office feeder

chapter 1

He was nervous, first days on the job are like that. Working for Eason Enterprises wasn't his ideal office job but a paycheck is a paycheck. Jason Brady had graduated from UTEP without much to do. He was just twenty-one years old, single, tall, lean with brown hair, horn rimmed glasses and one of the worst suitcoats in the past quarter century. His black dress pants weren't so bad but his yellow polka dotted tie was almost as bad as his canary yellow/plaid jacket. Fashion was never his strongest sense but he could break down computer code better than anyone.

The office he was assigned to was small in layout with just five cubicles spread out with one main office. The five cubicles represented the receptionist, the phone operator, the computer technicians and the accountant. The receptionist was an older lady in her late 50's with silver hair, round glasses and a peculiar slender body for someone her age. The other computer technician was a bald, portly gentleman in his early 50's. The phone operator was also an older woman only slightly chubbier than the receptionist and looked to be a little senile. The accountant was a younger woman in her early 30's who had flowing black hair, blue eyes and spoke with a Finnish accent. She was married with a 10 year old daughter judging by the picture Jason saw on her desk. She was tall, slender and Jason thought she was gorgeous. Jason thought "If she wasn't married, I'd ask her out myself." He walked into the main office belonging to Victoria Eason-Strauss, the 35 year old daughter of Old Man Eason himself. Victoria was the C.F.O. of the company with sparking red hair with a slightly chubby body packed in a silver pantsuit that was a little too tight for her. It was the beginning of the fall, days were getting shorter and winter was on the horizon. Electricity was going to be in demand for heaters, electric fire places, houses, etc and Eason Enterprises were going to be very busy.

Jason extended his hand to his new boss and said "Jason Brady, its my first day here." Victoria shook it and Jason noticed the diamond ring on her left hand. She said "Victoria Strauss, C.F.O., glad to meet you. I'll keep this short." Victoria rose and delivered a speech about how he's apart of a team and will be counted onto perform. Jason barely listened to her, instead focusing more on the bulge in the middle of her shirt caused by her belly. He also marveled at her magnificent breasts and glowing face. He was nodding along to what she was saying but was really just checking her out. One thing he learned in college was the art of subtlety checking a girl out without her knowing.

Victoria "And that's all I have to say, now get to work!"

Jason replied "Can I feel your muscle?"

Victoria chuckled which she wasn't expecting to do. Jason walked out and she checked him out as well. Clearly he was different than she expected which was a good thing in her eyes. He took his seat and got to work updating files, bank statements and payroll. Two hours later the other computer guy came over and introduced himself. He was wearing a blue dress shirt, red tie and too tight brown work slacks. He extended his hand:

"Chuck Hamilton, head technician"

Jason shook his hand and said "Jason Brady, new technician." Chuck looked him up and down and said "Well you looked better than the last guy, he didn't know an executable file from an executioner. The poor S.O.B."

Jason "Luckily I'm not that stupid. Nice to meet you."

Chuck "Nice to see a new face, other than Margo and Aureline, there's not much to look at here."

Jason hushed his voice a little and said "I take it you mean the hit married woman a few cubicles over?"

Chuck "You're very observant, kid. Yup, husband is a good guy actually. Met him at a party twice, can barely speak English though."

Jason "What country are they from?"

Chuck "Finland I believe."

Jason "What about our hellfire and brimstone boss?"

Chuck laughed and said "Haha, Mrs. Strauss. Her husband is a complete dick. Not the best looking guy either. One of the reasons her attitude is as poor as it is, is because he pisses her off."

Jason "So we all have to suffer?"

Chuck "No kidding. Find a way to get on her good side and you'll be here longer, kid."

Jason "How did you do it?"

Chuck laughed again and said "Ha! I'm retiring in a year. I never got along with her and I never will. Me and Barbara over there have been here since Victoria was in elementary school. Unfortunately Barb still thinks its 1985."

Jason "So Barb is the phone operator. Who's the receptionist?"

Chuck "Oh, her. That would be Margo. She's a fitness teacher on the side. Got a better body than some twenty-one year olds I know."

Margo's voice could be heard nearby "I heard that."

Chuck put his hand on his mouth and said "Love ya Marge."

Margo said "Uh huh" and Chuck said "I'll catch ya later kid" and headed back to his cubicle. Jason continued his work while sneaking glances at anyone he could to study their movements and voices. The rest of the day came and went and none of the others introduced themselves to Jason. He figured it was some sort of hazing ritual but realized he was timid himself. As he left the office at 4 PM, he looked into Victoria's office and wondered how he could get on her good side. He looked to his left just outside the office and saw a vending machine. He smiled and an idea formed.
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