now you can get fatter

Chapter 1: giving in

After that lovely Christmas, As januari turned into februari we find ourselves at Lindseys and Eddies home where a few things had changed since the last time we saw them. A switch had flipped inside Lindsey after that last Christmas dinner as she gave in to all her desires she had refused for so long. It already started when she and Eddie had gone straight to business after getting home that Christmas. Lindsey felt a strange horniness after she stuffed herself to the brim with that moonpie. Before Eddie could undress a wheezing Lindsey waddled into the room with all of the Dunkin’ donuts she could find and threw them onto the bed. After that they didn’t even talk, the look they gave each other said enough, it was time for some fun.

The weeks after that followed the same pattern for the couple as the habit of bringing food into the bedroom became the new standard. They felt more connected than ever.

In the beginning of April, news came of a new virus spreading from China all over the world. More and more infections also occurred in America, which caused hospitals to be flooded. The government immediately decided to put the entire country in lockdown. Everyone had to stay in their own house and order food or groceries to be delivered to their doorstep. You were only allowed to go outside for your own door to air, but traveling was absolutely not allowed. Hailey remembered how much she hated being sick, so she certainly didn't want to risk getting sick. Certainly not when she heard that overweight people had a greater risk of infection and greater consequences. The family decided not to take any risk and come together when everything was safe again. They met every day via Skype while they sat on their own couch eating what their husband brought them every day. The only downside was, the reception where Lindsey lived was to bad to make phone calls so they would only call.

With Eddie being in the military they didn’t have to bother about not getting payed during the lockdown and they where together 24/7 now which only made things worse if she wanted to lose weight.

One day, Lindsey asked Eddie to instal a mini fridge in their room because it was way easier to for morning sex as they didn’t have to leave the bed. With the new fridge came new routines, The fridge slowly turned into Lindseys best friend during the day as she no longer had to walk to the kitchen for snacks. The only thing Eddie had to do was making sure he stocked it with a many ice cream, snacks and junkfood he could fit in. As a bonus, he added snack trays throughout the house so she could snack whenever she liked. And oh boy, this girl loved to snack. Even in the most unexpected places. when she woke up, she started with her morning milkshake consisting or melted ice cream mixed with full cream and some sweet sauce she added as a bonus. She was fully giving into her desires and she felt liberated.

A couple of months later as June rolled around, Eddie had caught his obese wife sitting on the couch, her flabby arms grabbing her bigger belly. She lifted the mass of her stomach upwards and let it slap back down with the full force of gravity, mesmerized as her jello-like body rippled and reverberated for a seconds afterwards, blubber jostling from side to side before settling comfortably back in it's resting position.

"Enjoying yourself?" Eddie said with a smirk

"You have no idea..." Lindsey replied, a hint of arousal in her voice. "I've come so far since I let myself go..." she muttered softly, jostling herself again and watching the fat ripple around her.

"Yeah, you've really grown over the past year and a half or so, huh?" Eddie added.

"Yeah..." Lindsey responded, her voice trailing off with an almost sigh of disappointment.

Eddie sensed this immediately.

"What's wrong then, Babe?” he asked.

"I feel like...well, like I want to be...bigger..." Lindsey answered, staring blankly at herself.

Eddies eye brows shot upwards, his heart rate increase slightly and he felt the twinge of an erection awakening within his boxer shorts.

"You...You're upset because you think you haven't managed to get fat enough?!" He said, trying to calm the tone of disbelief in his voice.

Lindsey continued staring and jostling her stomach absentmindedly as she spoke

"I know, it sounds insane. I've been trying to keep the thought to myself since a few months now because I don't even know where this idea is coming from. I dunno... I love what I'm turning into in a sick and twisted sort of way. I love eating, I love it more than most things in life. At first I was ambivalent about my weight, then accepting, then something...happened..." Lindsey confessed.

"What? What happened?" Eddie asked, eagerly

"It's like a switch deep inside my body was suddenly flicked on. I started looking at myself in the mirror and tracing the cellulite riddled curves of my body wishing I was bigger, fatter, heavier. I have watched Hailey get fatter and wider. I'd watch her struggle, wheeze, get out of breath, waddle around, and I knew that the normal reaction should have been fear, disgust, sadness or empathy..." she continued.

"and?" Eddie egged her on

"...and at first it was true. But after last Christmas I found out al I felt was lust, jealousy and uncontrollable horniness. My god - last week Gene had to rebuild their bed frame with 4x4 wood framing to withstand Haileys girth and I swear to god just hearing about it I almost soaked straight through my panties and yoga pants." Lindsey added. "I wanted to pretend this wasn't how I felt, or that I wasn't getting off on this. I don't know how it happened... Maybe it really was those breakfasts in bed after fucking. I joked about them plenty, but honestly I think it's possible that all of the associating food and fat with sex and desire maybe caused the wires to get crossed in my brain somehow. I don't know and I don't really care anymore. All that I know is that I want what Hailey has, and I mean that I WANT it... I want it right now." she answered, breathing in deeply, closing her eyes.

Eddies pants were noticeably throbbing at this point. His wife flopped her belly down once again and glanced lazily at the tent being pitched in her husband's pants.

"I take it you feel the same way then?" she said quietly, her eyes slowly moving up to meet those of her husband's - a crooked smile taking over one corner of her mouth.

Eddie simply nodded. Lindsey resumed fondling herself.

"I have a proposal to make" she began. "How about you and I solve this mutual issue?"

"and how exactly would you recommend doing that?" Eddie asked with a slight choke in his throat.

"How about we stop with those small portions and start feeding me properly like the rest of my family?” she stated bluntly, dropping her head down while looking up at her husband and raising an eyebrow.

The two stared at each other for a solid 15 seconds. Eddie felt like his brain was about to explode. He could never have imagined in his wildest dreams just a few short years ago, that he would ever find himself sitting on the couch next to his now 300+ pound wife as she slightly chastised him for not trying hard enough to fatten her. He never thought in a million years that she would demand that he take a more active role in feeding her so she could grow fatter at an even more breakneck pace than she was already.

"Do you really know what you're getting yourself into?" He cautioned her.

"I've been looking at some videos online out of curiosity." she replied, still entranced by her own floppy belly. "Seems like I'm getting myself into a pair of handcuffs, a few funnels, heavy cream, and weight gain shakes." she replied with an almost cold and calculating demeanor.

"Once you open this door, and waddle through it, you're never going to fit back out again you know..." he added. "There's no returning from that path..."

"If I can help it, I plan on not having to do anything that leads to burning calories much longer." Lindsey shot back. "This is the only path I want to take, and I need you to fill me up with as many calories as I can handle, then keep going. I want you to push me past the point of no return. It sounds so fucking weird, it sounds so sick even now to say this, but I want you to turn me into the fattest pig of the family.” Lindsey said, her breathing noticeably becoming shorter.

Eddies answer wasn't verbal. He closed the blinds, and yanked his wife's skin tight stretch pants and panties down to her ankles. Lindsey moaned with pleasure - both of them envisioning the world they had decided to enter and what was to come.

Disclaimer! Hello people of the internet, this is my first story as I couldn’t help but continue one of my favorite stories and try something new. As I’m no professional writer and English not being my first language I used most parts of the artist’s and changed them to fit the story! All rights to this story belong to fataholic and ineeeeda’s ‘the rise of Nancy Henderson’ which was deleted from FF. Anyways I hope you enjoy my story, let me know what you think!
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Fluffylove 4 months
Love the story,please continue. I hope her sister has also gotten fatter
Fataholic 6 months
Logging in for the first time in a long time to say I approve, great job!
Mclovinnit 6 months
Thank you, that really made day! Means a lot coming from an amazing author like you!
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Love that this story got picked up. It’s my favorite on this site. I can’t wait for you to incorporate the sister and family back into it.
Mclovinnit 6 months
I was things the same, and I guess you’ll have to stick around for that! smiley
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Great Story!
Can definitely see the Nancy Henderson Influence here! Will you ever touch that one too?
Mclovinnit 6 months
Hey Tom! Thank you very much, that story is my all time favorite. Do you mean if I’m ever going to post nancy’s full story?