gained a hefty 60 pounds - 15 pounds a year. That's over a pound a month. Secretly I was ecstatic. It was a dream come true. A new need for birth control and the college factor really compounded her lazy, unhealthy eat habits.
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Karenjenk 5 years
I love this. the whole secret feeder.
I'm late for work because of you.
And its ok..

Please write more