office life

chapter 1

Brett was flushed hot and sweating as he waited for his interview. He had lost count as to how many he had been through since graduating but the nerves never seemed to leave him. Eventually his name was called and he gathered himself before entering, he could only hope they didn't see how anxious he was.
Law was a hard field these days but he was elated, he had finally done it. A job secured just as his reserves were starting to get dangerously low, he had been struggling with the concept of another year coaching at the local pool - though he didn't hate it the pay was terrible and so were most of the parents of kids he had to deal with. As he walked home he had to admit to himself that he was certainly striking in the well-tailored suit.
He didn't have to be modest, he knew he was especially good looking, he certainly had the face with his strong jaw, cheekbones and masculine nose along with a gorgeous natural tanned skintone. All that and the near perfect body to go with it. Over six foot 2 and covered in lean muscle and radiating fitness and strength from his college and high school water polo. His legs were strong and thickly muscled with bulging biceps and broad shoulders. His chest showed through most clothes his pecs strong and wide with a ripped stomach - not only with good definition but obviously toned muscles. After entering college at 150 pounds and a smaller but still impressive athlete he had stressed about the freshman 15, and the weight did pile on but not as he had feared. Leaving college at 170 his body fat would have been the same, if not lower it was all lean muscle and a little more height.
The first days of work were good, if a bit nerve wracking but eventually he settled in and got to know his co-workers. Most had similar backgrounds to him and he fit into the culture well, especially with all the long hours that he was having to do it was a relief to have friendly faces around. Eventually the long hours, often doing 12 hours a day caught up to him a bit - he found himself tired and craving sleep - Josh his work neighbour suggested energy drinks apparently it was all that worked for him. Even in college Brett had stayed away but coffee just didn't seem to be enough to keep him going through the nights. It was particularly bad at the moment - a massive client had run into troubles and the partners were pushing all the newbies especially hard - a few even to the breaking point. Brett gave in and joined in the caffeine bursts and quickly became dependant on it. His diet was also changing, something that he was becoming increasingly concerned about he was eating takeaway or pizza in the office nearly every lunch and night and skipped breakfast most days, only on the weekends or days off did his diet resemble anything decent. And forget about breakfast most days- sleep was his priority but come 10 o'clock he was ravenous. And as for his gym membership it had lapsed about a month ago and he hadn't bothered to restore it - no point when you don't have the time or energy to go.
Brett wasn't blind to the changes in his lifestyle, he knew the stress and bad eating would probably catch up with him but he managed to push it far back in his mind.
Josh his neighbour had been hired at the same time as Brett, was shorter and with a smaller but still quite fit build he was obviously less athletic but none the less attractive with creamy pale skin and pronounced jaw. The lifestyle had seemingly hit him hard, Brett noticed the slight bags under his eyes and the redness in his pupils over the long nights shared, his pale complexion showing the wear more readily. He had noticed something else as well, 4 months into the job and Brett was noticing that Josh had put on a little bit of weight. His jawline had softened and his cheeks filled in slightly - it wasn't a big change but was noticeable if you were looking for it - it was apparent that his suit had maybe gotten a little tight for him, particularly the slim fit shirt which hung far closer than it had before. Brett had thought about mentioning it but cautioned against it - didn't want to upset him after all he thought watching him wolfing into dinner at desk, a small bulge at his waist apparent.
Despite seeing this Brett didn't really think about his own weight, or the slight tightness of his belt over the next couple months. Eventually though things slowed back to a somewhat normal and the routine changed a bit. It was still long days but he was getting more sleep then before - the spirit of the office lifted and most of them got the energy for a drink and meal after work. The guys particularly liked to show off how much beer they could drink. It certainly hit some more than others, at the point where Brett felt a decent buzz he often ended up half carrying Josh home and letting him crash - he was a lightweight who didn't know it. These nights really cemented the out of work friendship for the two guys.
Josh was really showing all the beers, Brett was thinking one day. As he walked back from the break room to his desk his overindulgence was damning. His jawline had melted into the start of a double chin and his cheeky face had filled out all over. The slim fit shirts were at their limits and clung tightly to his increasingly pudgy frame. His stomach had gotten soft and grown into a small belly, showing off his deeper belly button. The belt he was wearing was at its last hole and cut into his sides causing a small spill over and obvious discomfort to the once skinny guy. His legs were covered up fine but his ass had grown noticeably. Overall though it was pretty clear that he had been sitting on his ass and drinking beer for the past 6 months, Brett had no idea what he was weighing these days but felt brave enough to finally bring it up.
"Josh man, you don't think that shirt might be on its last legs?"
Josh paused and blushed slightly
"I know I know, I need to get something bigger but I don't really want to think about it"
"It's alright man, it happens to everyone"
"Well apparently its happened to me first, or at least the most, I've gained so much weight since I started here"
"Yeah, I had noticed but I didn't want to say anything"
"So embarrassing, one of my old high school buddies called me fat boy the other week"
"You're not that big man, just gotten a bit soft that's all"
"Yeah well I guess, gained 10 pounds though which is a fair bit"
"That's about what I would have thought"
Josh jiggles his stomach and it becomes clear that the fat layer is thicker than first thought"
"Need to work off this damn gut - you're looking alright though probably haven't gained a quarter what I have haha"
"What do you mean?"
"Well you've gained a bit of weight man, you have to of noticed"
Brett looked down on himself and had to admit he had noticed a bit of a softening.
"Need to get back to gym man, before I really get as fat as you"
So with that the two guys re-joined a gym and made a resolution to go regularly and together. The first day was interesting to say the least. The change room was eye opening for Brett who hadn't seen Josh with his shirt off for about 3 months and 10 pounds - when he still had strong abs. standing in just his black gym shorts Josh looked quite different to then. The abs were long gone replaced with a small emerging gut that was starting to edge out and jiggled as he pulled his outer pants off. His belly button was deeper and as he bent over all the flab bunched up and formed a not unimpressive overhang. His chest was pooching out a bit and lost all definition as had his arms. Josh slapped his gut as he pulled a tight workout singlet over the top which was also too small and clung to his stomach making him look more out of shape then he probably was. Brett pulled his own shirt off and checked out his reflection in the mirror. His abs had faded, in fact he really needed to flex to seem them. Overall he still looked good maybe a bit beefier and softer. A scale sat in the corner and beckoned them for starting weights. Brett hopped on first and got a not that bad result of 174, only 4 pounds gained. Josh hopped up rubbing his gut through the shirt. The number finally settled on 166. Josh swore and grabbed a roll of flab and gave it a jiggle, he looked towards Brett and just said 16 pounds. Brett whistled and the guys got the working out.
Brett tried to not giggle at the sight of Josh on the treadmill, sweating his ass off and trying hard but really struggling fiddling with his shirt and shorts. The softening office boy trying to work his expanded ass of. Brett was a bit concerned over how far his fitness had fallen but it was nothing compared to Josh struggling beside him.
As the next couple months passed the guys went to the gym less and less over time as the novelty wore off, they just preferred to hang out or even watch a move or something. It caught up quickly, one day as Josh sat down his pant button popped. He got all his pants let out a bit but Brett noticed that they were still a bit tight. He was also only wearing particular shirts - the looser ones in general, all the slim fit at the back of the wardrobe for when "the weight was gone". It wasn't just him though - Edward who had gone to college with Brett at the end of the room was an ex gymnast and he was carrying round a bit of softness on his thin lithe frame and Cameron who had been barely 130 pounds had filled out and was getting a bit of a bow round his middle on his fashionable tight fit suits.
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