no more gymnastics, part three

chapter 1

Sally and Jill left Carol and Katie sit and digest. They went over to the Jacuzzi and stepped in. Jill kept giggling at Sally tummy bulge. “Sally, are you going to name your food baby?” Sally patted her bulge, “Not yet, I think I might have twins or triplets.” They both laughed. Sally kept poking Jill’s round thighs under the water. “Sally, stop poking my fat thighs, I don’t want to get any bruises.” Jill adjusted her bikini panty, it was giving her a wedgie her bottom cheeks were getting so big and soft.

Sally asked, “How big do you think Melissa is going to get?” “God, I don’t know. I mean Anne seems to encourage her to eat as much as she can and Melissa doesn’t get any exercise at all,” replied Jill. “I know, Melissa can barely get herself out of bed, much less do any walking.” “But it’s not her fault, I mean she has the weird condition from the surgery, she doesn’t feel full and she can’t control her appetite at all.” Sally replied, “I feel sorry for her, she was a much better gymnast than either of us. I think she enjoyed it more too.” They sat and soaked for a few minutes.

“Sally, I think we should support Melissa,” said Jill. “Duh, Jill we are supporting her. We still like her and want to be with despite her mom trying to fatten us up.” Jill sighed, “That’s my point Sally, Anne wants us to be fat too. So Melissa isn’t the only one getting fat. I think we should gain weight, which would show Melissa that we support her.” Sally giggled poking Jill’s fat thigh again, “Jill you will get a huge booty and thighs if you gain weight and I’ll look like I’m pregnant with triplets.” Jill smiled, “So?”

They both started giggling and poking each other. Jill said, “Sally we have six weeks until school starts to fatten ourselves up.” Sally giggled, “God, this is going to be so fun, we can eat whatever we want and how much we want too!” Jill asked, “Should we tell Carol and Katie?” Sally giggled patting her bugling belly, “Jill I think it’s going to be pretty obvious when start getting fat.” “Yeah, that’s true, we better tell them.” “Jill let’s tell them now, in the mood they’re in, they will probably go along with us gaining weight.” “Oh, I’m hungry too,” giggled Jill.

Katie and Carol were sitting by the pool closer to the house. Katie said, “I wonder what the girls are talking about.” Carol giggled, “Probably comparing their bodies.” Katie chuckled, “That’s mostly likely true. I was surprised that neither one of them was upset about gaining weight so quickly nor how they looked.” “I know I was surprised too. They really seemed to be enjoying over-eating and getting stuffed. I’m sure Anne fed them several times, not to mention their binge at the buffet.” Speaking of Anne,” Carol said, “are you upset with her for setting up Jill and Sally to overeat and gain weight?” Katie thought for a moment, “No, I’m not. If my daughter became morbidly obese through no fault of her own, I would probably do the same thing Anne is doing.”

Carol and Katie looked up to see Jill and Sally heading for the kitchen. “They can’t be hungry again, can they; we just stuffed ourselves an hour and a half ago.” A couple minutes later, Jill and Sally came back out to the pool patio, each carrying a stash of snack food. They came over to their moms.

Jill piped up, “Katie and Carol, we have decided to support Melissa by gaining weight and getting fat.” Carol and Katie looked at each other then back at their daughters. “Carol said, “Okay, but do you realize what gaining weight and getting fat entails?” “We do Mom”, replied Sally. Katie said, “Sally are you prepared to have a big belly sticking out in front of you, and Jill, look how big you booty and thighs are now, how big will they be if you gain weight?” Jill replied, “I know I will have a fat booty and thighs, but I want to get fat for Melissa, she’s our best friend and we can’t let her be fat all alone.”

Katie turned to Carol, “So what do you think? Should we let them get fat?” Carol said, “Katie, I think we should not only let them get fat, but support them in their quest.” Katie smiled, “Carol, so we are going to have fat daughters now.”

Jill and Sally shrieked. “You guys are the best!” Carol said, “Thank you girls, but you two want to get fat, than you are going to have to work at it. That means extra-large meals, snacking, no exercise at all, finishing all the food put in front of you, is that clear girls?” “Yes Carol, they piped up.

Katie said, “You two will have to take good care of yourselves, especially as you get fat. That means you will practice good hygiene, shaving your legs and under arms, even with your fat belly in the way or fat thighs, clean hair, clean clothes too. I don’t want to see you stuffed and bloated in t-shirts or blouses with food stains on them. You will dress modestly in public, no ripped clothes, no fat bellies sagging from under shirts or blouses, fat bellies and bottoms inside jeans and stretch pants. Have I covered everything Carol?”

“One more thing girls, you will clean up after yourselves no matter whose house you binge at. We’re not going to pick up the debris of your binges, clear?” said Carol.
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