no escape

chapter 1

She hated being overweight. Hated it. She used to be very good at watching her waistline, but the last few years it got away from her. She was almost 330 pounds when she decided to go to a gym. And she actually stuck through with it, getting down to 290 in a few months. She was ecstatic, determined to keep it up. She’s never felt confidence like this in her life, excited to get even thinner.

It’s too bad she ran into him.

He was watching her for quite some time, sure that her gym regimen would fail. But alas, with anger he watched her continue to lose weight, not the least bit grateful for the body she had.

He was going to fix that. He was an extreme feeder, and among certain online communities he was quite popular, but still very secretive. There were many rumors, but it was said that he was responsible for the disappearance of many people in the area, all of them young women who ranged from chubby to obese. What happened to these women, no one really knew.

He was extremely strong, and at 40 years old had been doing this for quite some time. When the skippy gym goer walked out to her car in the parking lot, he crept up behind her, put a damp cloth of chloroform to her mouth, and tossed her into his van.

She awoke hours later, unaware of what had transpired after she left the gym. She was completely naked, tied up in some kind of large sling/tarp, her chubby body shaking in fear. The man walked into view.
“Welcome to your new home, pig. You will never leave this room again.”
She immediately began screaming, crying out, yelling obscenities at the man. With striking speed, he ran forward to the woman and grabbed her exposed breasts, painfully twisting them until she stopped yelling, only crying now.
“You will not resist anything I do. If you do resist, you will be punished with physical pain. I don’t care if I have to break all your bones to make you comply, you will not go against me. Do you understand?” She was petrified with fear, but she understood.
“You are going to spend the rest of your life here, and by rest of your life I mean however long it takes for me to feed you to death.” At this she began panicking again, only to be silenced by a swift slap to the face, the mans rough hand making her see stars.
“I have several people very interested in my work, and right now all the bets that have come in have you lasting not more than 3 years here. I want to get it down to 2.”

1 year later

He stood in front of her, the large tarp sling that held her body dangerously low to the ground, but still holding. Barely.
It took some time to break this one, honestly. She was strong willed despite his methods, and it wasn’t until he had to resort to straight up heavily drugging her that she began to give in. When she crested 700 pounds, he took her off the drugs just so she could see what had been done to her. Mirrors set up around her let her see the inhuman mass of lard she’d become. She’d had her first heart attack that day, the stress of seeing herself sober for the first time in almost a year nearly destroyed her overtaxed heart, and it took him repeatedly shocking her back to reality to bring her back. After that, he put her on the drug cocktail again, and continued the tube feeding, all manner of unhealthy foods being ground up and pumped into her.
In only a year he’d managed to get her up to 950 pounds, with just 2 heart attacks. It was good progress, but he knew he could do better. The poor girls stomach came off the tarp now, a giant mass of angry stretch marks, rolls and cellulite almost touching the ground now. Coming off the sides was her thighs, each one weighing nearly as much as she did before she came here, covered in so many rolls you didn’t know if there was even a leg under all that flab. Her backside was monstrous, taking up several feet and actually starting to hang off the back of the tarp. Her arms were basically useless, and her once pretty face was surrounded by several chins. Her enormous breasts just hung off the side of her belly, their stretching clearly causing her pain on the days when the man would let them hang completely free.

Cleaning her was quite the task. He mainly used a hose with cold water and some sponges, being sure to get between her rolls. He always liked taking his time when he got between her thighs and massive fupa, teasing her with the hose before pulling away. He normally never lets his pigs cum.

There was a hole cut out in the tarp for her to relieve herself, and also for him to brutally torture her with some massive dildos that he would ram into her anus without warning. Seeing her entire body jiggle at this was mesmerizing.
“I’ve got a surprise for you today, pig.” He began putting sticks of butter into a microwave, melting them down into a jar. After doing this with 30 or so sticks, he then dumped several donuts into the jar before climbing up to her mouth. He pulled out the tube, as she slowly came to.
“You’re getting real food for once” and he pushed a butter soaked donut into her mouth. She chewed quickly and swallowed, another one soon being forced in. This kept up until she had ingested 20 butter soaked donuts.
“You’re going to drink the rest of this butter, pig.”
He began pouring the thick butter into her mouth, plenty of it dripping down her chins. “You’re getting pretty fat, pig. You should go on a diet.”
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Softy90 1 year
What I would give to be the very pig that's being kidnapped by you. I want you to do exactly that to me!
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
Oh. Oh. I am embarrassed by how much this turns me on.
Karenjenk 4 years
This is very straightforward and direct.
for what it is... its amazing.
personally i would like to see you redo it and flesh it out over a few more chapters and develop your ideas;
i like this one