nothing but a pig

Chapter 1 - part 1/2

You're awake.
You struggle to open your eyes. The eyelids feel heavy and your mind still seems in a daze. You immediately start picturing different foods, you can hear your stomach roaring for pies, hot dogs, wings, cream, anything with calories.
Its weird.
You were never this hungry before.
"Before what?", you think. The last thing you remember is stepping into your house. And now you're here.

You still can't open your eyes, and you still feel a gnawing terrible hunger.

You try to lift yourself up. Nothing happens. You try to move your legs, but it feels like they are trapped under a 200lb blanket. You try raising your arm, but its a struggle. It feels like someone has tied heavy weights to it. You manage to move it in front of you, but it stops suddenly and abruptly. It hits something soft. You realize that you felt a hit from your own arm. Whatever it is, it's attached. You lay your arm down on the soft mass, feeling it sink down.
"What is going on" you wonder.
It feels soft and heavy. It moves like jelly beneath your touch. Wobbling back and forth, you feel the movement, the bounce, the sway.
You're breathing heavy from the effort of just moving your arm. You lay your head back, it sinks into something soft. You start to drift.

You're awake.
Your eyelids are still so heavy, and you can still feel a gnawing hunger. A burning desire to have your stomach filled to capacity and beyond.
You manage to get your eyes open this time and you take a gasp.

All you see before you is a massive blob of your jiggling skin, crisscrossed with dozens of bright red strechmarks. Your legs are completely buried, and your view is blocked by your immense wide gut.
You're huge. You try to scream but all that comes out is a soft pathetic snort, like a pig.

You try to speak, but can only oink out into the dark room. You are desperate to hear someone, see someone.
But more than that, you feel your massive stomach rumbling for food.
At that moment, a single light clicks on.

You hear a voice say

"Are you hungry baby?"
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FatPig4Feeding 4 years
This is what I want for me. So hot.
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Deliciously dark.

I look forward to more stories by you. You have atlent for this kind of writing.