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Chapter 1 - Ambition’s Folly

Authors Note: This story goes back to my roots and features other changes in addition to weight gain. All people, locations, etc. in this story are 100% fictional. I do not condone racism or any form of racial or cultural hatred or intolerance.


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Cha pter & Theme Guide

1) Ambition’s Folly
2) In the Darkness of Night
3) The Altar
4) Swelling Pride (WG, RC)
5) Swelling Everything (WG)
6) Growing Out (WG)
7) Plaything (WG, Slob)
8) Hungering Void (WG, RC, Stuffing)
9) Rising Tide (WG, RC, Slob)
10) Crown of Indulgence (WG)
11) Metamorphosis (RC)
12) Daughter of Paruthma
13) Warm Welcome (Int, Orgy, Stuffing)
14) Epilogue (Int, Preg)

WG = Weight Gain
Int = Intercourse
Preg = Pregnancy
RC = Race Change


Alice grimaced in pain as her right hand cramped once again, the young 27-year-old blonde cursing to herself while tossing her black gel pen in frustration. The exhausted researcher had spent the last two hours jotting down notes detailing her day’s work, and the 128-pound woman struggled to keep her eyes open and focused on the notepad in front of her. Up above, the sun’s golden light waned in the darkening sky as night approaches, and Alice couldn’t help but imagine herself crawling into her camouflaged tent and giving into her body’s demands for sleep.

“Ugh I need more time,” she sighed to herself while smacking her knees with the weather-worn notepad.

Alice had traveled halfway across the world to a remote island in hopes of uncovering the mysteries surrounding one of the world’s last isolated groups of people, but the researcher had become increasingly frustrated with her lack of progress. The isolated civilization that inhabited Paruthma island had a reputation for staying deep in the heavily forested regions of their homeland and were well known to be openly hostile to outsiders. Every photograph or video footage Alice had found while doing her preliminary research of the native people had been taking from a distance, often from boats or planes out of safety. In fact, nobody in the modern world had ever managed to speak directly with one of the natives, or at least they hadn’t managed to leave the island with enough of their head intact to tell the tale.

The inhabitants of Paruthma island were shrouded in as much vegetation as they were mystery, but what little information Alice had found depicted the men as tall and muscular Adonises, likely the result of an abundance of protein-rich food sources combined with the degree of physical labor required to maintain their society. Despite always being taken from a distance, the visual evidence showed the men to have beautiful golden-brown skin, their dark and muscular physiques accentuated by their almost complete lack of clothing. However, what truly intrigued Alice was the women of the island, or at least the lack thereof. To date, there was still no photographic or video evidence that women even existed on Paruthman island.

Every single photo, video, and story that managed to make it back to the modern world only ever detailed the men, and that was precisely what attracted Alice to this remote place. Providing her colleagues with a single shred of physical evidence would gain Alice a career-defining reputation, and the young prodigy was hungry for glory. However, the trip was not without risk. Well over fifty known researchers just like Alice had made similar attempts to uncover the mysteries surrounding the island, and every single one had either vanished or returned empty handed.

Unfortunately for Alice, two weeks in isolation and living off as little food and water as possible had yielded very little. The young woman had done her best to take every precaution, knowing full well that her life would be at risk if she were to be found. She had set up camp in a remote corner of the island just a short distance from where she had concealed her boat. The spot was very rarely visited by the patrolling natives, and Alice always made sure to cover her tracks whenever she had explored deeper into the jungle. But while she felt some degree of pride for lasting so long on the island without being found, all she had to show for her work were a few blurry photographs taken of men traversing the island’s numerous dirt pathways. In two weeks, Alice hadn’t even found even a single human structure, let alone any evidence that Paruthman women did in fact exist.

“These people don’t reproduce any differently than the rest of humanity,” Alice said to herself wearily while standing from her seated position. “They’re out there somewhere, and I’m going to find them. I have to.”

Kicking dirt over the few remaining flames of her dwindling fire, the 5’4” woman sighed before retiring to her tent, the hunger in her stomach serving as a reminder that she had less than a few days of food supplies left before she would be forced to return to modern civilization. With her bruised and sweaty body aching, the athletic blonde removed everything but her underwear before laying down in her sleeping bag, and the exhausted researcher soon fell asleep less than a minute after her golden head hit the pillow.
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MoreOfMe 3 weeks
Please write more chapters!!!!
MoreOfMe 3 weeks
Please write more chapters!!!!
MoreOfMe 3 weeks
Please write more chapters!!!!
SLDB 3 months
Couldn’t help but add an epilogue.
Observer 3 months
Great updates….
SLDB 3 months
Two new chapters added in the last 24 hours. They’re each about twice the size as the previous ones which is partly why they took so long. Hoping to wrap this up in the next few days.
Jet Lag 3 months
wonderful story, i haven't seen this before
Observer 3 months
Nice story, like to see it continue….
Texasjack 4 months
I really liked the story. I wonder if there is a sequel telling about her new life.
Her new large nipples reminded me of a picture showing New Guinea female nursing
a piglet from her breast.
SLDB 4 months
I had a minor medical procedure the other day and have been out of commission for a few days. New chapters are just about done, just need to revise and post.
SLDB 4 months
Still in the works! Just had a lot going on and haven’t been able to write. Planning on wrapping this up and then finishing Control.
Mikeboi1994 4 months
#loving this. ❤ Love this story man! BTW Is control getting an update? 🙂 Just wondering 🥰
SLDB 4 months
I told myself I wouldn’t do more long-form writing but here we are. Ten chapters are already written with more to come. Trying to make this one very detail oriented when it comes to physical changes.
Cheers1758 4 months
Amazing stuff! So glad you’re back. The changes, the corruption. Your writing is top notch!
SLDB 4 months
Thanks guys!