no one is coming for you

chapter 1

No one is coming to save her. The authorities gave up two years ago, and her family assumed she was gone forever. It’s probably for the best, as if they saw her now they’d be so horrified it would mentally scar them for life.

She wasn’t a human anymore, at least in her captors eyes. Every single facet of his entire operation was to add pure jelly-like lard to her frame, with as little movement or strain on her part. Of course, she strained to breathe, to sleep, to exist, but that was expected. Her body was his and she had no control over what happened to it. She couldn’t even end her own life, as she had been rendered unable to do so. She couldn’t stop anything going in her body, or even out of it.

She rested on a large tarp, sitting over a grate that led to a sewer somewhere. This enabled her to freely relieve herself, but due to the enormous amount of muscle relaxers and forced sedation, she couldn’t even control her own bowel movements. How much this mentally ruined her, her captors never knew, but figured it bothered her. To be so obese, so fat that you are unable to control anything on your body. She could only sit there as slop was forced into her and waste was filtered out.

The mix was evil, being filled with sugar and lard. Pure sugar, animal fat, tubs of butter, corn syrup, all manner of high calorie items blended up and mixed with heavy cream and milk, sometimes soda. The tube it went down was in her mouth 20 hours a day, every single day of the year. This concoction had turned her from a 170 pound cutie into a half ton barely sentient blob in four years.

Around her ears were sound canceling headphones and around her eyes were dark eye patches that would keep her in the dark until her poor heart stops from being unable to keep up anymore. You would take them off every now and then, to let her see what you’ve done, but only for a moment. Her body was yours to cherish, she didn’t even deserve to see it.

Her existence was dull and boring, and what dreams or ambitions she had were long gone. Food is such an essential thing in our world, and it brings many joy. It can also bring the destruction of a bright flame, buried under pure, soft fat that you can sink in to.
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