oblivious love gains

chapter 1

"Babe, you lost you're belly." I state as I grab my husbands diminishing pudge.

" I know babe isn't that great! Before you know it my six pack will start coming in! " he says excitedly as he finishes buttoning up his dress shirt. The same shirt that didn't fit him a couple of months ago.

8 months earlier

Nelson, my boyfriend had always been a fit guy. That is before he met me.
We met through a mutual friends birthday party where I had found him staring at the dessert table with longing. Looking him over you could tell that he took good care of himself. He was dressed in a white dress shirt which did a fabulous job of emphasizing his physique. I could just imagine him in this same shirt, buttons straining but instead of straining with his muscles it would be the layers of fat I would manage to pack onto him.
Instead of drooling over the handsome man I decide to make a move.
" Having trouble deciding what to get?" I asked him peering up at him with my hazel eyes.
" No." he sighs sadly. " I can't eat any of this." He finishes looking at me with piercing blue eyes.
Wow. He is one fine specimen.
" Why is that? You allergic to all this deliciousness? " I ask playfully.
" I wish. Maybe that would make this easier. I'm just being careful of what I eat. I gained a couple pounds recently and I need to lay off the sweets." He says ashamed.
"Are you kidding?!" I exclaim. He looks at me surprised.
" huh?"
"If anything you need to eat more sweets you might just wither away if you don't."
" Oh no I really shouldn't." He says biting his lip.
This man is going to be the death of me.
" I insist! You wouldn't want to hurt the bakers feelings would you?" I give him the puppy eyes.
" You made these?" He points towards the desserts table.
"Every last one. "
" Well I wouldn't want to disappoint the beautiful baker now would I ." He smiles sweetly. He grabs a brownie and takes a bite. As he takes a bite he lets out a groan.
Can he be any sexier? Nothing more attractive than a man who enjoys your food.
" Well? Did I disappoint?" I ask.
" This might be the best brownie I have ever eaten ! " I flush at his compliment.
" I'm glad you enjoyed it. My name is Crystal by the way."I extend my hand towards him.
" It is a pleasure to meet you, Crystal. I'm Nelson." He takes my extended hand and the rest is history.


"Baby you sure you don't want any more pasta? I made too much again." I ask in hopes he would say yes. It has been a while since he last indulged.

" Crys, I told you I am taking this diet seriously. I have a couple more pounds I need to shed." He says as he stands up from the kitchen table and heads towards our room.

I hide my dissapointment and fill my plate up for a second helping. Just because he didn't want any more doesn't mean that I'm not going to eat more.

"Oof." I might have eaten a bit more than usual I realize as I plop down in the couch in the living room and rub my food baby.


I wake up startled. I must have fallen asleep earlier.


"Yeah babe?" He enters the room seconds later. He must have come back from his nightly jog since he is covered in sweat.

"Nothing you just woke me up."
"Aww sorry hon. I know how much you love you naps. " he comes over and kisses my forehead getting his sweat all over me.
" Gross. Go shower you're getting sweat all over me ." I exclaim in disgust.
He smiles devishly but heads out to shower anyway.

I get up deciding to join him.

I head into the bathroom, take off my clothes, and hop in the shower with him.

" ooh what do we have here? "

" just little old me. " I say feeling a little horny.

" hmm little? " he questions jokingly grabbing my still bloated belly.

"Hey! Leave my food baby alone. I ate a little more than I should have. "

" I can tell" he smirks pushing me up against the wall.

While we kiss one of his hands is on my hip and the other groping my boob slowly making its way down towards my pussy.

He starts fingering me and his hot mouth starts trailing it's way down towards my neck and towards my left nipple first and then to my right.

I moan.

His lips now trailing down and lingering a little more than usual on my stuffed belly. Until finally he dives right in between my thighs.
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